Saturday, September 05, 2009

Kiki Kakuchi has resurfaced

Kiki Kakuchi certainly is one of the hardest to describe models. If there is one category she fits in, that would be the category named Kiki Kakuchi.

She has been featured with the most diverse types of content, some of it extremely niche and 'controversial'. At the same time she has some of the most loyal fans. She has worked with or submitted content to roughly two dozen companies. She even allowed somebody to register the site and sold him about 24 photo sets (i got this information first-hand from her). Not the most forward thinking career decision. Apparently it was never her focus to build up her modeling career in some sort of consistent process and work. Instead she kept shooting content with very different companies, for very different audiences, with periods when she disappeared or took her breaks. More recently she sold photo sets to sites like ThickNBusty, at a loose rate.

Talking to her privately is a joy - always friendly, with a smile on her face it seems, and with a fast, sharp and playful brain that doesn't take prisoners - still with a (twisted) smile - but without being full of herself. Last summer i started doing an interview with her. It was supposed to be huge, to give full room for her multiple sides. We only got a few questions done - till she told she wouldn't be online for a while. Haven't heard from her since then. So, Kiki, if you read this, i'd always be ready to continue that milestone.

As a surprise, she now has resurfaced on WorldWideWives. Is she testing if she still got the attention? She certainly does - as she looks sparkling as ever. Provided it's not an imposter behind that account. But i don't think so (despite the profile info), as i haven't seen these photos before. Although it's hard to keep track with x-amount of content she has shot. If i'm wrong, somebody drop a note.