Friday, November 12, 2010

Charlie Cooper as Alicia 38GG in a Mystery Release [Upd. 10-12-18]

A friend pointed me to this release. It clearly shows mega busty BBW newcomer Charlie Cooper, here however called Alicia 38GG. Beyond these screenshots i have absolutely no info. If anybody can tell any hints like who produced it, from which site it is - so that i can add the proper credits - please let me know.

The scene itself is pretty straight HC action, a semi-pro production, including some very, very mild and short domination by Charlie/Alicia. Plus ALL the time she is smoking cigarettes, probably 6 or 7 altogether (didn't count them). Obviously the producers had the plan to make money by catering to the smoking fetishists. Is there really a noteworthy market? For me that just looks a bit cheap and silly.

What makes me also think that there's only thing that many producers can get into their head: Which kink, fetish or type of action should we stage next? While they put very little effort or attention into making their models look really attractive or into capturing them in an exciting way. It's only the kink or type of action that matters.

Charlie Cooper (Alicia 38GG) of course is a very good looking girl. And there's a lot of interest in her currently. As well this scene doesn't look bad, don't get me the wrong way, but the early-morning-after-waking-up look and the only occasionally good camera captures of Charlie don't exactly create excitement either. And nail her image to the lower end, trashy side of releases.

Update 10-12-18:
This video has started to (illegally) emerge at various places now. With the title been changed to Charlie Cooper and containing the stepson part. Note that the first sightings of the clip just had "Alicia 38GG" as title. According to my sources it's been sold through a clips4sale store - that would explain its quite amateurish style. I don't know the name of the clips4sale account though.

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panhype said...

Anonymous, i had to delete your comment since i can't and won't link to filesharing sites. "charlie-cooper-fucks-stepson" as the title of the scene - well, umm.. i just mention it for future reference lol