Saturday, May 15, 2010

Emilia Boshe moves on to Southern Charms

Super busty cutie Emilia Boshe is making (sparse) appearances on a variety of places for a while now. I had initially expected her to become hugely popular and make it into the first league in terms of demand. But things kept rather quiet for the German bombshell and her 36J boobs. Only every few months we saw her gorgeous treats gracing the news, always followed by comments praising her like a model due to rule now. But she never kept constantly staying on our radars. Emilia has now her personal slot on Southern Charms. What hopefully will boost her popularity.

(Emilia trying to figure out what comes next?)

It's one of those questions. Why 'didn't she happen' so far, at least not to the extent as i had expected it?

The content released with her so far falls into 2 genres: homemade amateur hardcore (solo and boy/girl) videos distributed through MyDirtyHobby and solo (pinup style) modeling, released through popular multi-girl mainstream sites. Quite a fragmentation.

Her own amateur content exposes 2 aspects: The fact that she has huge boobs. And the fact that she has sex. We see consistently her 'trademark' serious/neutral expression. She hardly teases or tries other ways to bridge the distance to us. And we hardly get other vital impressions of her body (she keeps it covered by corsets, bodystocking etc). Anything else 'Emilia Boshe', beyond her boobs and the general theme (sex), stays totally remote and holds unusual distance. What makes it hard for fans to 'click wíth' or relate to her, beyond her two main aspects.

In this solo-playing scene she presented herself almost uncommonly 'close'. (my screenshot)

Her softcore shots for mainstream sites show a similar pattern: What we are supposed to drool on is the standalone focus on her big boobs: Emilia Boshe on - more - on BigTitsGlamour.

Only a few times we got a broader impression:

Daktari Lorenz shot her for Nadine Jansen's site (retrieved through Boobpedia)

BoobsXL showed for the first time a different Emilia Boshe (named Kayla), smiling, looking surprisingly flirty, cute and sometimes even funny - in a casual outdoors video called Walk In The Park:

In 2009 the site launched. From what i can see Emilia organized the shoots in Germany, submitted the content to a webmaster in Florida who set her site up as part of a network - members got access to other sites like AprilJuggs (= April Mckenzie) or Daphne Stone. The whole policy was quite erroneous for subscribers. And updates dried out soon (of practically all sites of the network !). I'm convinced Emilia deserves zero blame for that failure. The content on covers both softcore and hardcore. But, although less one-dimensional than her older stuff, it still too exclusively focuses on her boobs (including consistently just topless shots) and/or is restricted to just one theme (like Emilia playing with a dildo). But it has its MOMENTS!

For example a HC scene where she (throughout) shows the most irresistible smiles. Ever! (my screenshot)

I'm not really surprised. From a few glimpses i always suspected that she has a wicked sense of humor. And that she isn't distanced at all - that she just needs a little extra inspiration (or confidence) to take over and rule a scene. Go for it, Emilia!

The previews on her new Southern Charms site (as of today, she has 7 sets up) show her opening up for that direction as well:

Go for it, Emilia!

[Update 10-12-04]
Emilia's Southern Charms site is no longer up unfortunately. I spoke with her a few times where she told that she had to deal with a lot of stuff in her private life. And that she wasn't sure if she would find the time and energy for regular updates. That's a pity. But sometimes real life takes over. I'm quite sure she will make a return after things have settled down. She is still doing camshows. You might catch her there in the meantime. Or maybe write an encouraging comment. After talking quite a bit with her i can definitely say that Emilia is a very positive minded and sweet girl who deserves our encouragement.  

Monday, May 10, 2010

Liana Smiss made a return - just left alone by her stylists?

Early 2005 Liana Smiss (aka Boobsdonna aka Petra Lovka) started to make a huge impact onto the scene of big boob models. Aside from her natural beauty and her few pounds more (although you can't call her a plumper - but enough to catch my attention, and making her "too much" for the slim and stacked addicts) she incited the masses with her sexy curviness. And even more with what often was called the most genuine and enchanting smile(s) in the whole industry. Smiles that she showed (naturally) in her solo scenes. But also in her hundreds of hardcore performances, including lots of real nasty stuff like DPs, gangbangs and watersports - a contrast giving her a truly unique appeal.

(My screenshots from scenes

She doesn't have to get fresh and clean for that... (my screenshot)

In the middle of 2008 she apparently stopped shooting new content (companies still kept publishing so far unreleased scenes)

Then Meatmelons issued this scene:

(my screenshot)

Shocking! It's really Liana. I had to look twice.

This is her latest (so far released) scene. Clearly noticeable by the new tattoo never seen before.

(my screenshot)

Previews were posted to FreeOnes on Sep 9th, 2008. Thus any other scenes with her were shot before that time. Where did her shining presence go?

(my screenshot)

(my screenshot)

Is it just an extremely poor makeup job, plus a poor outfit choice? Being 25 (at that time) she can't already 'show age'. Usually not. Or is the x-amount of hardcore scenes she has shot, paying its toll? So that she was psychologically worn out? Thus lacking any confidence or strength for a more captivating impression? Whatever the reason for this strange appearance is, i hope she is fine now. But no new scenes after almost 2 years now, that makes it very likely that she has retired.

(my screenshot)

In the meantime, just semi related, Shione Cooper, another girl from Czech Republic, made a stunning impact on the scene. Also with a tremendously fresh, unique and captivating appeal. And, after starting with hugely popular solo scenes, within a few months she shot about 2 dozen hardcore scenes, including extreme fisting, anal and bukkake. I'm sure lots of gangbang and DP scenes are only a matter of time.

Shione Cooper, my screenshot from a BoobStudy scene