Sunday, November 20, 2005

WonderTracy. The Phenomenon !

Ultimate Plethoric Queen

I find it hard to write about WonderTracy. I mean something that's appropriate, that would catch the essential WonderTracy... hell yeah.. why not. People would write about THE essential Sun Ra, THE essential Beatles, THE essential Madonna or THE essential David Lynch... So ?

I give up on that, at least for today. So just a few aspects, sorta unorganized.

WonderTracy surely is a BBW that some don't like at all. While others would see her as the ultimate goddess.

Originally from Hungary, at least that's my impression and conluding from her accent (damnit, this country again !) she started to haunt Florida a few years ago. Nothing wrong with your accent, Tracy, in case you're reading this. Sounds kool to me. Back then she was a plumper model with huuuuuge breasts and appeared in the various slots of the Scoreland Group and places like She surely made an impact but without really standing out.

With the years she has packed on considerable weight, all in the right places. It's a pleasure to watch her shake her jiggly and wobbling glory. (Btw - again - i'm not saying that bigger is ALWAYS better). And with her enormous juicy breasts she's a candidate for the The Ultimate Plethoric Queen throne.

Her videos are an experience of their own kind. She usually does hardcore or shows off and has fun with herself. Can't imagine that anybody would find her boring... or too passive. These must be words in a foreign language for her. It's these instant jumps in her presence that make her so peculiar. One moment she looks like a cute big girl who stages a mildly naughty tease. And the next second she changes to the obsessed sex devil look, grabs one boob firmly and gives it a fat spank.. and then we see her cutest smile again. The same with the guys. She seems to watch and enjoy their ways to get her started. And the next second she comes over them like a landslide. Or an avalanche. No, she is far from dominating them. Tracy is just overwhelming.

The best label i can think of her: Tracy is THE Phenomenon !

Also amazing for me is that she seems to have quite nice guys in her vids. Or is it always the same one? Hell, i usually don't have a look at these guys. Anyway.. the guy(s) with Tracy seem to enjoy very much to play with her... and her asssets. Rather than just hammering their cock into her. Makes watching these vids much more enjoyable for me.

(will give an update on a few particular vids later. This thingy gets too long otherwise)