Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sweet Radicalism (BigCutie Jacki "Plays" The Violin)

Sometimes we do forget about such an epic-ness. And have to go through older pictures or videos to rediscover it.

I wonna talk about a video (#19) that BigCutie Jacki released at the end of 2007. Jacki does the violin!!! (The related photo set doesn't include the violin unfortunately). Now there's always something iconic about a model doing a set with string instruments. So naturally Jacki's take on it doesn't fall flat in visual terms as well. Quite the contrary, she just looks too sexy in that pose. A special 'note' however is added here with the audio part: Jacki apparently never has received any violin training. So imagine her delivering the most horrifying scratching sounds your fantasy can fathom. OMG. How hilarious and unforgettable is that!
(My capture. Her video quality usually is better)

Cut.... Instantly shots that other models have done are populating my memory. Jolene aka Angelica Lopez posed for a few photos with a violin, although rather adding it as an exotic flavor. Still fabulous. Wonder what became of her. She seems to be quite unknown nowadays. Jolene was an early internet favorite of mine, with charms similar to the uber-legend Angel aka Dancehall Girl.

Most iconic definitely was Tasha Addams with her cello set. Another model who has retired much too early.

Back to Jacki. I know, not all of you are grown up with Art Ensemble of Chicago or Sun Ra. Some of you prefer your music more conventionally performed hehehe. So i can see you hastily muting this non-generic "assault". Jacki of course does her 'scratch-posure' not to annoy anyone of us (as it is a quite unique thing in her way over 100 videos). She delivers it in the cutest and sweetest way! Thus just showing her uninhibited natural playfulness. It made such a strong impression on my memory, so, when i watch other scenes with her, her violin session easily comes into my mind, that way loading those up with an extra swing or flavor - her love for PLAYING. What gives me this general idea: It sometimes can be a good thing to let playfulness cross custom borders.
(My capture. Her video quality usually is better)

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