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Shione Cooper: Artistic Images By Narkildo - Interview With The Photographer

It was one of the random coincidences that got me in contact with Narkildo who is an "artistic" photographer based in Lausanne (Switzerland). Or maybe it would be more appropriate to use his own label, by introducing him as s Nude and Fetish Photographer. Thus avoiding (for some people) negative implications coming with the word "artistic" ('overdone', 'artificial'). Narkildo shot a couple of "fine art" photo sets (to use another popular term) with Shione Cooper in Switzerland earlier this year, as a coordinated project together with a photographer friend. His friend actually contacted her agency Busty And Beauty, to book Shione a weekend for photo sessions, and to have her in front of his lenses as well.

If you follow my entries, in particular on my other blog, you surely noticed that Shione Cooper is one of the models who has my particular attention. Mainly because i don't perceive her as just another pretty girl with big boobs. Or as just another porn star. That's due to her unique style (mainly shown in her solo sets), as a result of the kind and amazing range of her expressions. And of the kind of themes she has done, together with her convincing posing. Or could you imagine another model dressed all black, equipped with a pickaxe, and attack a wall, while still looking super cute, like on Demolition Girl? Seeing samples of her work with Narkildo got my instant attention.

Narkildo agreed to sit down for the following interview where he discusses a lot of interesting details regarding his work - in general and with Shione Cooper in particular. Especially interesting for me is the part where he speaks about the model's (in this case Shione's) high commitment to the given project, while the payment aspect comes just as part of the negotiated deal. I can't thank Narkildo enough for taking the time to answer my questions. And also for his generosity by giving me so many images to be included here. Please note that Narkildo owns the copyright to these photos, so any distribution, reproduction or commercial use are strictly forbidden. To see more of his work, please visit his website or his Facebook page.

1 - Narkildo, tell us a bit about your work. How did you get into photography?
I think it was in 2003. I had bought one of these small compact digital cameras (Canon S45) and I took a number of mountain pictures… postcards style, I would say today ;-) Later I bought the Canon EOS 300D, the first affordable digital reflex camera. Even though at that time it produced “only” 6.3 Megapixels pictures, I was very happy with the results. In 2005, I realized that my landscape pictures were missing humans, and I decided to start learning studio photography. I found some photographers on the net who accepted to teach me the basics. Later i attended some workshops to improve. Additionally I  learnt a bit of Photoshop to be able to clean up my pictures in post-production.
I'm participating now in the European Nude Photography Festival in Arles every year. I also collect books of nude photography, mostly in black and white. Those help you to stay modest with what you're achieving, compared to the Masters. Woman beauty is such an infinite source of inspiration.

2 - How would you describe your work? What are your subjects? What is your agenda? Or motivation?
The pleasure I felt when seeing my first studio pictures is hard to describe. I never thought I could create this kind of pictures at a level of quality so that I would be happy with them. This kind of pleasure is one major source of my motivation. Another one, especially when I work with people who are not professional models or actors, is their satisfaction. Being able to show them their beauty or their attractiveness is simply magic. Seeing this kind of surprise and happiness in their eyes or reading it in their words is a tremendously energizing reward.
In terms of subjects, I do not work on specific and well conceptualized “projects”, as some photo-artists would call them. Nevertheless I do have a number of topics that I like in particular, for example classical nude, porno chic, soft fetish, porn art, but also beautiful curves and pregnant women. The photoshoot with Shione Cooper obviously is a part of my beautiful curves series.

Most often I work with swingers. Because I had the chance to travel a lot for my bread-and-butter job, I took pictures at many places (Paris, Tokyo, New York, etc.). With swingers, I love making voyeur style pictures.

In Lausanne (Switzerland), where I live, I do mostly studio photography.

3 - When you think about potential models, by which criteria or expectations do you choose them?
It highly depends. I work mostly with amateur « models ». I find them on swingers websites, and I check their existing pictures to see whether we share a common vision of a high quality erotism. I also assess their motivation to pose, and chat with them to understand their wishes.
When working with professionals or semi-pros, I mostly refer to their website or portfolio. I also check what kind of posing is acceptable for them and their financial expectations.

The main reason why I initially started working with swingers is because I wanted to have the freedom of breaking the traditional limits imposed by classical photo models (e.g. no spread legs). It’s not that I insist to do this kind of pictures, but I rather like being free and limitless, at least at shooting time. Later I always rework my pictures in order to get a decent selection. I often say that I “cool down” the burning erotism of some of my pictures by converting them in black and white.

One important criterion also is money. Not that I do not want to pay for my models, but for me it is key that the model actually wants to make great pictures. The financial counterpart comes on top of the artistic performance; it shall not be the sole motivation of the model.

4 - How did Shione catch your attention?
A good friend of mine is passionate of busty models photography. He was already in contact with Busty and Beauty, Shione’s agency in the Czech Republic and planning to contract a model for a whole weekend, for photo shoots. This agency has an amazing portfolio of beautiful models.
5 - Did you have particular expectations or ideas before working with Shione? Something that you wanted to accomplish with her in particular?
When I prepared the photo shoot, I made a few searches online and discovered Shione's wide range of talents. I became a bit stressed, because this meant to be my first photo shoot with a true porn star.
I did not really plan specific ideas. I tried to be quite open and see what she would bring on stage.

Actually I did two series on this weekend. On day one, I was shooting with my friend, so we somehow shared posing ideas. I knew he did not want to make erotic pictures, so we stayed within very classical styles. On day two, I worked with Shione alone in the morning, and here I was able to remove such limits and welcome Shione to registers which may be more common to her. She is a sex symbol and enjoys exhibition, so I made pictures magnifying these talents. The result was just great!
6 - Did the actual results of your work with Shione turn out exactly as anticipated?
I am amazed by Shione’s professionalism. She knows how to pose. She sends incredible eyes to the camera. She moves her body like a pro, and she knows better than me how to play with her huge breasts. Now for some pictures, I wanted her to keep outside her classical porn register. And I have to say she was great with more intimate and less provocative poses.
7 - How can we imagine the actual shooting? Did you discuss the project with Shione with much detail in advance? Or did you rather proceed along a few general ideas. And: how much influence has a model like Shione on such a project?
In this context of studio photography there is no real story defined. I work more on shapes, look, attitudes, curves, etc. When working with Shione, you of course need to work with her eyes and her amazing breasts.
I worked with her like with other models. I start by reviewing clothes and selecting the one we would use. I just added a few accessories like a necklace. Shione then took the time to do her make-up. She does it really well and quite quickly (even though it feels like an eternity when you want to shoot ;-)

8 - How was working with her in general?
Working with her was a real pleasure. Shione is very easy to work with, she has good posing ideas, she moves and rectifies poses even without  having her to ask, and more than anything she is just incredibly sexy. When working with such a great model, you see how she loves being beautifully horny in front of the camera.

9 - If you could do another shot or scene with Shione, and you didn't have to worry about the budget, what would you like to do?

I really enjoyed this photo session and would be happy to have her again as a model.

In terms of ideas… many things come to my mind ;-)
• a studio session, more porn art oriented with a beautiful man model (or maybe 2 ;-)
• a soft fetish session, with latex or vinyl gorgeous dress, high heels, as a beautiful sexy slave
• an outdoors series in a black and a white bath…
• and may be… but it’s not a question of budget, it’s a question of trust, a voyeur style session where she would show and share her self pleasure with the camera…

10 – How can we see more of your work, contact you or follow your activities?
Please check my web site or

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