Saturday, November 06, 2010

Anorei Collins Is The Total Babe

Sometimes it takes another perspective…  Well, of course i knew what a fabulous girl Anorei is. 40NN, the inevitable number has appeared on my screen, with its counterparts, her world famous boobies. And Anorei has one gorgeous face! How incomplete my impression was… Back in September, on the 13th, the awesome Don Carlos told me that Anorei is giving a free cam show… The news apparently spread like a wildfire, as the influx of watchers almost knocked the server down. The result was rather a very slow slide show, but what i saw still got me tremendously excited. No hesitation, i started my capture program. Anorei looked so radiant, in the most natural way, like the coolest kid in town, and so sexy at the same time - no way not getting thrilled. So the 40NN number just became one quality besides others, opening my eyes for the all around wonderful and complete package of a girl that Anorei actually is. No further words. Screen shots!

Cutie !

I love these casual shots!
 Oh, what a rear view !
 Did i say she's the complete package?


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