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Shione Cooper: Artistic Images By Narkildo - Interview With The Photographer

It was one of the random coincidences that got me in contact with Narkildo who is an "artistic" photographer based in Lausanne (Switzerland). Or maybe it would be more appropriate to use his own label, by introducing him as s Nude and Fetish Photographer. Thus avoiding (for some people) negative implications coming with the word "artistic" ('overdone', 'artificial'). Narkildo shot a couple of "fine art" photo sets (to use another popular term) with Shione Cooper in Switzerland earlier this year, as a coordinated project together with a photographer friend. His friend actually contacted her agency Busty And Beauty, to book Shione a weekend for photo sessions, and to have her in front of his lenses as well.

If you follow my entries, in particular on my other blog, you surely noticed that Shione Cooper is one of the models who has my particular attention. Mainly because i don't perceive her as just another pretty girl with big boobs. Or as just another porn star. That's due to her unique style (mainly shown in her solo sets), as a result of the kind and amazing range of her expressions. And of the kind of themes she has done, together with her convincing posing. Or could you imagine another model dressed all black, equipped with a pickaxe, and attack a wall, while still looking super cute, like on Demolition Girl? Seeing samples of her work with Narkildo got my instant attention.

Narkildo agreed to sit down for the following interview where he discusses a lot of interesting details regarding his work - in general and with Shione Cooper in particular. Especially interesting for me is the part where he speaks about the model's (in this case Shione's) high commitment to the given project, while the payment aspect comes just as part of the negotiated deal. I can't thank Narkildo enough for taking the time to answer my questions. And also for his generosity by giving me so many images to be included here. Please note that Narkildo owns the copyright to these photos, so any distribution, reproduction or commercial use are strictly forbidden. To see more of his work, please visit his website or his Facebook page.

1 - Narkildo, tell us a bit about your work. How did you get into photography?
I think it was in 2003. I had bought one of these small compact digital cameras (Canon S45) and I took a number of mountain pictures… postcards style, I would say today ;-) Later I bought the Canon EOS 300D, the first affordable digital reflex camera. Even though at that time it produced “only” 6.3 Megapixels pictures, I was very happy with the results. In 2005, I realized that my landscape pictures were missing humans, and I decided to start learning studio photography. I found some photographers on the net who accepted to teach me the basics. Later i attended some workshops to improve. Additionally I  learnt a bit of Photoshop to be able to clean up my pictures in post-production.
I'm participating now in the European Nude Photography Festival in Arles every year. I also collect books of nude photography, mostly in black and white. Those help you to stay modest with what you're achieving, compared to the Masters. Woman beauty is such an infinite source of inspiration.

2 - How would you describe your work? What are your subjects? What is your agenda? Or motivation?
The pleasure I felt when seeing my first studio pictures is hard to describe. I never thought I could create this kind of pictures at a level of quality so that I would be happy with them. This kind of pleasure is one major source of my motivation. Another one, especially when I work with people who are not professional models or actors, is their satisfaction. Being able to show them their beauty or their attractiveness is simply magic. Seeing this kind of surprise and happiness in their eyes or reading it in their words is a tremendously energizing reward.
In terms of subjects, I do not work on specific and well conceptualized “projects”, as some photo-artists would call them. Nevertheless I do have a number of topics that I like in particular, for example classical nude, porno chic, soft fetish, porn art, but also beautiful curves and pregnant women. The photoshoot with Shione Cooper obviously is a part of my beautiful curves series.

Most often I work with swingers. Because I had the chance to travel a lot for my bread-and-butter job, I took pictures at many places (Paris, Tokyo, New York, etc.). With swingers, I love making voyeur style pictures.

In Lausanne (Switzerland), where I live, I do mostly studio photography.

3 - When you think about potential models, by which criteria or expectations do you choose them?
It highly depends. I work mostly with amateur « models ». I find them on swingers websites, and I check their existing pictures to see whether we share a common vision of a high quality erotism. I also assess their motivation to pose, and chat with them to understand their wishes.
When working with professionals or semi-pros, I mostly refer to their website or portfolio. I also check what kind of posing is acceptable for them and their financial expectations.

The main reason why I initially started working with swingers is because I wanted to have the freedom of breaking the traditional limits imposed by classical photo models (e.g. no spread legs). It’s not that I insist to do this kind of pictures, but I rather like being free and limitless, at least at shooting time. Later I always rework my pictures in order to get a decent selection. I often say that I “cool down” the burning erotism of some of my pictures by converting them in black and white.

One important criterion also is money. Not that I do not want to pay for my models, but for me it is key that the model actually wants to make great pictures. The financial counterpart comes on top of the artistic performance; it shall not be the sole motivation of the model.

4 - How did Shione catch your attention?
A good friend of mine is passionate of busty models photography. He was already in contact with Busty and Beauty, Shione’s agency in the Czech Republic and planning to contract a model for a whole weekend, for photo shoots. This agency has an amazing portfolio of beautiful models.
5 - Did you have particular expectations or ideas before working with Shione? Something that you wanted to accomplish with her in particular?
When I prepared the photo shoot, I made a few searches online and discovered Shione's wide range of talents. I became a bit stressed, because this meant to be my first photo shoot with a true porn star.
I did not really plan specific ideas. I tried to be quite open and see what she would bring on stage.

Actually I did two series on this weekend. On day one, I was shooting with my friend, so we somehow shared posing ideas. I knew he did not want to make erotic pictures, so we stayed within very classical styles. On day two, I worked with Shione alone in the morning, and here I was able to remove such limits and welcome Shione to registers which may be more common to her. She is a sex symbol and enjoys exhibition, so I made pictures magnifying these talents. The result was just great!
6 - Did the actual results of your work with Shione turn out exactly as anticipated?
I am amazed by Shione’s professionalism. She knows how to pose. She sends incredible eyes to the camera. She moves her body like a pro, and she knows better than me how to play with her huge breasts. Now for some pictures, I wanted her to keep outside her classical porn register. And I have to say she was great with more intimate and less provocative poses.
7 - How can we imagine the actual shooting? Did you discuss the project with Shione with much detail in advance? Or did you rather proceed along a few general ideas. And: how much influence has a model like Shione on such a project?
In this context of studio photography there is no real story defined. I work more on shapes, look, attitudes, curves, etc. When working with Shione, you of course need to work with her eyes and her amazing breasts.
I worked with her like with other models. I start by reviewing clothes and selecting the one we would use. I just added a few accessories like a necklace. Shione then took the time to do her make-up. She does it really well and quite quickly (even though it feels like an eternity when you want to shoot ;-)

8 - How was working with her in general?
Working with her was a real pleasure. Shione is very easy to work with, she has good posing ideas, she moves and rectifies poses even without  having her to ask, and more than anything she is just incredibly sexy. When working with such a great model, you see how she loves being beautifully horny in front of the camera.

9 - If you could do another shot or scene with Shione, and you didn't have to worry about the budget, what would you like to do?

I really enjoyed this photo session and would be happy to have her again as a model.

In terms of ideas… many things come to my mind ;-)
• a studio session, more porn art oriented with a beautiful man model (or maybe 2 ;-)
• a soft fetish session, with latex or vinyl gorgeous dress, high heels, as a beautiful sexy slave
• an outdoors series in a black and a white bath…
• and may be… but it’s not a question of budget, it’s a question of trust, a voyeur style session where she would show and share her self pleasure with the camera…

10 – How can we see more of your work, contact you or follow your activities?
Please check my web site or

Monday, October 10, 2011

Dors Feline - Released Of Her Breasts, A Normal Girl Now [Upd. 11-10-12: Pre/Post Surgery Comp!]

No, this blog is not turning into the Dors Feline Documentary Center. One voice inside of me is actually telling to me to just leave her alone: Dors Feline has left the stage, while the real person behind that moniker/a post breast surgery Dors Feline is none of our concern. On the other hand it was her decision to become a public figure. And to have people talk about her (without having to accept ANY crap however). It was also her decision to keep fueling peoples' speculations, in varying ways. In that context you may want to read my comment posted on FreeOnes where i described Dors Feline as a roller coaster of impressions.

Cat Fancy/Shot for Scoreland

As well it's the nature of the internet that people read and talk a lot, and to lose focus, in terms of distinguishing facts from fiction. That is because people seem too often lack the energy to count 1 + 1 together, while the facts at the same time have more aspects than just "1 +1". Yep, things aren't just black and white. Last April i presented Dors Feline's official retirement announcement, side by side with her official interview and report in a UK weekly, with lots of details about her planned breast reduction. Confusing impressions, when just 'counting together' the various aspects, yet a clear statement in the bigger picture.

It comes very handy now that earlier this morning she came up on Twitter with a bunch of comments that clearly sound like the ultimate Dors Feline statement. She basically says that her boobs prevented her from being NORMAL. And that the model 'Dors Feline' only had the purpose to make the money needed for her transition to normalcy. Okay, "normal" she'd be regarding her boobs, but "special interest" regarding her huge amount of tattoos, her weight gain and the public interest she keeps catering, some of you may add… Didn't i say things aren't just black and white? - So, as a focus for all those discussions, here's what Dors said on Twitter today:

• I retired from modelling because I finally made enough money for a breast reduction, something I've wanted since I was 14 (DorsFeline Mon 10 Oct 7:46)
• You may be confused and think I liked modelling? You are wrong, I call it poetic that the one thing I despise managed to work in my favour (DorsFeline Mon 10 Oct 7:47)
• To get me the one thing I wanted most, to be Normal! I played the game and won, I pretended to be sexy and now I'm free. (DorsFeline Mon 10 Oct 7:48)
• I would hope you would all just be happy for me. I finally have a life free from pain, disgust and self loathing. You might like them (DorsFeline Mon 10 Oct 7:49)
• But try carrying around 5 pounds of weight on you for 14 years then we'll talk about how 'great' they are. I have a life now. (DorsFeline Mon 10 Oct 7:50)
• And its not modelling, never was, never will be. its all smoke and mirrors fokes every girl is! #kthxbye (DorsFeline Mon 10 Oct 7:51)
• Thankyou to you all for your support and kindness, 99.9% of you are adorbale good people! And I have enjoyed meeting you! Genuinely! (DorsFeline Mon 10 Oct 8:07)

----------Update 11-10-12-----------

Okay, this before/after photo has started to surface at a few places. Makes me look a bit sensationalist to bring it here too lol However, i expect it to appear everywhere anyway. While i have the opportunity to add a few comments here. It seems somebody snapped it with his camera from his tv screen. The copy i've got sent is huge, over 3200 pixels wide (i've downscaled it to 50%). Checking the original i can't notice a Photohop stunt. Obvious however is her size difference - not meaning her boobs here. On her arm at the right site of the comp you can see a new tattoo. So it's a safe guess that some time passed between these 2 shots, and Dors found a way to lose a considerable amount of weight in the meantime. I call this photo legit - for now, although there's always room for a grain of salt. My comment on the surgery? Well, i've seen better jobs.

Okay, i adjusted the colors a bit: 

And another one has emerged:


Friday, September 23, 2011

VERY Exciting Manele Girl

Only a small find. But each time i watch this little clip it seems to excite me even more. It's a (very likely) Romanian girl randomly dancing to a Manele tune in the washing room of a club, recorded by a friend. I haven't found any other info.

She has a super sexy body to begin with. Her dancing style is totally captivating. And her various expressions do the rest! At the end her shyness takes over, which is too cute as well. She is a star!!

Manele, you probably do not know, is a very popular musical style in Romania, quite controversial also because of its take-no-prisoners lyrics (actually much hated by a huge group of people). It combines Reggaeton, Dancehall and Bhangra rhythms with local folk elements (you often hear clarinets, accordions or violins), as well as elements from Turkey or the Arabian world. It's a quite tumultuous and addictive style. For a first taste you can check Mr. Juve's personal channel on YouTube with several 100 of his tracks.  

A couple of screen shots as a first taste of this fabulous girl:

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

3 Big Questions!!! (#3) - Kristina Milan

Blogging can be full of surprises. My 2 blogs, Beyond The Hype and Radiant Bomba, feature a lot of articles about Kristina Milan. About 2 years ago i made a few attempts to do an interview with her. That never happened. Because of the language barrier (i don't speak any Spanish, while Kristina isn't fluent enough in English for interviews). As well Kristina seemed to be hesitant regarding interviews in general, probably because she was concerned that she would be pushed to answer questions about issues she didn't want to talk about.

cam show  10-08-04

To my big surprise i got contacted now by Kristina herself saying that she would be happy to answer a few questions, along with a friend of her, helping with the translations. We settled for the "3 Big Questions" format, as it is a convenient start. I can't promise if there will be a continuation. I would predict though that Kristina will be following this entry. So don't be shy with comments... I see that Kristina has her drink ready, so here's the questions:


Q: Kristina, your fans could see in great detail your sexual adventures, your overwhelming gorgeousness and your beauty. But they don't know anything about YOU. So my first question: What do you like about being a porn star? Tell us a bit about your experiences. And, how did it come, after we never saw interviews with you, that you made the suggestion to do one to me?

A: I love doing hardcore pornos because it catches peoples' attention. I like this work and I like it because you are surrounded by different people. I want this thing in life, rather than looking like a Star… 
I left the old website because the people running it developed a different personality.
I take the posts on your blog as written by a friend. If I like someone I love being affectionate and sincere.

cam show  10-11-01

 Q: I assume you're mainly doing webcam work currently. How is that going? What are your plans and or preferences for the future?

A: I see the adult industry as a job. But when you don't keep working in it, if you interrupt the continuity, then it does not make sense any longer.
So I am currently working on the webcam. And I think my fans deserve it. What I am looking for is if I can do another try at adult modeling because I want to be on better photos and videos in some future work. 
I always want to be Kristina Milan…

cam show  late 2010

Q: A fictional question: If you could make a movie (adult or non-adult, the choice is yours), you would be the director and the main star, what would you show us with that movie?

A: It is good to be in a movie but it is not the actress who makes the decisions. It is the producer, his fantasy and design of things, associations and all the rest. I like movies and being an actress. If I have to tell a genre I am a fan of, this would be science-fiction films. I am also a fan of musicals and dance movies, for their atmosphere of happiness, and I would like participate in one of those, but I am not a professional dancer unfortunately.

cam show  10-10-25

After going through a few captured webcam shows in order to snap these stills, i'm getting even more fascinated about Kristina's naturalness. She doesn't stage big poses or twisted expressions. Kristina looks absolutely straight and pure. What a charming real girl! With probably a bit of shyness, making her even more adorable. What raises the question about the future of her modeling career. If there is any? It seems - concluding from a few hints like in the huge discussion after my last entry here - that Kristina herself is a bit undecided. I'd guess she will continue to do cam shows - after a recent switch on Live Jasmin. With her work for Score very likely she got the best exposure in the given situation. There are fans of course who'd prefer to tie her to the lactating niche. But that is history, Kristina got her baby quite a while ago. If she worked with other hardcore producers, most likely those would have very little interest in the special babe who she is, but rather in the sole fact to just have her in hardcore action, with very little concern about her aspirations. Not sure if that is what she is looking for, in particular after her less favorable memories to her first site.

People should also consider that Kristina, due to existing laws, as a foreigner is not allowed to shoot in the US. But producing abroad adds considerable extra costs to the budget of any company, making them think twice. If i were Kristina, i would look if there is somebody among her personal friends who could shoot her in a personal/amateur style, and grow from there… With a bit of dedication and endurance she should come up with content creating good attention. I definitely see a market for that.

Kristina, thanks for the interview. And for being as wonderful as you are! 


Monday, April 18, 2011

Dors Feline's Announcement To Retire - A Sour Taste

Dors Feline announced and explained her retirement from modeling. Shocking news certainly for many of her very loyal and die-hard fans. Also for me - i'll be not just missing her physical assets, but also the facet-rich 'symphony', the fragrance and sometimes the fragility of the personality Dors Feline shining through the model Dors Feline. But i'm also shocked about how she words her announcement. Critical thoughts are coming up.

I'm fully aware that i can be completely misunderstood here, so i'm trying to choose my words as carefully as possible. People will still make wrong judgements, that's out of my control - but before you do so, please consider: I'm speaking here less as a person making assumptions but rather as a medium, who just sees loose ends being out there anyway that could be easily connected, leading to a sour taste. What is already happening…

In my view a model can retire without "owning" an explanation. I also think that people who lump the model and the person Dors Feline into one, with thinking they "own" her, can be just ignored. However, there's a serious number of people who have been following the model Dors as a whole package with respect and positive attention: because Dors didn't stage herself as an artificial creation but rather acted with a very real appeal. Those attentive, loyal fans obviously feel let down because of Dors' very irritating communication.

Let me explain. In her blog entry Dors points out her exhaustion from leading two lives in one body: as a real girl and a model. However, the "jet setting" part of her modeling (work for Score etc) was one that she chose, and one she easily could abandon, with still continuing her personal (amateur) modeling. Not a strong reason. All those rude or or "disgusting" emails, comments etc she's been getting - well, it's the first time i see a model claiming those for leaving the business. That sort of emails or messages indeed are inappropriate and ugly, but are they so major to stop a blooming softcore modeling career? Again a confusing argument.

Dors Feline not long ago had a big story with images (as "Dors") in the UK weekly that's life!. Where she told that she "hates" her 34L boobs and is saving up to "chop them off". On Feb 13th she confirmed the validity of that story and her planned breast reduction on Twitter after people asked, and added later "My backs still painful, might be time to get these bad boys taken off!
Another important distinction here: It would be very selfish to deny a model the right to do with her body whatever she wants to. That includes breast reduction or weight loss surgery. Also, that might surprise a few: I'm not saying that a model has to tell us the 'truth'. So i'm not even speculating how exactly Dors' extremely long stay in hospital contributed to her retirement. I just read her info (through Twitter) speaking of a severe pneumonia (of course a major bad experience) and an "operation" (later). While the breast reduction aspect has been mentioned in a different context. I assume NOTHING! But i see these aspects out there in the open, as being easily connectable, for everybody thinking about Dors. And, after the reasons that she claimed for her retirement, people getting a sour taste. Breast reduction or not.

In a nutshell, Dors Feline has been selling a product, of course loaded with fantasy and mystification. But she also wanted respect, what many loyal fans were ready to give her. Now she says that this fantasy is over, yet wants again respect for her decision. But creates at the same time another mystification, by ignoring and glossing over the irritation she created before. Now one thing's for sure: A breast reduction would make the most serious of all reasons to see the model Dors Feline being history. Dors however just let's people hang people in a mess that she has created. That has a lot of Goodbye. I don't give a fuck anyway.

Her personal site so far to a large part filled with content shot a long time or a while ago, is announced to be continued as usual! While Dors announced her Twitter account to be sold for the highest bet, starting at $1000. Being a fan of a model can be quite disturbing.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Kiki Kakuchi: Balloon Fun - Have You Ever Seen Her More Adorable?

Really a lot has been said about Kiki Kakuchi. And it will continue. Because of, as i would think, a simple field of reasons: 
Kiki is an extremely sexy girl.
Kiki touches people with her genuine, cute as the girl next door, real, sensitive and straight-forward side.
Kiki LOVES to play - she has an extremely vivid energy for exploring things beyond common sense paths. That's a natural way for her, so she is not pushing things, but she is not afraid of getting misunderstood that's why.   

The latter aspect challenged a few people. They came up with wild assumptions and chased her with travesties. Kiki who, as i said before, is a rather sensitive girl actually, got quite frustrated in the end. I would think for that reason, and probably because of a change in her lifestyle as well (although i don't have reliable info regarding that part), pulled back from the public places. And only kept selling self-produced content to interested webmeisters. That should explain some of the mystery surrounding her.

Here's some of her lesser known work for a site called SexxyBalloonBabe. It was shot in 2008 or earlier and she is called Lori here, a name Kiki has used on other occasions too. They have 2 clips as tasters. A 7:36 sequence, in standard WMV quality, and a very short low quality sample clip. Only the sample clip shows her topless. But both are well worth watching, as you've never seen Kiki so cheerful, cute and naturally sexy.

Screen cap posted by SexyBalloonBabe: