Friday, September 30, 2005

Update on MS SCARLETT (Southern Charms)

Couldn't resist to join Ms Scarlett's site again. And, as expected, she didn't let me down. Additionally to what i've said below: She posts even larger pics now (1280x960). Apparently displays at 19" and larger are selling like hot butter... Also she seems to be slightly bigger than before. She looks absolutely yummy... however, Scarlett is a stunner at any weight. Got also the impression that she became more playful during the shootings.

Ms. Scarlett's site reached 50 sets in between. My favs amongst the newer additions are the 2 outdoor sets and and a blazing hot 'icecream licking' set (#47).

A slight concern however. I haven't seen her updating for around 3 weeks. I'm really hoping that she just took a break and no serious reasons are behind her silence. Or the summer hole hit her and she's a bit frustrated (?) Guess i must email her and send some encouragement... just in case.

Update: In March 2006 Ms. Scarlett's site was pulled unfortunately. I emailed her asking about the whereabouts (we had some occasional email contact before) but she didn'r reply. Which is somehow understandable - i mean when a girl decides to leave the business FINALLY, then she might not have the biggest interest to discuss the details with some kinda random guy like me. Good luck, Ms. Scarlett !!

Update: In 2008 Ms. Scarlett made a return to Southern Charms. And she is going strong since then!!