Tuesday, May 03, 2011

3 Big Questions!!! (#3) - Kristina Milan

Blogging can be full of surprises. My 2 blogs, Beyond The Hype and Radiant Bomba, feature a lot of articles about Kristina Milan. About 2 years ago i made a few attempts to do an interview with her. That never happened. Because of the language barrier (i don't speak any Spanish, while Kristina isn't fluent enough in English for interviews). As well Kristina seemed to be hesitant regarding interviews in general, probably because she was concerned that she would be pushed to answer questions about issues she didn't want to talk about.

cam show  10-08-04

To my big surprise i got contacted now by Kristina herself saying that she would be happy to answer a few questions, along with a friend of her, helping with the translations. We settled for the "3 Big Questions" format, as it is a convenient start. I can't promise if there will be a continuation. I would predict though that Kristina will be following this entry. So don't be shy with comments... I see that Kristina has her drink ready, so here's the questions:


Q: Kristina, your fans could see in great detail your sexual adventures, your overwhelming gorgeousness and your beauty. But they don't know anything about YOU. So my first question: What do you like about being a porn star? Tell us a bit about your experiences. And, how did it come, after we never saw interviews with you, that you made the suggestion to do one to me?

A: I love doing hardcore pornos because it catches peoples' attention. I like this work and I like it because you are surrounded by different people. I want this thing in life, rather than looking like a Star… 
I left the old website because the people running it developed a different personality.
I take the posts on your blog as written by a friend. If I like someone I love being affectionate and sincere.

cam show  10-11-01

 Q: I assume you're mainly doing webcam work currently. How is that going? What are your plans and or preferences for the future?

A: I see the adult industry as a job. But when you don't keep working in it, if you interrupt the continuity, then it does not make sense any longer.
So I am currently working on the webcam. And I think my fans deserve it. What I am looking for is if I can do another try at adult modeling because I want to be on better photos and videos in some future work. 
I always want to be Kristina Milan…

cam show  late 2010

Q: A fictional question: If you could make a movie (adult or non-adult, the choice is yours), you would be the director and the main star, what would you show us with that movie?

A: It is good to be in a movie but it is not the actress who makes the decisions. It is the producer, his fantasy and design of things, associations and all the rest. I like movies and being an actress. If I have to tell a genre I am a fan of, this would be science-fiction films. I am also a fan of musicals and dance movies, for their atmosphere of happiness, and I would like participate in one of those, but I am not a professional dancer unfortunately.

cam show  10-10-25

After going through a few captured webcam shows in order to snap these stills, i'm getting even more fascinated about Kristina's naturalness. She doesn't stage big poses or twisted expressions. Kristina looks absolutely straight and pure. What a charming real girl! With probably a bit of shyness, making her even more adorable. What raises the question about the future of her modeling career. If there is any? It seems - concluding from a few hints like in the huge discussion after my last entry here - that Kristina herself is a bit undecided. I'd guess she will continue to do cam shows - after a recent switch on Live Jasmin. With her work for Score very likely she got the best exposure in the given situation. There are fans of course who'd prefer to tie her to the lactating niche. But that is history, Kristina got her baby quite a while ago. If she worked with other hardcore producers, most likely those would have very little interest in the special babe who she is, but rather in the sole fact to just have her in hardcore action, with very little concern about her aspirations. Not sure if that is what she is looking for, in particular after her less favorable memories to her first site.

People should also consider that Kristina, due to existing laws, as a foreigner is not allowed to shoot in the US. But producing abroad adds considerable extra costs to the budget of any company, making them think twice. If i were Kristina, i would look if there is somebody among her personal friends who could shoot her in a personal/amateur style, and grow from there… With a bit of dedication and endurance she should come up with content creating good attention. I definitely see a market for that.

Kristina, thanks for the interview. And for being as wonderful as you are!