Thursday, September 06, 2007

Hardcore porn almost gone from single-girl sites?

A question discussed on a BBW board these days. An interesting one, of course. Now, when you look at the sites currently advertising the answer must be 'yes'. There's a huge number of established sites with a strictly non-pink policy. And also a bigger number of sites that do show pink and dildoing, with very few of them including (occasional) boy/girl action. But only very rarely a site with a strong focus on hardcore is entering the scene, usually without getting much attention.

Is there really now no market for this? Well, nothing should be impossible LOL Agreed, there are a few sites around that seem to be making their bucks... But how many of them are a BIG SUCCESS?? It's true, i'm only guessing here - not many girls are giving me exact figures lol - hell, i wouldn't either. Finally though, when you check who's the talk of the town, or better of the boards, you hardly find hardcore-centric sites mentioned. Apparently it's not an easy task to establish a successful solo-girl site featuring mainly hardcore content.

The only example coming to my mind would be Samantha Anderson. Who, then, might be a different story again cause she managed to become a big name as a hardcore girl on the mainstream market first and only later started her own site. Moreover, with her host of guest girls Samantha is almost running a multi-gal site featuring herself as the main attraction. Indeed a particular case.

Now, has the situation really changed? One girl supported that idea. She said that back in those days when she started (around 2000) almost every girl had a good deal of hardcore on her site. Most of them have retired now while the newer wave of girls don't do that anymore. Is the market for single-girl sites doing hardcore just orphaned? Or is it really that difficult to score with that?

Another fact: when you check huge adult content vendors like CD Universe for BBW content, nearly all releases are hardcore porn. So the demand must be there. But only for mainstream/multi-girl products. What's the reason for such a striking discrepancy?

Here comes my theory: Hardcore fans are not that much affectionate or loyal to a particular girl. They mainly go for the action - and a girl that just looks 'good enough' is fine for them usually. That's why they go for the mainstream market with its galore of different girls and aren't interested in the more multi-faceted experience solo (amateur) girl sites have to offer, at least not to the extent that they would spend money on such sites.

Softcore fans OTOH are more addicted to the peculiar charms, the details of the attraction and beauty of their favorite girl(s), to all that what makes her special, to all these facets that become secondary in hardcore content due to the different focus, like different camera angles (closeups), males becoming a dominant part etc etc. Furthermore, here i am just repeating what models (who did their research) have told me: Alot of single-girl site customers are fantasizing 'their' model as their imaginary girlfriend. And seeing another man doing her means a turn off for them. More aspects could be added but those should do for my theory.

So i'm saying it's a different focus that is separating hardcore (mainstream) and softcore (single-girl site) customers, making it very difficult for a hardcore solo-girl site to become equally successful as a softcore single-girl site.

Also: for a hardcore single-girl site it will always be extremely hard to keep things 'fresh', entertaining and non-repetitive - in that respect it is in direct competition with the mainstream products with all the options there. I'm afraid to say here that most customers usually will cancel their membership after a month and shop for DVDs/mainstream porn sites etc till they eventually will buy another membership, after a year or so. Very tough business. A softcore and/or pinup-centric solo-girl site only competes with the sites of the same league - a way more easier challenge as long as the model is attractive for customers and has the technical means to bring her qualities across in her photos and videos.