Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Here's why Corporate Sites are Evil

Yeah.. it's quite common to have bad feelings or impressions about them... Ohhhhkay, you might say that not all of them are bad. Which is true, of course. No groundbreaking insight though, there are always exceptions from the rule. And the rule might be: If a paysite ain't shooting or acquiring its own exclusive content, then better be very very careful before spending your money on it. With a little bit of experience you usually can detect easily on the 'Tour' pages if a given site has only randomly and hastily sublicensed content to offer - which sometimes ain't even on (BBW) topic.

Things are even worse with sites that (in their advertisements) focus on (streaming-only) video content. Concluding from their 'Tour' you usually can't tell what's actually inside, not too mention the ridiculously low quality often offered.

Ever wanted proof for that? Ok, here it comes... Yes, sometimes i'm that kind of guy who has no doubt in advance that this given site is scam, nonetheless he spends his 29 bucks or so to make sure. So here's the example of outright false advertizing you always wanted to see ! The site in question is, advertizing modestly as the "The best XXX BBW movie site on the net"

They have tons of video sample pages out there directing surfers to their home page:
French Blondie
French Blondie
Juicy Busty Gal
Huge German Butt
Sexy Raven Hair
Blonde SSBBW
German Soccer Mom
Mature Elaine Everett
Plump Redhead
Outdoors Orgy
Kaylee Kleavage
etc etc

But, after you've paid your 29 bucks, you won't see any of the advertized movies in the members area. Talk about a classic case of cheating ! Sure, you always have the option for a credit card charge back.

And trust me. ain't the only scam site of that sort. It's a very common scheme to host video sample pages (with attractive content) on a different site and directing that traffic to a paysite that actually doesn't have that particular content inside. When you wade through this legions of TGPs with vdeo samples you'll find tons of suspects - i just won't call out their names here cause i haven't verified them.

In case of it can be said though that they do have quite a few (BBW) streaming-only vids inside, actually - no surprise here - just the stuff that was featured and seen on 1000 sites before, like "Scale Bustin Bimbos" #1 - #10 or "Much More to Love #1... So yeah, say complete rip-off !

I've fixed the links (dec 31st, 2006)