Monday, October 25, 2010

The Ultimate Michelle Monaghan Shot !! (Updated)

Not an original post i must admit, but just too good. This image with Michelle Monaghan (aka Michelle Bond) is making the rounds currently. I have no idea who shot it. And my informers are telling me it's the only image of this kind, i.e. there is no set (it belongs to) released or announced. If somebody has more info, please let me know.

Michelle of course has always shown what a glamorously sexy girl she is. But this shot is absolutely stellar. Her pose is perfect, and her curves are 'modeled out' the ideal way - truly unbelievable!

Yes Michelle, you have every reason to celebrate!
 From a recent update on DDFBusty

*Update 10-10-26* 

A friendly reader notified me that Michelle Monaghan has a little website up presenting some info about her modeling work. Including a gallery page with some more images taken at the same location as this ULTIMATE shot from above. Thanks for the heads up!