Thursday, July 08, 2010

Amanda Majestic: Coming back LARGE [Upd. 11-05-29]

The first traces of this cute Canadian beauty appeared in 2005. A bunch of phone cam shot photos and video clips displayed a pregnant teen plumper showing off and doing a little lactation. Regardless of the quality, people fell in love with her beautiful and exceptionally genuine looking face. And no less with her (then) 38F boobs. Kymber Dreams got Amanda Majestic under her umbrella, new content (after her pregnancy) was shot (with a proper digicam now) and her personal site went live, showing her in radiant solo-girl spreads.

Amanda Majestic certainly had the potential to become one of the most popular plumper/BBW models. But after 12 sets her updates stopped. From late 2005 till March 2006 she also did a very busy schedule of webcam shows on iFriends. Mindblowing events! Unlike many other camgirls who give a little tease of their boobs and/or pussy, and take like forever till we get full nude views of them, Amanda never made no prisoners. Her performances are scorching! Giving perfect views of her gorgeous body and intensive playing, thankfully not very often as close-up views. Amanda Majestic on webcam is a serious deal. Actually she is the ONLY camgirl i never got bored with.

At that time i spoke with her almost daily. Imagine a genuine, "unbroken" personality, with quite unconventional views sometimes and when she's in the mood she will give you a few ideas. But stays always nice - i never saw her getting catty or annoying. Pair that with a 'friendly grumpyness' and mild sarcasm, and you got a true character. A few times i saw her even let 1-to-1 chat offers pass, instead she stayed in (free) text chat and helped a guy with his relationship issues. I owe her some kool inspirations (not with relationship stuff though - beware!). I assume that her non-fake attitude contributed to issues that made her disappear from the scene a few times.

Later in 2006 she got another baby and things became quiet. Except a handful of camshows, after very long breaks each time. And occasional plans she mentioned (to me) about returning with a new paysite. Family life etc apparently held her back.

As a big surprise now, Amanda Majestic returned to the webcam business, with at least 15 sessions, the last one from May 15th (2010). And what a huge return that is! Amanda looks almost like having doubled her size. Her boobs are listed as 40K now. And she still has that genuine and gorgeous look. She added some tats as well - i'm not too happy about those, but okay, minor stuff - as she looks downright overwhelming beyond those.
You can watch these new 15 recorded long sessions plus about 100 older sessions on her fan club - that's content running for many days! You need an iFriends ID plus access to her fanclub ($19,99). Fanclub members can watch ('stream') all her recorded sessions without extra charges, they are available as FLV clips ("progressive download"). You might consider taking a week off from work, before going into this onslaught of Amanda Majestic-ness.

Here's a couple of captures i did from her May 10th session:

Last but not least, Amanda at her nicest...

EDIT 11-05-29
Majestic news in May 2011! After working on it for a quite a while together with her webmasters, she is back bigtime. The name has changed slightly - to Mandy Majestic - and she is in full swing with her own site now. And it looks really good. See my article on Radiant Bomba for more details.

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