Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Liana Smiss - Recycled Reappearances

In 2008 new releases with exceptionally beautiful Liana Smiss started to dry out. On her last shot, before she apparently retired, she showed a new tattoo, and a not very flattering look. I've written an entry on that. Liana did mainly hardcore work, of the really rougher kind - a few hundred scenes in my estimation. Now companies are starting to (re-)release her solo work under different names, making people think she is a new model… oh well. I mean… okay, i'd loved to see her doing more good looking solo sets. But after a model is done such releases rather look like a so-so affair.

TopHeavyAmateurs are featuring her as "Sugar - age: 19, location: Chek Republik"  lol Like in this December release.

YoungFatties introduced her as well naming her Jessica. Thanks to PuffyChicks for his blog entry where i'm borrowing these samples from.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Michelle from SouthernCumSluts - You Wouldn't Expect Such A Gorgeous Girl On Such A Site

People do join paysites for a number of reasons. Some may be rational, others more irrational. That's all fine. In general however customers are quite rational usually in terms of expecting a minimum amount of content. So i just joined a site which, after running a little research, made my expectations drop several divisions below my usual (not so high) expectations. Why did i join nonetheless? Cause my dick controlled my brain? Cause the model is just worth it? Well, maybe all of that, plus after being reasonable all the time it has its charm to do the opposite occasionally :D

SouthernCumSluts is a site based in the south of the UK presenting a handful of size 0- 4 girls with B cups with their "sex parties" adventures. Michelle really bursts out of that category as she is a rather big BBW with huge boobs as well. For my 29 bucks i got 5 7:30 - 16:00 mins videos, that's it. No image sets, although there do exist some after they are advertising with them. In the members area it just says though "The gallery for Michelle is currently being put together and will be uploaded soon". The EXIF data tells Michelle's photos were taken in 2007, so, who knows…? Emailed customer support nonetheless. Theoretically i have access to the content of the other 6 models. Which isn't that much either as RabbitsReviews points out  f. ex.  I'm not complaining though. My expectations were that low. Just pointing out the facts in case somebody sees Michelle here and wants to join the site.

Ok, talking about Michelle after all this technical blah blah. There are, like i said, 5 videos - solo masturbation, girl/girl, mild BDSM/boy, tied/3-some and gloryhole. Michelle is a beauty. She is rather cute. She looks surprisingly sensual & soft in her appeal, maybe even a bit shy. Michelle is really amazing! And actually, despite the strict hardcore character of the site, there a some really good views of her, besides the plethora of hardcore-typical close-ups, giving a good exposure of her huge pot belly and her overwhelming boobies. Unfortunately the videos are not de-interlaced, so not really great looking on computer displays. And even worse for screenshots (a few below nonetheless).

Michelle's work with SouthernCumSluts/GSpotProductions apparently was short lived. It seems all the content was shot on one day. Then she dropped off the interwebs again? That would be a pity. If somebody has seen other modeling activities of Michelle, please let me know. This girl is a keeper. 

A few samples from promo galleries: 


Friday, November 12, 2010

Charlie Cooper as Alicia 38GG in a Mystery Release [Upd. 10-12-18]

A friend pointed me to this release. It clearly shows mega busty BBW newcomer Charlie Cooper, here however called Alicia 38GG. Beyond these screenshots i have absolutely no info. If anybody can tell any hints like who produced it, from which site it is - so that i can add the proper credits - please let me know.

The scene itself is pretty straight HC action, a semi-pro production, including some very, very mild and short domination by Charlie/Alicia. Plus ALL the time she is smoking cigarettes, probably 6 or 7 altogether (didn't count them). Obviously the producers had the plan to make money by catering to the smoking fetishists. Is there really a noteworthy market? For me that just looks a bit cheap and silly.

What makes me also think that there's only thing that many producers can get into their head: Which kink, fetish or type of action should we stage next? While they put very little effort or attention into making their models look really attractive or into capturing them in an exciting way. It's only the kink or type of action that matters.

Charlie Cooper (Alicia 38GG) of course is a very good looking girl. And there's a lot of interest in her currently. As well this scene doesn't look bad, don't get me the wrong way, but the early-morning-after-waking-up look and the only occasionally good camera captures of Charlie don't exactly create excitement either. And nail her image to the lower end, trashy side of releases.

Update 10-12-18:
This video has started to (illegally) emerge at various places now. With the title been changed to Charlie Cooper and containing the stepson part. Note that the first sightings of the clip just had "Alicia 38GG" as title. According to my sources it's been sold through a clips4sale store - that would explain its quite amateurish style. I don't know the name of the clips4sale account though.

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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Anorei Collins Is The Total Babe

Sometimes it takes another perspective…  Well, of course i knew what a fabulous girl Anorei is. 40NN, the inevitable number has appeared on my screen, with its counterparts, her world famous boobies. And Anorei has one gorgeous face! How incomplete my impression was… Back in September, on the 13th, the awesome Don Carlos told me that Anorei is giving a free cam show… The news apparently spread like a wildfire, as the influx of watchers almost knocked the server down. The result was rather a very slow slide show, but what i saw still got me tremendously excited. No hesitation, i started my capture program. Anorei looked so radiant, in the most natural way, like the coolest kid in town, and so sexy at the same time - no way not getting thrilled. So the 40NN number just became one quality besides others, opening my eyes for the all around wonderful and complete package of a girl that Anorei actually is. No further words. Screen shots!

Cutie !

I love these casual shots!
 Oh, what a rear view !
 Did i say she's the complete package?


Monday, October 25, 2010

The Ultimate Michelle Monaghan Shot !! (Updated)

Not an original post i must admit, but just too good. This image with Michelle Monaghan (aka Michelle Bond) is making the rounds currently. I have no idea who shot it. And my informers are telling me it's the only image of this kind, i.e. there is no set (it belongs to) released or announced. If somebody has more info, please let me know.

Michelle of course has always shown what a glamorously sexy girl she is. But this shot is absolutely stellar. Her pose is perfect, and her curves are 'modeled out' the ideal way - truly unbelievable!

Yes Michelle, you have every reason to celebrate!
 From a recent update on DDFBusty

*Update 10-10-26* 

A friendly reader notified me that Michelle Monaghan has a little website up presenting some info about her modeling work. Including a gallery page with some more images taken at the same location as this ULTIMATE shot from above. Thanks for the heads up!


Monday, August 30, 2010

Shione Cooper - Sunbrella At The Beach - Is She Pregnant? (Observations) *Update 2010-09-01*

Czech model Shione Cooper in yet another set showing that she is beyond all generic categories. She never has been a stranger to (visually) unusual sets. Shione did "Ninja" , "Demolition Girl" (just to mention 2 unconventional sets), but in instead of looking far out or over the top in such scenes she populated them and came across as ''genuine and gorgeous Shione'. A quality that yet has to be found with another model. 

Artistic inclined Lipstick111 just released this photoset showing her at a Spanish beach, holding an umbrella, with parts of the photo equipment as occasional background elements. Her smile looks sweeter than usual - still not retiring her latent readiness to give us a sample of some (still adorable looking) punk rocker attitude. But here she comes across as particularly relaxed, cute and enjoying to pose. What makes her look softer and more feminine than ever. While umbrella & co are adding a surreal element, giving Shione's precious sexyness additional wings. Impressions of Shione which surely stay longer in our memory than other photos. Another both super iconic and fab and hot looking set.

Did i say more feminine than ever? After seeing these images the majority commented like: "Shione obviously is pregnant! Hopefully it wasn't Torbe/one of the guys from Putalocura." I certainly wouldn't have concerns about somebody in particular having her knocked up. But i would find it very tragic if such a one of a kind model, who went from softcore to hardcore at the most worrying speed (at least 25 HC scenes in 6 months), indeed ended up pregnant. Quite likely it would be tragic for her personally. As well, after a short-lived huge demand in pregnant shots, it would very negatively effect her career afterwards - if she really is pregnant. 

Lipstick111 shot this scenes in Spain - in June, if the clock of their camera was set right. So quite likely they stepped in, after Shione had completed her (what i suppose) 2nd batch of scenes for the Spanish Putalocura site. "It" easily could have happened during any of the scenes she shot earlier this year, for Putalocura (1st batch of scenes) or any other site. 

Early July "After The Games" appeared on Nadine Jansen's site, showing Nadine and Shione together in some scrumptious boobie action. I had a short convo with Daktari Lorenz, the photographer, in early June who told that he just has shot new content with Shione. There she already sports a bigger belly. 


YoungBusty released 2 new scenes in late July (solo and girl/girl) where Shione looked noticeable bigger as well (and i say even sexier than before). They probably were taken in June as well. After those shots nobody however came up with the idea of her being pregnant. Of course it's her bigger belly together with her dark nipples giving people such an idea. But the YoungBusty shoots are brighter/have less saturation compared to the Lipstick111 content. So the decisive question is: Has her nipples complexion really changed?

Another consideration: While many expected Shione Cooper to travel to the USA and make an extensive tour through the (hardcore) sites there, the number of her releases in the last 2 months has dropped substantially, in particular HC scenes. There were only 2 actually, a BJ scene and a b/g interracial scene for DDFBusty (probably shot earlier this year). That could be another indication for her pregnancy. But as well due to a decision to take things more slowly. It's not far-fetched to predict her turning emotionally into (or even look like) a worn out freak, if she continued with an super heavy schedule like in the first half of 2010. 

Shione's physical assets are attractive. But what carried her to the position of being such in demand (with over 100 shoots in one year) is an  "emotional" quality she has: her appeal as a sweetheart + darling, as cute, as badass + unconventional, as artistic, as highly iconic and as innocent but naughty (list isn't complete). Shione is a combo i haven't seen before. But if she looses this "emotional" quality, Shione will be just another model among 100 others. If i were her advisor, i'll definitely would have suggested her to slow down things for a while - just to keep the quality that makes her shine out.

Finally the strongest argument why i think that these Lipstick111 shots are no indication of Shione being preggers. The uncomparable Kinky Webmistress had been wondering the same thing before. On the basis of this shot. A valid assumption, no?

But her blog entry is from April 15th - showing a preview of "The Man From S.E.X" released by Scoreland on ScoreHD (another trailer here), ScoreVideos and Score2go in early April. A few more screenshots:

Notice that Shione in general has quite dark nipples. After ruling out now that she was already visibly pregnant in Springtime (when the Score content was shot), cause otherwise she would look much more pregnant in mid June, at the time of Lipstick111 shots. When you go back to those images, her skin tone overall is rather dark anyway, due to the exposure and the umbrella. Her nipples look darker to the same extent. So blame it all on the umbrella!

Seeing previews of the 3 scenes she shot for Scoreland back to back supports my conclusion.

If i had only seen these Lipstick111 shots, i too might get the idea that she is knocked up. And of course i don't have a 100% proof that she isn't haha! But it was Kinky Webmistress's older blog entry to look further, and notice: Shione had dark nipples and a bigger belly way before, that's why we can't draw any conclusions on the basis of these details alone. Finally, if somebody is wondering, after i wrote a similar entry about Kristina Milan: No, i'm not obsessed with investigating any model about a possible pregnancy. I just found it interesting to apply my 2 brain cells on a model who i find quite amazing. And a bit confusing occasionally.

*Update 2010-09-01*:
 Lipstick111 just released a follow-up to the "Sunbrella At The Beach" set, now showing Shione Cooper And Westy together. See the preview on my other blog.

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