Saturday, February 26, 2011

3 Big Questions!!! (#2) - Emilia Boshe

So i was speaking again with Emilia Boshe. What a nice girl! Asked her if she would be up for a 3 Big Questions interview. And she said: Sure… Why not NOW?? Okay, so i thought up these questions quickly. Which she replied within the blink of an eye ;) Long live spontaneity! 

Q: Emilia, i would guess that you're mainly active with your webcam currently. Is that correct? So please tell us a bit what people can expect from you. What happens in your cam shows?

A: Yes, correct. In front of the cam i love to make men crazy ;) I'm doing boobs massages, tits shaking, oil my tits or my whole body and play with my dildos (titty and pussy fuck). But i like as well watching my customers how they please themselves and release their load.
I'm open for almost anything ;) Sure, there are a few limits. I don't do bondage, anal or BDSM. I have to feel convenient in what i'm doing. But in general i'm up for anything that's fun and like to try new things.

Q: Serious question. Is being on cam demanding? Is there a lot of trouble with (rude) customers? Is it hard to get down after camming? Does it effect your personal sex life?

A: Hmm, yes, indeed it can be demanding. Sometimes i feel like after an intensive sports program. For example when customers want me to jump around and get my boobs bounce heavily. I mean they have a lot of weight and afterwards i can be in pain a bit. But apart from that i don't find it straining. At least i haven't made any negative experiences so far and i hope things will stay that way. The guys are all very nice, no rudeness.  

Q: Would you give us a few details regarding your past and future? Your Southern Charms site unfortunately has been closed. What happened? How was your encounter with [EDITED] ? Or, if we go back even further, how went your work with Daktari Lorenz? Finally, do you have plans for the future?

A: For private reasons which i do not really want to discuss here, i wasn't able for a long time to shoot updates for Southern Charms. That's why they took me off and now i am banned for one year. But i'm considering to have a personal site again. Or to restart on MyDirtyHobby. But i haven't made a decision yet.
Shooting with [EDITED] was truly nice and we had a lot of fun together. There might be even a follow-up soon.  
Working at Daktari's was a great experience. He definitely takes outstanding photos, has always great ideas and i liked my shoot with those ripped working clothes.
Quite soon i will be appearing again on a couple of busty sites, f. ex. DivineBreasts. You will definitely see new things with me again.
Thanks for being such a sweetie, Emilia!

Is there something about Emilia that you're missing? It might have been addressed in my previous posts. But you can just ask. Quite likely i will talk to Emilia again… This quick info though (just in case): For a long time now Emilia has no longer any relations with the site With our little talk as well the release of so far unseen images coincided. Emilia told that these have been shot almost 3 years ago. I have to add however that they surely look scrumptious.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

3 Big Questions!!! Today to: BaddAss Brunette

Introducing a new feature today. It's pretty self-explanatory - i am asking models (or other industry people) 3 hopefully meaningful questions. I'm very pleased that Baddass Brunette accepted my offer to grace the first edition of my little feature. Several of her updates appeared on Radiant Bomba, my *NEWS* blog. You can see them back to back through this link. Now let's start the questions!

Q: To give people a better idea of you, how would you describe yourself? As a model, and (up to the extent of not getting too private), as a personality?

A: As a model:
As a model I am first and foremost very confident.  Many women are ashamed and embarrassed of their curves because in America we are taught that this is not what is beautiful but I embrace and love every curve and fat roll on my body.  I think my inner beauty tends to shine through and that it is part of what attracts my fans.  Men love a woman who is confident.
I would next describe myself as enthusiastic.  I love being a BBW web model.  I definitely don't  do this for the profit, I do it because I enjoy every minute of the process from start to finish.
My technique and the persona I portray through my work is usually somewhat of a tough girl, but I would like to think that I am a versatile model showing you a bit off all the sides of BAB . I try to offer variety and a little something for everyone.

As a person:
I am outgoing.  I have no problems working over a crowd and making my presence known.  I like to see and be seen.  I guess I am a bit of an attention whore!
I am laid back and open minded. 
I am also affectionate and friendly.  I love to cuddle and am totally into public displays of affection.  I can get along with just about anyone.  Im a true living example of southern hospitality.

Q: Checking your releases, you can be seen as very creative model. Without being elevated, as your style looks very natural. How did that develop? Is it something you have been actively reaching out for?

A: Well what you see is what you get with me.  There was really no planning on a certain  image I wanted to convey.  I just get in front of the camera and try of be myself.  I do not try to portray  myself as one way or another.  I am just doing what comes natural to me and what makes me feel the sexiest!  The updates I provide are all just ideas floating around in that active brain of mine.  Most of the ideas and set themes are all my idea but I can't take all the credit, my husband helps me with ideas as well.

Q: How can we understand the "Baddass" in your name? After a quick look i wouldn't see you as "bad" or "badd". But rather as gorgeous and sooo sexy.

A: When I came up with the stage name BaddAss Brunette here is what I was thinking:
A badass is one who totally owns who he/she is, is uninhibited in who they are and doesn't let what other people think affect his/her actions/decisions.
A badass is a person who is the best of the best at what they do professionally and/or personally. Being a Badass goes hand-in-hand with being self confident, secure and uninhibited.
I hope that helps make it a bit more clear.

It definitely does! BAB, thank you very much for dedicating some of your Sunday to give us these REAL answers. And for making me proud with this fan sign. I love it!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Carmella Bing - Bigger Than The Fantasies (longer comment)

Pun intended in my title, after seeing a few discussions about Carmella Bing's recent update for PlumperPass. So Carmella looks much bigger now (after a pregnancy i believe). That made a good number of self proclaimed fans go ballistic, in their comments. Calling her the whole range of derogatory words. And eventually culminating in the verdict that Carmella shouldn't have been allowed to issue any photos till she has dieted to her earlier shape. Cause she has ruined the fantasy!

I mean there's no argument when a fan simply stops looking at her images. Or says that he preferred her look before. But this vitriol? People think that having a fantasy of Carmella (or insert other model here), means that they own and control her look? And when she doesn't match the image, she gets (verbally) chased out of town, with throwing stones at her? That's insane. 

We've seen that too also after plus size models lost weight. Shitstorm guaranteed!  Granted, of course there's serious fantasies involved. And i don't call for only saying nice things. Stating an honest opinion should be fine. In the end we're talking about something that's a business as well, the adult industry. But bursting out with an almost religious contempt and calling a model words as if she were a menace to human common sense, that's neanderthal. Actually lower. The ugliness of such a rant actually presents only one ugly human being, the person performing that rant.

I admit i sometimes get quite frustrated too. In particular when i feel that a model is ruining her appeal by repeatedly shooting content that caters only very limited audiences but makes her look appalling for her natural fanbase, thus hurting her future modeling opportunities. In those moments i have to think twice - to realize that i have to let lose my ideal image…

Carmella Bing never was a size 0. On this new release by PlumperPass she looks like a real plumper. With the win of bigger boobies. And also, that's very noticeable, her face looks more relaxed now. Carmella almost seems to glow. For me personally her softer and more radiant version works as a serious turn on for me. Gallery samples first, screenshots from the promo clip below.

See more pics and my shortened comment on Radiant Bomba


Thursday, February 03, 2011

Bettie Pumpkin Is In A Music Video!!

I could have guessed that from her look on her images. Only seemingly shy, she shows a lot of positively twisted energy. Also a lot of confidence for and fun with trying out THE interesting things. Her comments on web boards etc emphasize that impression: she isn't big mouthed, but usually tells the cutest and wittiest things, however spiked with serious quirks and funny turns. Bettie Pumpkin is somebody who ENJOYS going for her stuff! So it's not really a surprise, although a very pleasant one, seeing her appear at another artistic front.

In her unmistakable way she only sent a Tweet. With no further info, containing however a concealed hint about "a big arse bouncing =P". I missed the hint and expected just a song/video she likes. So all of a sudden i noticed Bettie Pumpkin in there. And my eyes got glued to the screen…

The music's a Dutch HipHop tune, and mighty n dirty (you will like it even if you usually stay away from HipHop, at least its generic mainstream form). There isn't much of Bettie in the clip, but sure enough to not miss it.


Bettie Pumpkin as you might know her