Thursday, October 13, 2005

Daphne Stone

Boobie-licious. Funny-licious. Flirtatious. Flabba-tastic.

Now imagine this: You've been watching porn for 10, 12 hours. For a while a feeling has started spreading in your head like.. oh no, this ain't cutting it. Porn sucks! I'll have to start doing something more mindblowing. Then... all of a sudden... a girl appears on your screen.. and the bomb in your brain.. no, it won't explode. But you go like Wow! This ain't true! ..This girl.... Unbelievable !!!!

LOL Not sure about the 10, 12 hours. But you get the idea. Daphne is that kind of girl that makes you fall off your chair with excitement.
I just say Booooobiiiies !!! And a smile to die for !!

My first "encounter" with Daphne indeed was one of these rare thrill at first sight moments. I had joined the multi-girl site BBW Dreams. Not the sort of site i would join normally. They have sample clips nearly EVERYWHERE. I was quite sceptical for a while whether that content would actually be in their members area (alot of corporate sites indeed do this kind of deception). Ok, after i was convinced that they have (in principle) original content with WonderTracy, Ava and KountryGirl i signed up.

So now... Clear the stage for Daphne Stone !

Truly right from the first second she appears on your screen you get the impression Oh boy, here comes a real stunner. Before you had time to radar her looks, her curves and whatnot she has caught you with her focus onto the camera. . ON YOU !!! This is not the spaced out voice mumbling the obvious formulas like Get horny? ... U like my tits? ... Wonna touch? etc etc. She might even tell the same phrases (hell, how can i tell? LOL)... but but but. And this is not the 50% absent-minded girl that throws random looks to the viewer like See how i'm melting for you. Daphne is the full assault ! She has the energy and the enthusiasm to tease us till we throw in the towel. And right from the start she looks into the camera and focuses us with her eyes. And she never would let loose.

And then these pigtails !!! Daphne !

Cute also are her changing expressions - those alone keep you entertained. She will give you her adorable curious look (Boys and girls, do i have your attention?), occasional sillyness (a very sexy sillyness... hell.. what is not sexy about this woman !) and of course irresistible flirtation. This girl loves to perform !

Ok ok... her assets. I said it before. Booooooooooooobiiiiieeeees. But these are just the start! She also got a nicely shaped booty. And her bulging belly is sweet. Daphne simply looks juicy, jiggly and curvy all over. 100% teasing deliciousness.

On BBW Dreams Daphne is featured with 2 videos. A solo oiling-up/ m-bate set, running 25 mins (and inspiring my comments for the most part) . And a girl/girl set (39;30 mins) together with BBW Hippy Chick a serious hottie in her own right. They perform some sort of lite domme business plus girl/girl action. Don't like the squirting at the end ... oh well... good thing is that my player has a *Play Selection* mode lol. Unfortunately the image quality on that one is quite bad. Maybe on the DVD release it will look better... The links to the pics (of both sets !) didn't work btw. I sent 3 emails to the site's support asking to fix that, no response. The joys of corporate sites !

But Daphne didn't stop after these 2 videos. I've seen promo trailers and tgp galleries showing different content, apparently featured on Hot Sexy Plumpers and Durty South. Looks like BTW that some of this stuff was shot in the same room (n'ah.. i don't mind that). I can't tell if these sites (and BBW Dreams) are afiliated, at least their style looks pretty similar. More importantly however they seem to be showing different content... Maybe i'll get more info on that from Daphne personally. Concluding from the few emails I've exchanged with her she must be a really nice person.

Daphne appears also on iFriends.. in case somebody is into ... err.... webcam business.

Then... can you say coincidence? The very same day i ran into Daphne's vids i checked Watchers Web. For the first time ever. You guessed it already! Also through that site Daphne's pics were heating up my screen. Things became Daphne-listic !

So now... One more thing (yup, i love Steve Job's keynotes lol) *insert drumroll* Daphne has launched her personal website. Concluding from the previews there are 7 photo sets so far. And 2 videos - these apparently are longer ones because Daphne posted sample clips of them... good conclusion, eh ?

Besides a monthly membership plan ($19.95) there's also the option for a 2 days trial membership ($5.95) which looks very attractive for me considering her site started only recently. But provided that the updates are coming in frequently the full membership looks like a justified investment later.

I'm only hoping that her site will NOT become too hardcore-centric. Girl, we want to see your ample curves ! And not closeups of any random guys' cocks. So far she apparently is trying to satisfy both 'worlds'. I'll provide more info after having joined her site...

All applause for Daphne Stone now !!!!