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Crissa and Mari, the two princesses from TailorMadeBBW

Sexiness and Post-Innocent Naturalness

This does happen. Of course i can look at or praise whatever i like. Nonetheless i feel sometimes like having to explain myself. As i might praise a model like Naughty Dia who is a quite into BDSM/Domme stuff. And then i feel i must add that it's the model what is interesting me here and not the type of content/the fetish she's into. Has to do with the fact that many people apparently are more focused on the action rather than the (beauty/sexiness) of the girl.

Ok, - Tailormadebbw is also a valid URL. One of the sites run by Stuffer31. In general i'm not overly interested in ogling girls doing eating sets. Especially when you don't see much more of a model than her sitting behind a table and ... eating. Completely different story when she's captured in a way so that you can see more than just the face. Girls, photographers, be creative !

And, hands down, some of the girls at the Stuffer31 sites are doing a good job in that respect. And also have a good fraction of sets not dealing with eating.

Crissa and Mari are two sisters from Romania. Mari, the bigger one, appeared on TMBBW in mid april the first time, Crissa in May. So far are posted: 36 solo sets with Mari, 29 solo sets with Crissa and 28 sets with both girls together. Each set usually comes with 30 - 50 pics plus a short (sometimes a bit blurry) WMV clip, running around 1 min usually. That's quite some content you're getting for your 30 bucks per month subscription, even more so since Crissa and Mari are only 2 models out of 6 - 8 (not all have the same rate of updates) currently active on TMBBW, just to give a few technical details. Also the quality of the photos, for amateur standards, is quite good actually. And the choice of angles and poses even outstanding. Out of one set i usually find 70 - 90% seriously hot, that's a very high rate.

Crissa is more the flirty girl full of enthusiasm to show off. Mari OTOH is more the kool ruling queen, the sexy sexy bomba who poses and looks into the camera with just a natural expresssion and, i'm quite sure about that, she's fully aware that she totally rocks the show. Some guys for sure are mainly drooling over her boomtastic boobies and belly while i can't get over her overall presence, her way of looking into the camera doing nothing, except showing her curves and her DEEP post-innocent expression. Mari doesn't laugh that often. But when she does so, not one iceberg has a chance to survive. BTW they both show more skin (boobies !!!) compared to the other girls on this site. No pink though what is strict policy of all Stuffer31 sites.

Crissa and Mari both are outright princesses. For being turbo cute, for being natural beauties and for showing great taste in their outfits. They usually appear, as you would expect, in tight (often casual) clothing. But their choice (and combination) of radiant colors f. ex. with their shirts and tops indeed is amazing. Thumbs up ! Sexiness as naturalness might describe them best. What comes to best effect in their sets together. Sure, it might help that they are sisters. But then again they seem to be quite different characters. In the end Crissa and Mari do perform the most charming sets you can get showing two girls together. Yes, you are right, i've become a fan. But i'm also saying that these girls are writing history, in terms of setting new standards what BBW modelling can be. Trust me.

Here's an index of their latest set from yesterday.


Saturday, August 11, 2007 Review

A positive surprise. And some more.

It's one of those decisions. You run into a paysite like You don't know much about this site, your budget might be tight but the sign-up is horrendous 29 bucks. Not an ideal situation... After some thinking.. the preview vids looked like original amateur content, never seen before. Check those samples at the bottom. Unlike other sites that advertise with tons of mainstream content that's trapping you into members area with totally different, redundant content.

Ok, i have those days when i love to take risks. So i joined. And.. kool runnings !
Beyond plompers you're getting access to a few more sites. Each of them has, besides fillers, SOME interesting content. Tons of video, in enjoyable quality (.mpg or .wmv) and all is straight/no BS downloadable, multiple videos at a time.

The actual plompers site apparently got a valuable upgrade just recently. Most of the early picture sets are licensed content that appeared on other sites before, fairly redundant for many of us. Only later they started adding original content. Good stuff ! There is a breathtakingly beautiful BBW called Crystal in a kool pool/by the pool masturbation scene (10 mins, 160 MB). Then an 11 mins juicy Daphne Stone solo scene (180 MB), hot ! Further on we got UK girls Victoria (named Angela here), Abbie and Libby (in various pairings) in 4 longer clips. Victoria is a particular favorite of mine, such a radiant girl in front of a camera. And great boobies and belly. And *drum roll* ... there is Princess Lissa. What a wonderful surprise that girl is ! It doesn't take a prophet skills to predict that Lissa is a rising star. But more on her in a future blog entry. Lissa is presented with 4 vids (approx 20 mins altogether) + 4 pics galleries. Amongst those licensed galleries i mentioned are Kiki Kakuchi, Lona (the Russian Cutie), June Kelly (called Hana here) plus others, surely top notch content if you haven't seen it already.

Some weirdness about those galleries though. Out of a set containing f. ex. 80 pics they've only posted the direct links to, let's say, 50 pics. To get the remaining ones you have to change the URLs manually. I found that with all galleries i've checked. What is that????

There are also some weird camera job stunts. In Daphne's video f. ex. the camera person does such sudden, fulgurous zoom-ins to her face, or even random details, like to the dildo lying on the couch next to her, it's outright irritating. Oh well, minor details.

You get the idea. The actual plompers site has some sexy-ass content besides fillers. Quite kool, but that wouldn't justify $29.

Ok, next surprise. You get access to the BBWSuperStars content, again in enjoyable quality. Christina, Elizabeth Rollins, Devyn Devine, Min XXX or Haven are established names now in the BBW hardcore niche. One pet peeve with the concept of BBWSS though: The story each time focuses on the guy. How he runs into a girl, manages to pick her up etc. Okay... And this perspective keeps maintained. The camera will repeatedly show his face and he will reply with an accomplice-like smile. Or even give the thumbs-up sign... Jesus! Who wants to see that?!! I'm not an accomplice of those guys ! Not to mention that i'm not interested in these mid-aged shorts n hawaii shirt wearing guys with that 'dude i'm so relaxed and kool' appeal anyway. Not for 1 ct. Why should i, to begin with ?!!!

Next is a section called 'DVD Archives' where you get decent .mpg copies (downloadable, as i said before) of more recent mainstream movies. "Heavy Hitters" 1, 2 + 3", "Much More To Love" 13 + 14, "I Saw Mommy Eating Santa Claus" 1 +2, various releases of the "Roly Poly Gang Bang" series etc etc. A real galore of quite kool stuff to download.

Finally there are two smaller sections. "BBW Extra" contains a so-so variety, but the (right now) on top video called "nevest2plz.wmv" features a (methinks) East-European called Blanka (sometimes Elsie) in a HC scene which is worth checking out, mainly for her boobies and her juicyness but she has 'something' beyond that. Finally there is a "Fatty Blowjobs" section with 5 vids/scenes so far. My favorite one is another clip with beautiful Crystal.

So you see, those were $29 were well spent., together with the extra sites, provides great amateur solo and mainstream hardcore content, pics and videos, in great quality and all downloadable. Not that many portals of that caliber are out there.

Wonna see video samples? Here you go.
Princess Lissa
Princess Lissa
Abbie, Libby + Victoria

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007 - 4 Sites For The Price Of One?

Or One Fourth Of A Site For The Price Of One?

Decide for yourself...

No, this ain't a bashfest. To bring my perspective perfectly across: I'm convinced that it's up to each one's own considerations how to run a business. Or a paysite. Now, within the last 5 years or so i'm joining about 4 sites each month. Sometimes i keep my membership recurring for another month or two. Or i cancel and join other sites instead. In other words i have seen hundreds of sites. Now when i find that a site runs things differently i will point that out. Yes, i will tell the facts.

So what's different with Mercedes' site? On the bright side of things she definitely has one of the hugest collections of black BBWs available on the net, no doubt about that. Amongst those are a few hundred exclusive shots of beautiful Diamond, the super pear, a super legend for sure. But, as i said, there are plenty of other girls to find attractive...

Ok, once you've signed up you will go to a gallery, click an image and ... at first there will happen ... NOTHING ! Your screen will remain black, only your browser be telling that a java applet is being launched. After 8-10 secs finally you will see a photo.. but, hence the java applet, you won't be able to save that pic to your disc, at least not by standard means.

Clicking through the galleries it soon becomes clear: About 95 - 99% of the pics (at least of those models i checked) are sealed that way. In other words there are almost ZERO IMAGES that you can download.

To make things even more annoying, that java applet frequently won't load at all (even clicking the same image again and again won't help) and also, after a certain time, crash your browser inevitably.

To sum things up: First it takes MULTIPE TIMES LONGER (with every image) to get it loaded at all. Secondly there's almost no downloadable content. And third there are these constant technical issues. In many years, after joining hundreds of sites, i haven't seen anything like that. Ok, has a few of her very first galleries sealed that way too. But because all her newer (and IMHO more interesting) galleries, in other words approximately 90% of her content is downloadable, i don't see an issue here.

Granted, when you're saying that you only wonna see the pics on your screen and don't want to save them for offline watching later, then you don't have a problem here. Except with those centuries it takes to load every photo.
However, everyone i've spoken to joins a site in the expectation to find the member pics downloadable. Cause that's what all the other sites are offering. will prove such expectations wrong.

Now, once the question of downloadable pics on her site is getting discussed on boards like dimensions (i'm saying 'discussed' and don't mean 'flamed') you can hold every bet that MercedesBBW herself will get outright furious, as you can see here. Of course she won't deny the facts (sealed pics, java applet issues).. she simply can't... longwindedly will she rather accuse everybody of attacking her, being on a crusade against her, "beheading" her, trying "to destroy" her.

Anywayz, i would have forgotten that drama if she didn't get started again and again. Quite recently there was a member of her site asking for help on Dimensions, after he couldn't see any pics at all (most likely the java applet wasn't working) and Mercedes didn't return his emails, at least not within a couple of days. The few replies posted in this thread were all friendly, just one poster assumed that the old Java might be acting up. Enough for MercedesBBW to contact the moderators (there ain't no other explanation) to delete that thread - which is quite sad cause the board rules clearly are saying:
"Those interested in frequenting paysites, on the other hand, are encouraged (in addition to expressing their boundless admiration of all that abundant beauty) to describe their experiences, both good and bad, so that the board also works as a clearinghouse, rewarding those who do a good job and encouraging improvements where needed."

Ok, so we are reminded that nothing has changed on