Thursday, January 11, 2007

Worldclass Boobies !!!

Busty Mags on Southern Charms 4

*Update sep 6th, 2007: Unfortunately this site is gone now. Busty Mags always had a very slow pace with updates, in the whole time she posted only 15 sets. Ok, we must accept that there is a life beyond shooting sexy pictures. And can only wish her the very best with her real life goals and ambitions*

Ok.. i'm getting back to do what i always like most, writing short reviews about models or sites, having an open eye particularily for new and/or not that well-known models thusly making your visit here more interesting or rewarding.

Busty Mags is a quite recent addition to Southern Charms. Till today she has posted only 10 (relatively small) sets. But !!!!!!! Look at her torpedos !!! Mag's pair of boobies is spectacular !! And for sure one of my sweetest recent discoveries. It's not just their size (but they're seriously huge, trust me) but it's rather their shape and hang - absolutely addictive.

Her attractiveness doesn't stop here. Mag simply is a BBW with a killer body, sporting fantastic legs, a yummy belly and, as a special treat i seem to like more and more recently, super-sexy arms and shoulders, glowing in faultless skin.

Mag certainly is not a glamour model type of girl, like posing in a galore of fancy outfits. She does, as i would call it, reallife modelling. And that's absolutely fine. And extremely sexy because of her cute and shining confidence in showing off her goodies. Here's, to give you a vague hint, an index of her IMHO best set so far, her only outdoors shoot.

The quality/lighting of her photos is fantastic (using a good camera always pays off !), usually coming at 1280x960 pixels. There are however - like with many Southern Charms sites, no videos inside her members area.

Since i got my smartypants on i have, as usual, a few things to criticize: First the size of her sets which usually contain only about 20 pics (not counting the free previews). Girl, in case you're reading this: Shoot away !! It's also the slight variations of angles and your poses that do get us started. And what would make increase your photos per set count easily to a more common figure like 60 pictures. Secondly i'd prefer to include more shots showing her stellar curves instead of focusing too much on naughty stuff. Many girls seem to think that all men want to see is m-bating, BJs etc which certainly ain't true. However, to avoid misunderstandings here, Busty Mags shows both, i'd just recommend to shift the focus a bit.

Finally i haven't seen an update for 3 weeks or so. I really hope that she'll continue modelling. Despite my minor criticizm and her (so far) relatively small content, my $12.95 spent on Busty Mags were worth every penny. Hurry up, you better don't miss those torpedos !