Monday, December 26, 2005

The Distinction.

Most FUNDAMENTAL... and the porn industry should take it into consideration

Instead of an introduction: When you are a model, a pornstar or a person creating adult content and you are predominantly just doing the stuff you like most anyway - with only marginal second thoughts about your potential markets and audiences - then my lil article might not talk to you. Also when you feel entirely happy about your success in the industry you might not want to waste your time on my ramblings. All power to you !

So what's my deal here?.. Simple as that: I want to spend $$$ on BBW DVDs or videos but there's hardly any content available that is hot enough for me to watch it more than once. Yep, i'm very unhappy regarding the situation of BBW porn (videos)- both mainstream and amateur porn.

My perspective may appear kinda peculiar... but actually is so only in a quantitative aspect - as i might have spent more time on looking for BBW content than most other people. Not that i would be proud of that or something along those lines. But i'd guess i had a look on nearly every bigger gal that ever appeared on the scene, be it just through samples or more thoroughly. And so i can say in all honesty: hardly any of the released content gets me started.

To make that clear: That's NOT because of the domination of hardcore content in the videos. I've seen harddcore scenes that were presented in a way so that i went Wow ! Blazing hot !!

So: My dissatisfaction is all about the presentation... or better the perspective these videos are shot from.

Hardcore flicks follow extremely rigidly one standard pattern: Apart from a little playing with the girl's boobies at the beginning the entire footage usually is cock-oriented. We see blowjobs, anal, missionary etc etc and in the end the money shot plus its effect, the girl's messy face. And the camera predominantly would follow these actions of the cock, often in exhaustive detail by providing tons of closeups. Some movies must have way over 50% of closeups featuring a male's cock as the main actor.

I might say i could care less. First i'm not gay. And secondly girls i have sex with usually seem to be pleased with what i got to offer... But the deal also is: No content for me to buy on the market...

But why are nearly all flicks following this rigid, cock-centric and closeup-happy perspective? Hard to tell... Without a doubt there's a huge group of guys out there who want to see exactly this kind of cock-centric staging. Eventually this group 1) is most vocal. Also 2) most congruent in its preferences. And finally 3) Hardcore movies were always shot that way... nuff said.

Aha, i hear you say, what's your preference now? Very simple answer: I wonna see the sexy BBW in her curvy glory. I want to see her move, jiggle, change postitions and stage a galore of views and angles of her hotness. I don't mind whether that would be hardcore, softcore, BDSM, lez, solo or you know what. As long as she shows off the sexy herself, with her boobies, her belly, her booty, her thighs, her face.... or whichever focus she feels would render her most erotic and mindblowing. And as long as NOT any random guys and, their random bodies and cocks would block the view on that girl... and that way effectively render her as random too - as just as an opportunity fot the cock to unfold HIS ways.

So, finally, here's the fundamental distinction, the one that really matters. And that separates the porn audience in two very different groups:

Group A) absolutely wants to see THE ACTION. Like HOW dick is sucked, HOW anal is done etc etc. And HOW the result of the action, the cumshot, is accomplished
. DPs and gangbangs may count as EXPANSIONS of the more everyday-like 2-some intercourse and work as additional kick within the fantasies about the action.

Group B) gets its kicks by watching a curvy girl in motion. By getting as many and as great as possible views of her best assets and her different ways of staging them. They want maximum exposure of the girl. And the kind of action coming with this exposure (hardcore, showering, stripping/teasing, eating etc etc) is only of secondary interest.

I'm pretty sure that Group B) will be catered better.... sooner or later. I've seen tons of discussions recently and so this became clear: Group B) is way bigger than the porn industry would make us believe.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Flagship Photosets (They do love MissMinaBBW)

Adding the 'state of art appeal' to paysites (pun intended)

Would think that not all of you are reading the business section in your newspaper. You should. Got interesting articles there sometimes.

Here's one thought i've found that might be valid for paysites too.

There are companies that invest alot (of money, manpower) into highend products or product lines. They will never sell enough of these items to break even their original investment or running costs. They only do it in order to sanitize their general reputation as a company that gets identified with 'quality' and/or 'advanced technology'... what will help to increase sales of their mainstream products.

Like what the German car manufacturer Volkswagen did with the Phaeton, a quite pricy model with 8 and 12 cylinder engines. They are selling so few of it that people in Germany labeled it as "the phantom" (i.e. 'you hardly see it'). And in case the Phaeton might not have come across in an ideal way, Volkswagen even went one step further by re-launching the classical mega-exclusive brand Bugatti. And their recent release of the Veyron 16.4 is simply insane - a car fired by 1000 horsepowers and running over 270 mph.

These flagships give the cheap and dirty products the image of coming from a very capable and 'classy' manufacturer.

So what? I'm supposed talking porn here. Yes!... These days i was archiving + burning older stuff sitting on my drive, like my collection of Miss Mina. I had a trial subscription going for 3 days about 18 months ago. So i ran into a set called "Romping up the Hay". It's shows Miss Mina only dressed with a (halfway pulled down) dark pantyhose, a great makeup (she's a unique makeup queen anyway) and posing in a scenery of huge hay bales. The combination of these softly shaped bales with their uniform color and Miss Mina's striking presence is lasting. The photography in general, the lighting and the angles also look perfect for me (ok, apart from the red eyes what could be solved in a reprocessing session).

This is indeed a flagship photoset in the before mentioned sense.

And it is also high art erotica. Where i also should mention that usually i'm not a great supporter of the art approach in erotica/porn. In most cases these efforts kinda stitch two flavors together and fail on both ends.

I would think that guys who want to get their engines started would look at the raunchier stuff of Miss Mina first. And she has alot of that on her site, especially in her longer and stunningly performed videos (can't give a full review of her site because my membership was too long ago). But it's sets like her 'hay' set that create the momentum, the lasting experience. And it's also the combination of both, the raunchy stuff and the 'flagship' sets that sanitize a site, that make it unique in comparison to other sites. Great to see that Miss Mina can shine in both ways.

Many thanks to Miss Mina for allowing me to use one of her photos !

An Update on Daphne

Daphne Stone has updated her personal site with another video and posted 4 short sample clips as preview. Just scroll down and see the glamour-licious herself in her bikini glory.
bottle clip1
bottle clip2
bottle clip3
bottle clip4
(these won't last very long, just til her next video update i suppose)

Sensational Daphne ! Her curves are ultimate Plethora, in its sexiest incarnation..(i seem to like this plethora word recently)... Combined with her surprisingly kool and serious look (when she's not teasing and playing) but then instantly turning into the adorable-funny-silly and uber-sexy Daphne Playgirl makes the ultimate package.

No, accidently running into her would not make me jump into the pool first to kool down a litlle bit.. Such a joyful uber-presence would even me let forget my occasional shyness and smile with her around the block... umm, i didn't mean to get personal here lol

I'd only wish she did less hardcore on her site - just concluding from the previews, haven't been a member yet. So that we could see more of her stellar stunningness. No, i don't mind hardcore. I just mind the guys in the scenery blocking the view onto Daphne. Just that.

Speaking of hardcore: Daphne emailed me a list of DVD and sites she's on:
hot sexy plumpers #4, #5 and All Amateur Video #13

daphne amateur flic personally made (solo plus g/guy)

Sites (w/ extensive video content):
hot sexy mommas (daphne and hippy)
Daphne solo

Daphne w/ 2 guys

hsp #4 #5 (Daphne w/ 2 guys. Daphne w/ BBWHippyChick)

And of course her personal site:
Daphne Stone
(weekly updates)

Daphne is also camming on iFriends using the name 1BigNaturals

I should add that these comments are partly hers and partly mine. I couldn't verify that "HotSexyPlumpers #5" DVD but i'd guess it was shot a while ago and is due for release soon.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

WonderTracy. The Phenomenon !

Ultimate Plethoric Queen

I find it hard to write about WonderTracy. I mean something that's appropriate, that would catch the essential WonderTracy... hell yeah.. why not. People would write about THE essential Sun Ra, THE essential Beatles, THE essential Madonna or THE essential David Lynch... So ?

I give up on that, at least for today. So just a few aspects, sorta unorganized.

WonderTracy surely is a BBW that some don't like at all. While others would see her as the ultimate goddess.

Originally from Hungary, at least that's my impression and conluding from her accent (damnit, this country again !) she started to haunt Florida a few years ago. Nothing wrong with your accent, Tracy, in case you're reading this. Sounds kool to me. Back then she was a plumper model with huuuuuge breasts and appeared in the various slots of the Scoreland Group and places like She surely made an impact but without really standing out.

With the years she has packed on considerable weight, all in the right places. It's a pleasure to watch her shake her jiggly and wobbling glory. (Btw - again - i'm not saying that bigger is ALWAYS better). And with her enormous juicy breasts she's a candidate for the The Ultimate Plethoric Queen throne.

Her videos are an experience of their own kind. She usually does hardcore or shows off and has fun with herself. Can't imagine that anybody would find her boring... or too passive. These must be words in a foreign language for her. It's these instant jumps in her presence that make her so peculiar. One moment she looks like a cute big girl who stages a mildly naughty tease. And the next second she changes to the obsessed sex devil look, grabs one boob firmly and gives it a fat spank.. and then we see her cutest smile again. The same with the guys. She seems to watch and enjoy their ways to get her started. And the next second she comes over them like a landslide. Or an avalanche. No, she is far from dominating them. Tracy is just overwhelming.

The best label i can think of her: Tracy is THE Phenomenon !

Also amazing for me is that she seems to have quite nice guys in her vids. Or is it always the same one? Hell, i usually don't have a look at these guys. Anyway.. the guy(s) with Tracy seem to enjoy very much to play with her... and her asssets. Rather than just hammering their cock into her. Makes watching these vids much more enjoyable for me.

(will give an update on a few particular vids later. This thingy gets too long otherwise)

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Daphne Stone

Boobie-licious. Funny-licious. Flirtatious. Flabba-tastic.

Now imagine this: You've been watching porn for 10, 12 hours. For a while a feeling has started spreading in your head like.. oh no, this ain't cutting it. Porn sucks! I'll have to start doing something more mindblowing. Then... all of a sudden... a girl appears on your screen.. and the bomb in your brain.. no, it won't explode. But you go like Wow! This ain't true! ..This girl.... Unbelievable !!!!

LOL Not sure about the 10, 12 hours. But you get the idea. Daphne is that kind of girl that makes you fall off your chair with excitement.
I just say Booooobiiiies !!! And a smile to die for !!

My first "encounter" with Daphne indeed was one of these rare thrill at first sight moments. I had joined the multi-girl site BBW Dreams. Not the sort of site i would join normally. They have sample clips nearly EVERYWHERE. I was quite sceptical for a while whether that content would actually be in their members area (alot of corporate sites indeed do this kind of deception). Ok, after i was convinced that they have (in principle) original content with WonderTracy, Ava and KountryGirl i signed up.

So now... Clear the stage for Daphne Stone !

Truly right from the first second she appears on your screen you get the impression Oh boy, here comes a real stunner. Before you had time to radar her looks, her curves and whatnot she has caught you with her focus onto the camera. . ON YOU !!! This is not the spaced out voice mumbling the obvious formulas like Get horny? ... U like my tits? ... Wonna touch? etc etc. She might even tell the same phrases (hell, how can i tell? LOL)... but but but. And this is not the 50% absent-minded girl that throws random looks to the viewer like See how i'm melting for you. Daphne is the full assault ! She has the energy and the enthusiasm to tease us till we throw in the towel. And right from the start she looks into the camera and focuses us with her eyes. And she never would let loose.

And then these pigtails !!! Daphne !

Cute also are her changing expressions - those alone keep you entertained. She will give you her adorable curious look (Boys and girls, do i have your attention?), occasional sillyness (a very sexy sillyness... hell.. what is not sexy about this woman !) and of course irresistible flirtation. This girl loves to perform !

Ok ok... her assets. I said it before. Booooooooooooobiiiiieeeees. But these are just the start! She also got a nicely shaped booty. And her bulging belly is sweet. Daphne simply looks juicy, jiggly and curvy all over. 100% teasing deliciousness.

On BBW Dreams Daphne is featured with 2 videos. A solo oiling-up/ m-bate set, running 25 mins (and inspiring my comments for the most part) . And a girl/girl set (39;30 mins) together with BBW Hippy Chick a serious hottie in her own right. They perform some sort of lite domme business plus girl/girl action. Don't like the squirting at the end ... oh well... good thing is that my player has a *Play Selection* mode lol. Unfortunately the image quality on that one is quite bad. Maybe on the DVD release it will look better... The links to the pics (of both sets !) didn't work btw. I sent 3 emails to the site's support asking to fix that, no response. The joys of corporate sites !

But Daphne didn't stop after these 2 videos. I've seen promo trailers and tgp galleries showing different content, apparently featured on Hot Sexy Plumpers and Durty South. Looks like BTW that some of this stuff was shot in the same room (n'ah.. i don't mind that). I can't tell if these sites (and BBW Dreams) are afiliated, at least their style looks pretty similar. More importantly however they seem to be showing different content... Maybe i'll get more info on that from Daphne personally. Concluding from the few emails I've exchanged with her she must be a really nice person.

Daphne appears also on iFriends.. in case somebody is into ... err.... webcam business.

Then... can you say coincidence? The very same day i ran into Daphne's vids i checked Watchers Web. For the first time ever. You guessed it already! Also through that site Daphne's pics were heating up my screen. Things became Daphne-listic !

So now... One more thing (yup, i love Steve Job's keynotes lol) *insert drumroll* Daphne has launched her personal website. Concluding from the previews there are 7 photo sets so far. And 2 videos - these apparently are longer ones because Daphne posted sample clips of them... good conclusion, eh ?

Besides a monthly membership plan ($19.95) there's also the option for a 2 days trial membership ($5.95) which looks very attractive for me considering her site started only recently. But provided that the updates are coming in frequently the full membership looks like a justified investment later.

I'm only hoping that her site will NOT become too hardcore-centric. Girl, we want to see your ample curves ! And not closeups of any random guys' cocks. So far she apparently is trying to satisfy both 'worlds'. I'll provide more info after having joined her site...

All applause for Daphne Stone now !!!!

Friday, September 30, 2005

Update on MS SCARLETT (Southern Charms)

Couldn't resist to join Ms Scarlett's site again. And, as expected, she didn't let me down. Additionally to what i've said below: She posts even larger pics now (1280x960). Apparently displays at 19" and larger are selling like hot butter... Also she seems to be slightly bigger than before. She looks absolutely yummy... however, Scarlett is a stunner at any weight. Got also the impression that she became more playful during the shootings.

Ms. Scarlett's site reached 50 sets in between. My favs amongst the newer additions are the 2 outdoor sets and and a blazing hot 'icecream licking' set (#47).

A slight concern however. I haven't seen her updating for around 3 weeks. I'm really hoping that she just took a break and no serious reasons are behind her silence. Or the summer hole hit her and she's a bit frustrated (?) Guess i must email her and send some encouragement... just in case.

Update: In March 2006 Ms. Scarlett's site was pulled unfortunately. I emailed her asking about the whereabouts (we had some occasional email contact before) but she didn'r reply. Which is somehow understandable - i mean when a girl decides to leave the business FINALLY, then she might not have the biggest interest to discuss the details with some kinda random guy like me. Good luck, Ms. Scarlett !!

Update: In 2008 Ms. Scarlett made a return to Southern Charms. And she is going strong since then!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Tanya Tung. Tanya Tung. From Zero to Booom.

Repeat... Repeat that: Tanya Tung...... Ok, now her name is burnt into our memory..

If not her iconic face did the job already. Or her other juicy assets that are reported by Tanya as "44DD-39-46 (BIG HUGE TITS); I stand 5'2 and weigh 180 pounds." These numbers sketch wondefully shaped bouncy boobies, a sweet jiggly belly, legs as strong and elegant as the Eiffel Tower and a very spankable booty. Everything looks sooo damn fine and sexy with this girl. And these long black hair !! Give me a group photo with 1000 girls and i detect her instantly amongst them. Finally her voice.. unexceptionally low ... and refreshingly cultivated - wicked sexy !

Tanya started to conquer the scene in 2004. At least a dozen photo layouts were shot and sold to content vendors... to appear at sites like or And she gave a stunning performance in "Chunky Girls Club #1". Edition #2 followed this year. Her website lists also appearances in "Hairy Honies #20" (yes, she is very hairy) and "Natural Bigums".

Her (so far) free site is meant as her portfolio - with showing something like 30 pics. she apparantly wants to keep the interest high and get more content sold to the corporations. She also gives us the hint "Pay site cum'n soon".

This could become an instant success. I would be a tad worried however that the flood of material already circulating might cannibalize her own endeavour. She will face the pressure of having to come up with constant and quality updates. Otherwise signups will remain low. And money instantly earned on selling layouts will be lost in the long run because of sluggish memberships. But her unexceptional beauty and potential might see her doing both successfully.

Finally i see Tanya strongly emphasizing her preference for doing hardcore. "I'm a P*H*A*T Fat Babe $ interested in doing hard-core porn or xxx modeling ( nothing soft );....." Nothing wrong with it. And i understand that she wants to do what she thinks she's best in. And in what she looks most real. Again a minor consideration regarding her upcoming paysite: Seeing most of the time closeups of her sucking.. or a bunch of guys over her and hiding her - and just giving us an occasional glimpse of one of her boobs - would be a waste considering the glorious assets she has to offer. So a good balance would be king !

Monday, August 08, 2005

Hungarian BBW Porn

Coming on strong !

No, i'm not bored and starting to hype something you will never run into your entire life. Quite likely more than a few of you have spotted the amble curves and torpedos of lil plumper "Monique East". TGP sites are using sample clips with her all the time and she's a favorite of boards like cinemajuggs.

"Monique East?" I can't tell what her nom de guerre is. People posting links to her vids established that name. And here things are starting to become vague.

Apparently these flicks are shot in Hungary. I don't speak any of those eastern languages so i can't confirm that. Channel69 licensed some of these movies, also Xavier Productions and German distributors. Some left the original audio (i.e. a language you don't understand), others overdubbed it with music. And each distributor has his own policy regarding credits. Up to today have seen at least a dozen scenes starring Monique that were shared through the obvious channels.

Movie titles? Ok, a popular one is "Pumpin' Plumpers 4".

But things don't end with Monique. My absolute favorite is a girl i don't even know the name of. In "Pumpin' Plumpers 4" she is credited as Olga but i'd think they've just picked the first wastern sounding name they could think of. This Hungarian beauty queen has everything to attract my attention. She has curves to dream of.. ok, more precisely she's a plumper or just-bbw, she has boobies you'll never forget, a sweet belly, in short she is well rounded all over. On first glance she seems to be a more restrained personality.. but then her smile could raise you from the dead. And finally her performance can only be described as clear, very natural and straightforward. What a kool girl !!!

I've spent considerable time with search engines to drum up more info on her. To no avail.

These are movies she's in (i'm pretty sure that there are more):

Plumpers Next Door
Hot and Heavy

Pumpin Plumpers #4

BIG MAMAS FETTE TORTEN 2 (Plumper Fuck Fat Party)


Ms. Scarlett on Southern Charms - blazing hot !

[originally posted 2005, july 27]

Don't let yourself fool you by her cutie-next-door looks. Ms. Scarlett is one of the hottest girls around. And don't let yourself fool you by the quite unspectacular previews on her Southern Charms site. This is her trick ! Once you became a member you'll fall off your chair !!!

Her preview pics indeed leave you somehow in the dark abour what to expect inside. Let's say she doesn't show off exactly the most fancy clothes, so you will see her starting off in some lingerie, dress or skirt with shirt, all not very revealing, tight or color-rich. And indeed she seems to prefer the lighter, not ultimately attention seeking colors.

It was actually an outdoor set (set #10) where she was dressed in tight jeans that gave an effective view of her breathtaking curves. After that one i couldn't resist to join.

And once you're inside... Oh boy ! She shows everything. As if she were aware that she doesn't get our full attention by the style of her clothes she gets them off instantly. I hardly have seen a site that has so many absolutely fantastic full nudity shots. You can't appreciate that enough, after so many sites show a galore of stripping shots, but to end up with only 2 or 3 nude pics. Frustrating sometimes. Side comment: I'm not saying that Scarlett's policy is THE way to go for every site. But in her case it turned out into a monster. Scarlett's site is killer !!

Err... what about the girl ?... i hear you ask. Simple answer: She's blazing delicious, no matter from which angle or side you look at her. Her boobies are large.. wonderfully shaped torpedos actually. Her booty drives you mad til your doctor comes. She has thighs for days and an an very impressive sweet belly. Yes, she shows it off, constantly. As she, like i said nefore, shows off everything, and constantly.

I also love the quality of the shots.. fantastic ! Picture-contentwise, as you get tons of full body shots. And the image quality itself. You usually get 768x1024 pixels in 150 - 200 KB files, great quality! The angles are faultless too and there is a great variety of them. One might say that Scarlett is an easy to be photographed girl because she looks hot from every angle lol

One peculiar asset is her expression. She doesn't show that much variety, but that's fine after her relaxed 'understanding' smile combined with various degrees of mild or not so mild naughtyness is way kool. Yep, she looks like a very kool girl to me.

Scarlett so far just posted solo sets, teasing/posing and/or m-bating. She has also a few outdoor sets which are highlights, of course. I'd suggest her to throw in a few everyday life sets for good measure. Each set contains around 50 pics (a few are bigger), at least that was her policy up to set #26 when my membership expired. In between she's posted 41 sets.

No videos so far. Hopefully Ms Scarlett will find a way to come up with some in the future.

So all thumbs up for Ms. Scarlett, this site is blazing hot !

Y in the world did she choose the name June Kelly?

Ran into this big titted plumper model through Dolly Morgan, also a plumper with huge boobage - who likes to shake her curves in such an incomparable way. Now Dolly gives her members access to loads of extra content through the afiliated site that also has many videos featuring other plump big bra models.

Now one of these models is June Kelly. Whopping 57 flicks (each one between 3 - 15 MB) can be downloaded from Massive Melons. June certainly is a beautiful girl, your blonde cutie from the neighborhood who can look very differently depending on her hairstyle. Her naughty secretary impersonation looks very convincing. As mentioned before she has impressive boobs.. and a sweet jiggly belly that she doesn't feature that much unfortunately. A rare exception is here rope jumping clip.. pure pleasure. Man, i love rope jumping vids !!!

In her performance sometimes she looks a bit fidgety though. Only a minor disturbancy, she should work on that however.

June has her own site that, seems very closely afiliated with Dolly Morgan's site. Maybe it's even run by the same webmaster (?). At least the writing style looks very similar.

As the intro we get a litlle story by the webmaster who claims to have been the neighbor of June. And taking every occasion to look over the fence and admire her boobies. Finally he found a way to sneak into her house.. by offering to do some garden work for her... or repair jobs. And in the end he became her webmaster.... Ok ok.. we've been there and done it LOL Apparently these site owners are thinking that we WANT TO BUY these everyday myths. I could well miss such unconvincing stuff.

And it gets even funnier. On most of these videos (from Massive Melons) the original sound recording is replaced by these inevitable music loops. But not on all of them. And on those you can hear her communicating with the man behind the camera. And they talk in Polish (or another Slavonic language; but let's settle with Polish). Now what is this? Did she move to the US and work there with a camera man from Poland ? Or is she all the way from Poland and the content was just sold to a webmaster in the US? Not really important questions - but then she has chosen this so all American sounding name June Kelly... oh boys, gimme a break ! lol I mean going by Polish sounding name like Tatjana Slavkobrokawa might not be the best selling argument. But June Kelly? Why didn't she go by a kool fantasy name? It wouldn't sound that wrong...

Ohkay.. after all we do care more about her physical presence IN FRONT of the camera. And that looks very hot and juicy. So I'm considering about joining her site quite soon.

Delta Dawn - A Rising Southern Charm

[originally posted 2005, june 27]

Must admit that i'm not very innovative in terms of hairstyles.. i mean hairstyles i like with girls: Straight long(er) hair all the way! Now when there comes a girl with a hairdo looking like arranged by stormy sea winds and when she also has all the way the look of a good mannered cutie from the neighborhood, then it usually takes me at least 2 looks to think SUPER HOTTIE ! Now with Delta Dawn it took me 1.5 looks at most.

I only can say WOW ! Boobies for days and an overall juicy and impressive roundness make her most adorable. And she has a very natural and confident way of posing. Another big big plus is quality pf the pictures. Faultless quality throughout, with great lighting and posted in a pleasant size (1024x768). The angles are well chosen (lots of full body shots) and the variety also is great - many outdoor shots and (let's say so) everyday life situations.

My enthusiastic impression is only based on the previews she's posted so far - 239 pics since May 2005 = 18 sets - now she's very high on my list of sites to be joined next.

Big Girls shaking their Curves (Clips)

[originally posted 2005, may 24]

I'm not telling a secret when saying that seeing big gurls swinging and shaking their intergalactic curves is one of the sweetest turn-ons i can think of, right?

To my pleasure more and more girls are doing exactly that recently. Just wonna point out 3 examples today... looks like i have to re-calibrate my database to become more spot-on on this subject.

GainingGoddess: She certainly is a queen of that genre. Being a very talented dancer anyway, she absolutely knows how to shake, wiggle and show off her ccurves to the beat. And she knows the right tunez to choose. Most unbelievable is her performance in a kinda super-tight and sparse leopard catsuit.. plays a tune from her computer and starts grooving and shaking.. while.. that's the brilliant part of it.. remaining sitting on her stool. GG seems to have the rhythm in her blood, to such a great effect she accentuates every angle of her gorgeous body. On her site btw is quite a sweet variety if dancing clips.. very nice.

Naughty Dia: Quite naturally her site has a different focus - but there is more variety than you would expect/a wealth of content anyway. Now Dia has trained a little classical belly dancing a while ago... so there is.. yes ... a belly dancing clip. Now Dia is a serious girl - you can expect her to do the things she's doing right.. and so you get a REAL belly dance experience. BTW not implying here that the other models don't do their stuff right, but Dia is even more serious. You have to see this swinging.. and then these space-conquering upwards and sidewards movements of her anyway impressive belly. A pity that this clip stops after 2:28, mayby there are chances for a version #2 ? And maybe with a more rhythm-oriented tune ...which is not meant as a criticism on a her choice of this slow goth metal track here.. but as just to get a different mood.

Beck: She surprised me today (and inspired me writing this) with a 20 sec .wmv on her most recent (free) preview update (#193). Beck is looking hot, she's dressed up most sexy and she picked a kool dance track. And she performs like there's no tomorrow, without a doubt enjoying every milisecond of it. What a turn on.. so well done, Beck !!!

The cap above i've created from Beck's clip who was so kind to allow me to include it here. Y! downsized this pic btw - which was only 34 KB anyway. There's nothing i can do about that.

We be Humpin Hippos - What a waste of...

[originally posted 2005, May 16]

EVERYTHING: ... of film rolls, of time... and: of 2 ladies who weren't given a worthwhile exposure.

We be Humpin Hippos features Kandee Lopes and Sweet Velvet as the movie's main girls. The cover box shows a full size picture of them, but... BASTARDS! There's no scene in the movie which vaguely resembles that cover shot. SAY WHAT?

So what do we got instead? Four different scenes. #2 and #3 show G/B hardcore, but these girls are skinny, so i won't comment. Scene #1 is gangbang with 3 girls involved (if i counted properly) and most likely the same amount of guys (one being Dick Nasty). 2 of the girls may count as lite plumpers, one being veeerrry busty. The 3rd of them is a real beauty, overall juicy and curvy plus a most beautiful face. Don't know her name unfortunately.

This first scene might look somehow ok.. but in the end it is messed up by the work of the cameraman. No, you can't learn officially how to shoot porn properly. lol But this guy here apparently does landscape shooting most of the time.... Just imagine this: the subject is gangbang, with usually 2 or 3 parallel activities. Now this cameraman would try to catch these activities at the same time (so one third of the room as well).. with the result of a very flat perception.... and then zoom up to the individual stunts every now and then. How clueless and sucky is this?

In scene #4, the last 16 mins of the flick, we got Mrs Lopes and Mrs Velvet, in 3some action with another guy. Whether due to the nature of 3somes or not (i would say yes because i'm not a great fan of them anyway) all 3 participants are all the time closely interleaved into each other. And the camera usually is very close! ... Got it? ..Yep.. just imagine 3 bodies twisted into each other..... Actually i tried to edit out the few moments in which you get a better view on these gorgeous girls. But i've given up.. these rare moments altogether might total in 1 minute of footage! ... This can't be for real.. Two such super hotties in a movie, but you don't get a proper view of them...

Won't withhold this aspect finally: The four chapters are hold together by short in between scenes.. yay.. it's Kandee Lopes and Sweet Velvet sitting on a couch and making the narrators of the flick. Their striped dresses look absolutely hot and cute... a great tease .. but that's it, these scenes only run one minute each.. nice but short glimpses of two great girls only.

Hurtful Shortage of Previews - Jade, i've found yours...

[originally posted 2005, may 01]

I've always been thinking that most webmodels are under-exposing themselves in terms of previews. opinion is they'd better off with providing more previews and more diversity in them.

I know what the girls been thinking. Why would guys sign up when they get tons of pics for free anyway? Or: When the guys can freeeload my good stuff they have less reason to pay for a membership. My reply is: Show at least some of the good stuff so that i get an idea about how good it is !

As if i needed a proof, here's what happened today. Did a little Southern Charms surfing - hell yes, SCs is great cause it got tons of previews ... but sure.. they've earned a lot of my money too - and what did i discover? Jade has a site there too: ButtGirl As of today there are 14 sets totalling in 206 preview pics.

Jade's Wetspot has been high on my list of 'to do' sites for quite a while now. The monthy fee is $19.95 and includes access to the other sites as well which looks fairly attractive. At least two other girls, Surreal and TexasHotRod, i would rate as hotties, and 3rd one,Tawny, at least as interesting.

Jade provides a preview pic of each of her sets, that makes about 180 pics... For sure not bad, but that didn't convince me entirely. I simply couldn't figure out how good her pics in the end really are. And there always came other sites across which tempted me more.

Now after having discovered her Southern Charms site i can't say nothing less than i'm blown way! Each set there is previewed with 10-15 pics usually - that gives you an idea! And now things are obvious: I can't wait to finish this entry and then join her site.

Consequently: Stunning previews is king!

Ok, i'm joining sites quite deliberately i.e. only after i have a reasonably good idea of what to expect. I don't know how represantive that behaviour is. Now when you guys are telling me that 95% of all signups are impulse buys... then i will cover my face and stand in the corner LOL

A few remarks regarding Jade... YES... it's somehow a thrill making comments actually BEFORE joining her site.

She definitely has gained weight over the last year (or longer). I'm not saying that bigger is always better... But she has added extra breathtaking curvynesss. Her booty always had momentum in the industry.. and its silhouette is even more remarkable now..... And she gained a serious bulging belly... unavoidingly attacking my sanity when she's wearing jeans what she's doing quite often. Well done, Jade!

But what would such a preview be without some criticism? Yep... i hear you LOL ........ So Jade got very beautiful eyes. But we don't see them too often. Quite often she either has her eyes closed (that looks like an impulse when being photographed). Or the pics are too bright so that you can't really see these eyes. But there are shots with her eyes being in full effect.

Pics being too bright/lacking contrast apparently is a tendency with her sets but not with all of them! As well a number of shots has been taken from too far away. Both aspects have been an issue for me before and it would help her signups if she'd improved on that.... but after discovering how hot she really is i don't care that much anymore.

And off i am... to see more Jade !

Paysites and Bonus Content - And Doubtfull it stood !

[originally posted 2005, may 01]

Many may have seen that. Paysites are adding extra rsp. bonus content the customer didn't ask for. Which may sound good in principle would turn out as plein ignorable stuff in reality. So me says...

But is it just me? Let's have a closer look...  Three different kinds of bonus content can be differentiated:

A) (Sample) galleries of "webfriends"... OK, wouldn't argue about that - it's up to the surfing experience of each customer whether he has seen these small galleries elsewhere or not. But at least this content is on topic.

B) Streaming videos. Some sites offer additionally tons of video channels, stuff like "Fucking Eurobabes", "Amsterdam Whores", "Horny Teens" etc etc. WTF? These are clearly anorexic chicks - why in the world would i want to see that?  Once, i admit my occasional stupidity, i spent hours to check most of them...Nada!!!  There are btw just 3 regularily updating streaming providers in business who carry BBW content: Just Speciality, Holio and AEBN. But why do sites offer this kind of off topic crap? .. I have problems to find an explanation...... Maybe to make the very few guys happy who like any kind of naked girl? hmm... Not very likely.. Or are they thinking along the lines More content (whatever it is) looks better than less content? ... Maybe....  Looks for me like an insult to everybody with at least a lil bit of intelligence.

C) Free bonus galleries and/or vids. I've seen a few sites doing that recently, like "hundreds of Bonus Vid Clips added". Of course these are preview/sample clips, in LoRes, running 10 - 15 secs. These samples usually can be watched for free on these literally 1000s of TGP sites.... and some guys even have the energy to compile link collections which contain thousands of these clips - and i'm talking here strictly plumper and BBW content - and release them for free. But would this extra content make customers more happy? I doubt that. Even more likely i would expect that they will feel tricked.. after discovering that these clips are available for free elsewhere... The same counts for linked free galleries.... And extra case might be licensed i.e. bought extra content, but here it depends all on the knowledge of the webmaster i.e. that he buys only that content that hasn't been used 100 times before.

Quite likely webmasters are running affiliate programs with this linked content. So they are thinking in terms of making extra money beyond their signup fees. I would add: Their signups and rebills will decline for sure.. and so will their extra revenue.

Reminds me of my once favorite BBW site - which featured the great Darla and the irresistible Marie. At the final months this site had more pages of linked bonus galleries than original content.  Was very sad to see that site decline and leave business.

Windows Media now"usable" on Macs

[originally posted 2005, april 25]

Although Microsoft released Windows Media Player for Mac in autumn 2003, playing .wmv files kept being a major pain for many Mac users. All too obviously the Mac version was Microsoft's halfhearted attempt not to look to bad in antitrust cases. Nonetheless in 2004 the European Commission sued them to pay $500 million because of illegal practices regarding their media format. And most likely this was not the last time the giant from Redmond had to open his wallets.

Now what's so bad with the Mac version? In short:

- lack of post processing: Video containing movements or sharp color contrasts looks badly pixelated... kinda mid 90s style. Every other video player on the market ships with compensating algorithms. Not so the Mac WMP release. Compare a shaking boob - using the same clip/WMP Mac vs Windows - even somebody almost blind will notice the difference.

- extremely sluggish performance: takes a loooong breath to load. When going fullscreen it will always change the display resolution ... WHY???... so it usually stalls a few seconds............. Finally finding a particular scene is almost impossible, because of a super pathetic implementation of the search feature. Not to mention Quicktime's great scrubbing feature here.

Last week California based Telestream released their WMV Player ($US 9.99), as one product of their flip4mac solutions. It's actually a package of recent wmv codecs that the user has to map to the quicktime player (via the Get Info menu/cmd + i). Not the most elegant solution, but behind that little obstacle comes a quantum jump. Indeed now all (rsp. nearly most of) .wmv movies will play with the quicktime player (after doubleclicking them), combined with all the great features the standard Mac player has to offer. Like scrubbing, marking segments of the clip and playing them as loops.

So yes, fine playback post processing is implemented. And no lags anymore when going to/quitting fullscreen PB Finally it's fun to watch Windows Media on the Mac.

There's an upgrade option to WMV Player Pro ($US 49 minus the price for the standard player in case it was bought before) which gives access to Quicktime's basic editing capabilities like copy + paste (into a new empty player window) plus exporting wmv to other quicktime supported formats, even DivX provided the codec is installed.

This may look a bit pricey. But i understand that flip4mac is charged royalties by Microsoft for the use of their codec, unlike VLC and MPlayer who have reverse engineered parts of the wmv codecs (and do not yet support WMP 9 content), something they could do because of the different software patents situation in Europe where their developers are based. Actually to have means to re-edit my favorite porn flicks fast is worth the price for me.

Nonetheless the flip4mac WMV player has a few downsides:

- it can't handle DRM protected wmv content yet. Telestream/flip4mac however promised to release an update soon that will take care of that.

- the browser plugin allegedly capable of assigning .wmv streams to Quicktime apparently is useless with adult content. It may work with some other sites around but, as it seems, most adult sites are using scripts to detect the proper player (WMP) and sometimes even the right browser (IE 6) and will give error notifications.. morons!!!! ......As i would expect fixing these scripting issues will give flip4mac a long shot.

There is a way to re-assign Microsoft's WMP as the standard browser plugin. Flip4mac maintains a support forum where these isues are addressed.

Super Busy Amateurs Pt. 2

[originally posed 2005, april 17

Nikki is another super busy Southern Charms model. She started around June 2003. After updating with a slower pace at the beginning she's on a roll in between, like Madijane with usually 3 updates weekly, totalling in 140 sets in between.

Nikki certainly is one of the most adorable plumper models around. With her beautiful face, her impressive boobs and her overall delicious curvyness she could easily grace any of the mainstream issues like those from Scoreland as well. She doesn't focus on showing raunchy stuff, i would even say that she makes a slightly shy impression on me. Which is not a bad thing, but just her personal style. And regarding her iresistable cuteness i'm sure she has tons of fans as well.

She usually does solo girl sets, showing off very style-proof and sexy bras, lingerie and nighties (yes, she takes them off !). She must have an impressive wardrobe. Personally i'd wish to see more variety of styles or themes but that's just my personal thing. Nikki definitely is pure pleasure to view.

Super Busy Amateurs Pt. 1

[originally posted 2005, april 08]

Let's start with plumper models.

The busiest girl is Madijane. She started around september 2003 and has up to today 198 sets online, totalling in 19,700 pics and 6 hours of vids as she claims.

Her info says "MPEGS" but the format she's using is .wmv.

Madijane is the full package of fun and naughty playfulness. With her natural-girlie looks, her more than impressive boobage and her great sense for dressing up cute and super hot she has tons of fans for sure. I'd guess it's only a matter of time til she will appear on sites like juggsmaster or any of the scoreland group.

Redundancy? Of course her pics are shot rapidly after each other. But i don't have a problem with this kind of variations as long as the angle is right and the view in general attractive. And one can definitely say that Madijane is offering a great variety of themes, dresses and hot views of her. So i wouldn't say that her content is inflationarily squeezed out. Thumbs up for Madijane!!!

Overkill with Updates ?

[originally posted 2005, april 07]

Browsing through BBW and Plumper sites makes it apparent that some sites are posting updates at a breathtaking frequency. Or add an amazing load of content. You see such an update policy quite often in between on Southern Charms hosted amateur sites, some models there update 3 times a week rsp. every second day.

Of course one might question if such a rush (and pressure) will affect the quality of the uploaded content. It surely does. Or at least more redundancy will be rinsed out. But that's not the decisive point.

Such an increase of updates, if that tendency is continuing, will put competitive pressure onto all those models who do not want or are not able to catch up. Quite likely these update-intensive sites will do better in terms of rebills because the average customer might think f. ex. ok set #53 and set #54 only had 1 or 2 hot images but #55 was quite good. So chances are good that he will stay. Additionally a site that adds something like 12,000 pics per year keeps us guys quite busy, eventually not leaving much time to be dedicated to other sites.

It's hard to tell how much such a blazing update policy will affect 'slower' sites in the end. I would guess that a site with unique features, quality or assets should do better.

BTW Even apart from their mass of content these sites i'm talking about are quite attractive IMHO. More soon...

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Kinda Short Introduction

[originally posted on yahoo 360 - 2005 april 01]

Yep.. started that little baby. Let's see how far Y! will let me get. Intended originally, amongst other things, to share random observations from paysites i'm subscribing to. Not thorough and page-long reviews but just spontaneous "ideas" etc. Brief and easy !!

Now after Y! hasn't created a protected adult layer i will be fairly limited in my vocabulary i might guess. Otherwise they will give me the boot soon. So i expect i can use magic letters like "BJ" ... but then .. uhm, yes d***y style should do it too.Ha Ha.. just testing waters... testing ... testing

New Home for my Adult Journal

I'm starting to move here all my entries posted to Yahoo! 360 in the recent months. Here's the URL of my Yahoo journal:
Too many people had problems with accessing that location. Maybe one of the hiphens got lost in the copy+paste action?... i don't know. Anyway.. might be easier to remember too LOL