Monday, March 13, 2006

Slow Motion Grandezza

BBW Lizzy redefines sloooww movements as ultimate sexiness

No ! Yes ! Another girl featured on BBWDreams. Respectively on their sister site HotSexyPlumpers. Not that you should think that those are the only sites i've ever joined. Truth is that i do not like these sites very much. They have a few true highlights (which alone were worth the membership fee though, no doubt about that) but these guys are just too much obsessed with closeups. Each time, as soon as any pink action is only vaguely foreseeable - bzzzzz.. the camera will zoom up. I mean WTF ... watching the close view of a girl's vagina plus a cock bouncing up and down does the same thing for me like ... .. well ... a black screen. And a black screen does NOTHING for me. I repeat that: Nothing.

Ok, BBW Lizzy ! I kinda missed giving her the attention she deserves when i downloaded her videos. But now, after checking back my download folders she started to own my screen. In the first place admittedly attention heavyweights - i mean ATTENTION heavyweights - like Wonder Tracy, Daphne, Hippy Chick, Kountry Gal or Devilz Candy had conquered the stage for me. Also BBW Lizzy might look a bit like the adorable gal from your neighborhood - mainly due to her haircut (?) - to whom you wanted to talk all the time but never actually got there cause other girls usually had absorbed your attention. Which tells more about my (messed up) focus rather than BBW Lizzy's charms. She indeed is a beautiful girl with all the curvyness at the right places.

So BBW Lizzy is on BBW Dreams with approx 1 hour of video in 3 different scenes: A BJ scene, dildo fun, and Lizzy taking a bath. Now the bath clip is the real highlight. All of her movements are slow ... yes, you did expect that ... but they are super slow. And this looks that natural that you are wondering if they just made that video running slowlier. But no, it's the real deal.

So in all her majestic koolness she takes off her dress, steps into the tub and plays with the foam - later when she shows a lil bit bit of pussy play her movements become faster ... err.. well, that's understandable, so to speak.

However it's her way of moving super slowly that works so supremely well - say grandezza of slow motion. The overall effect resembles a magnet the pulls ALL your attention to your screen, onto her. You can't stop watching. And you can't stop exploring every detail of her curves and her roundness. She just doesn't let loose on you. Sensational effect !

The m-bation scene called "Sensual Liz" has similar qualities. And... yes ...its title is appropriately chosen.

A lil downturn though happened for me - yes, won't conceal that - after finally watching her clips with the sound turned on. Lizzy sounds very much like somebody who has done a lot of phone sex: Her voice is nice but she's talking too much, repeating everything she's doing in her narration... in kinda monotonous voice plus overstressing particular words. Ok, i realize that this is amateur content and i don't expect her to take professional speaker training: But: Less would have been more !

But that's only a minor detail. And i always can keep the audio off. So BBW Lizzy indeed rocks my screen.