Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Liana Smiss - Recycled Reappearances

In 2008 new releases with exceptionally beautiful Liana Smiss started to dry out. On her last shot, before she apparently retired, she showed a new tattoo, and a not very flattering look. I've written an entry on that. Liana did mainly hardcore work, of the really rougher kind - a few hundred scenes in my estimation. Now companies are starting to (re-)release her solo work under different names, making people think she is a new model… oh well. I mean… okay, i'd loved to see her doing more good looking solo sets. But after a model is done such releases rather look like a so-so affair.

TopHeavyAmateurs are featuring her as "Sugar - age: 19, location: Chek Republik"  lol Like in this December release.

YoungFatties introduced her as well naming her Jessica. Thanks to PuffyChicks for his blog entry where i'm borrowing these samples from.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Michelle from SouthernCumSluts - You Wouldn't Expect Such A Gorgeous Girl On Such A Site

People do join paysites for a number of reasons. Some may be rational, others more irrational. That's all fine. In general however customers are quite rational usually in terms of expecting a minimum amount of content. So i just joined a site which, after running a little research, made my expectations drop several divisions below my usual (not so high) expectations. Why did i join nonetheless? Cause my dick controlled my brain? Cause the model is just worth it? Well, maybe all of that, plus after being reasonable all the time it has its charm to do the opposite occasionally :D

SouthernCumSluts is a site based in the south of the UK presenting a handful of size 0- 4 girls with B cups with their "sex parties" adventures. Michelle really bursts out of that category as she is a rather big BBW with huge boobs as well. For my 29 bucks i got 5 7:30 - 16:00 mins videos, that's it. No image sets, although there do exist some after they are advertising with them. In the members area it just says though "The gallery for Michelle is currently being put together and will be uploaded soon". The EXIF data tells Michelle's photos were taken in 2007, so, who knows…? Emailed customer support nonetheless. Theoretically i have access to the content of the other 6 models. Which isn't that much either as RabbitsReviews points out  f. ex.  I'm not complaining though. My expectations were that low. Just pointing out the facts in case somebody sees Michelle here and wants to join the site.

Ok, talking about Michelle after all this technical blah blah. There are, like i said, 5 videos - solo masturbation, girl/girl, mild BDSM/boy, tied/3-some and gloryhole. Michelle is a beauty. She is rather cute. She looks surprisingly sensual & soft in her appeal, maybe even a bit shy. Michelle is really amazing! And actually, despite the strict hardcore character of the site, there a some really good views of her, besides the plethora of hardcore-typical close-ups, giving a good exposure of her huge pot belly and her overwhelming boobies. Unfortunately the videos are not de-interlaced, so not really great looking on computer displays. And even worse for screenshots (a few below nonetheless).

Michelle's work with SouthernCumSluts/GSpotProductions apparently was short lived. It seems all the content was shot on one day. Then she dropped off the interwebs again? That would be a pity. If somebody has seen other modeling activities of Michelle, please let me know. This girl is a keeper. 

A few samples from promo galleries: