Friday, September 23, 2011

VERY Exciting Manele Girl

Only a small find. But each time i watch this little clip it seems to excite me even more. It's a (very likely) Romanian girl randomly dancing to a Manele tune in the washing room of a club, recorded by a friend. I haven't found any other info.

She has a super sexy body to begin with. Her dancing style is totally captivating. And her various expressions do the rest! At the end her shyness takes over, which is too cute as well. She is a star!!

Manele, you probably do not know, is a very popular musical style in Romania, quite controversial also because of its take-no-prisoners lyrics (actually much hated by a huge group of people). It combines Reggaeton, Dancehall and Bhangra rhythms with local folk elements (you often hear clarinets, accordions or violins), as well as elements from Turkey or the Arabian world. It's a quite tumultuous and addictive style. For a first taste you can check Mr. Juve's personal channel on YouTube with several 100 of his tracks.  

A couple of screen shots as a first taste of this fabulous girl: