Thursday, June 25, 2009

How Microsoft's Bing hides uncensored porn search (full tutorial)

Dumbness has a name, again. Microsoft. When you're a US citizen, you may not realize the full extent of this disaster (but still wonder). Peeps from other places can only shake their head.

Today i am in Germany and, no surprise, using a German ISP. Going to bing and searching for Gianna Michaels gives me this

Yes!! ZERO results. Not even her non-adult results are showing up. I'm sure some do exist. But peeps going to those might find links to her adult works. So better kill the whole bloody thing, the makers of bing probably have thought. I'm sure the Chinese censors will look with much interest at this approach.

In the FAQ bing advices to go to *Extras*/Preferences and to turn *Safe Search* off. Good joke! There is no such option as you can see here.

However, after spending CONSIDERABLE time on the stupid site, there is a (kinda hidden) way. Clicking on *Germany* (or your respective country) shown on top will open a new site. There you can define a new "country/region". Change that "United States - English"

Clicking THEN again on "Extras/Preferences" will give you a whole new "General Settings" page. And voila, now you have the option to turn "SafeSearch" off

Let's try Gianna Michaels again... looks much better now