Monday, August 10, 2009

What happened to Kristina Milan? Pregnant? Turned into a BBW? No longer Modeling? [Upd. 2011-05-03]

Not instantly, but for a while now i have a weakness for this 23 year old voluptuous beauty from Puerto Rico. I took my time not necessarily because i'm allergic against hype (it was huge when she made her debut). But the sole news that a model has 42K boobs ain't enough to get me started. And her being the PROPERTY of TitsAndAssPass, a subsidiary of IncrediblePass, who are notorious for displaying their models in a grimly derogatory style, didn't help either.

There's something about her. Obviously her large bouncy boobs on her soft, slightly plump body. But there's also something very unique about her appeal. That, despite her being on a 'porn-porn' site where a model just gotta have the right assets and totally to serve as a 'vehicle' for gonzo-style fantasies, like submissively suck & getting taken from all angles. And, at the end of a scene, has to take a spoon to swallow the cum that hit her. Showing something like a personal style or even personality is the least thing required or tolerated. Rather the model has to fake her excitement constantly, like making carried-away faces and moaning, even before the signs of any action - EXCESSIVELY, even compared to regular porn sites

Kristina Milan's talents as a performer in hardcore scenes have been the subject of various discussions. Some guys mercilessly voted her as one of the worst performers ever. I can see why: unlike an established pornstar, who would go through such scenes with cold-blooded & smooth routine, plus a convincing smile, Kristina always has something hesitant, mildly-clumsy and dorky in her performance - paired with those 'funny' expressions. The evangelists of 'proper' porn certainly do disapprove that. On the other hand it gives her a personal quality of ... well, not innocence, but genuineness. She comes across as a real character. Probably she was discovered and got into the biz as a total amateur, got not proper guidance except a few harsh instructions, and she locks herself totally up during the scenes, as some kind of protection to let things not get too close to her. That prevents her from becoming a 'pro' but, indirectly, makes her quite cute and adorable - a quality you wouldn't expect on that type of network.

For a while now she is appearing on various webcam networks as well. Being on her own, with nobody barking instructions at her, her peculiar look, something between a bit distant (but friendly), curious, mildly bored, cute, but also totally real becomes even more apparent. Those few captured camshows from mid last year are serious fan material.

In the last months a real tsunami crashed over TitsAndAssPass and IncrediblePass: Accusations of credit card fraud, affiliate sites pulling out and the huge controversy over getting Miosotis over from Miosotis-Claribel to ClubMiosotis. For reference, check discussions on ChubbyParade here or there. Or the extensive blog by Titstoknees. But what happened to Kristina Milan in the meantime?

After constant updates on her site (part of the TitsAndAssPass network), the gaps got longer this year, with updates completely drying out after April 2009, according to my sources. Of course they advance-shoot her content in batches, so that they usually have content for 6 months to come i reckon. Quite likely her last material was shot way back in 2008. Occasional speculation came up: Kristina got knocked and/or gained lots of weight. No hints whatsoever, till these webcam captures emerged:

My first impression: sure thing, she is preggerz. This video, apparently from the same time, seems to confirm that. But then - she always had a lil belly sticking out!! And some girls, after gaining a bit of weight, tend to look 'pregnant'. Making a few screen captures of this clip doesn't help the decision either.

This poster on Curvage claims to have chatted with her:
"I'm not sure she's pregnant, I chatted to her on the cam site where that video is from and she just looked fat. And huge, very, very huge! She also looked very bored! Was strange seeing such a massively voluptuous woman live in front of me and being strangely turned off, she could not have looked more disinterested.
I have no proof mind so she could well be preggas."

I can't decide either. And leave the speculation to others. Or till more evidence shows up.

Confusing as well is her repeated change of chathost names. On IMLive she started as KristinaMilan1. This account still exists but her last activity was early September 2008. Later in 2008 she opened another account on IMLive as F4nnyHill, where she showed off her expanded curves. That account is deleted now. VERY strange!!!

From the end of 2008 til (at least) springtime 2009 she was active as AngelMilan on Lives.Net. She looks bigger than usual again but hasn't grown compared to the IMLive shots - although the release date of pics of course isn't a real proof. The tiny video there looks like a sample from a so far unreleased scene. Pictures from Lives.Net: lists her as well as AngelMilan, has the same pix as and claims her latest activity as yesterday (August 8th). Not sure if that info is trustworthy.

Remains as well the question what is going on with her site on the TitsAndAssPass network. She continued to do cam shows, so she hasn't left the biz. Not unlikely that she split from the ChimpCrew, as people have started to call BossXXX's company. Like Maria Moore did. So they lost 2 of the most popular models. But what will that mean for Kristina? She definitely will get offers by Scoreland and others. But that will not bring her a new personal site. A model that already had a site, with lots of not so attractive content being released, is never the first option for an established company, even if the model's name is Kristina Milan. Her being located in Puerto Rico might be another hurdle. She needs a dedicated webmaster who believes in her and is able to provide valid guidance. And probably somebody local to shoot consistently good content with her - exceeding the standards of TitsAndPass isn't that hard though. I would deeply regret to see a model with her potential disappear form the scene.

I wonder if she will reappear at Myspace. Okay, she would get BOMBARDED with questions, offers etc. Her old profile (if it wasn't a bogus account) saw me stopping by regularly. She updated her blog frequently, mainly with sharing her insights about everyday life questions. Sometimes a bit generic but with a very positive attitude. It's nice to see when a model has a big natural confidence, beyond her modeling work. Hopefully that will help her find ways for her career as well.

Update 09-09-05
Titstoknees, who has done serious investigations about Miosotis and other models working for IncrediblePass and TitsAndAssPass and published the results at various places, told me in a reply on ChubbyParade that Kristina indeed had a baby. As well he added that the sites of Kristina Milan and Vanessa Del on TitsAndAssPass "are as good as dead".

Update 10-10-15
Just found on Score's EboobScore that the Busty Brown Sugar DVD has been released presenting, among others, a hardcore scene with Kristina which was shot, unlike the web releases earlier this year, long after her pregnancy. On my RadiantBomba blog i have a little entry about it. 

Update 11-05-03:
In case a search engine took you directly to this older post: Today i've published a short interview with Kristina Milan! It came as a very positive surprise when Kristina told me that she's ready to answer a couple of questions.



Kinky Webmistress said...

fantastic post Pan - a really interesting read and some great detective job xxxx

andrew said...

One thing about her myspace account. She never was in anyway behind this. Those replies or content there is made totally by website owners.

Anonymous said...

she does use her angelmilan webcam everyday almost,but when i asked her where she lived she said dominica.

I thought that was weird. and shes on her webcam for hours at a time and some white guy gives her stuff when she asks for things. wonder who he is. she has been on her webcam today since 12 pm and its 4:24 now.

panhype said...

On which network did you see her? LiveJasmin? Webcams?

Anonymous said...

hi sorry I should have said which site I saw her at.I saw her again today at imlive at around 9:00 am.

She says she is on all the time. She wont answer any questions about being in porn though. I hope someone gets more info about whether she is completely done with hardcore porn or not.

Anonymous said...

Crap I meant to say livejasmin sorry.

panhype said...

Thanks for the update, A. Let's see if we get any news from Kristina :)

Anonymous said...

i looked at the conversation at chubbyparade, did you get to speak to kristina?

Anonymous said...

Hey it's me again, the same guy who has made way to many posts as anonymous haha .

She stopped logging on livejasmin after september 23.
She was on like every day for hours and all of a sudden she's gone again. What's going on with this girl?

panhype said...

No worries, man.

I haven't heard anything so far. Maybe her idea is to remain quiet until she has any news to announce, like new modeling activities. I mean she could talk nonetheless... but i can understand as well the attitude to go public only then when she has something to promote.

Anonymous said...

kristina's now working for scoreland dude!

panhype said...

Yep. I've seen it. Looks overwhelming IMHO. As well she makes a very confident impression on the photos. Flirty in the best sense of the word. Nice choice of an outfit as well. And i think that Score has done a great job here. Bottomline: epic release

Finally: she's back on IMLive (although the pix look old):

and LiveJasmin (same old previews):

Anonymous said...

Well guys, after seeing the new Score content at XL girls you are going to see a huge wave of approval. Getting Mio and Kristina and Vanessa Del into the hands of Score is going to refresh them and make them seem wholesome again, instead of barrio skanks. I'm sorry I did not get turned on by what the ChimpCrew was doing. Low quality is never good for anyone. High production value videos is going to get Kristina good exposure.

And from seeing her lactating boobs -- I mean she is FLOWING -- it's pretty obvious she was pregnant. I had not seen those cam captures.

I doubt that as a new mom she will be doing lots of cam or website contect right away. Just be glad everytime she decides to shoot with Score.

panhype said...

Totally agree.

Compared to her previous work, she shines on these scenes done for Score - if i only look at her face. I hope these new releases will give her some extra confidence.

A few guys are still criticizing her performance. Well, i can see what they mean (although it is less visible in these new scenes). But i think her sorta restrained way is just part of her style (or personality). And will always be. I personally am fine with that. And i think it makes her even more special.

It may be true though that doing softcore is more her thing. However, producers will never hire her on that basis alone.

It's a realistic guess that we will not see that many new scenes with her in the future. Not only because her being a mom now. Her location turn shoots with her extra expensive, investments not many producers are willing to make.

Anonymous said...

She could always be change her mind(and I hope she does), but I talked to her at livejasmin, and she said she was completely done with porn.

She could always be lying to me buy she actually told me this. The milk is gone and she only did score because she really needed some cash, it was really ment to be miosotis reintro to porn.

On a side note, if she is a new mom im surprised she doesnt move to like the U.S. to work more in porn. It pays more then anything else she could do, and after having a kid I would assume she is always going to need cash now more then ever and more of it.

Her choice I suppose though. I just hope someone finds a girl to replace her soon. Her breasts were unique, even compared to other women of similar bust size. they're so "girthy." I'm gonna miss her if she never does another movie.

Anonymous said...

I meant to add this on that last post, that her movie was good, but I think they should have done at least one video at score that was only about milk. Like pumping as much as possible out for like 20 minutes, just to see if she was the milk making machine they were promoting her as. Hopefully score sees this and does something about it when the next girl that is lactating shows up.

panhype said...

Because people are using the word in different ways, "done with porn" can mean various things. I would think she means it terms of no longer doing boy/girl scenes. But because she keeps doing webcam stuff, she is not done with the business in general. So she should (theoretically) still be open for solo scenes.

I personally see her rather as a softcore model anyway. She has impressive looks (in every respect) to begin with, has the 'adorable girl' thing going, and is a 'personality'. She just needed a way (photographer) to stage-manage her in a good way.

You are right about the money making options, f. ex. when a model is available for the Porn Valley. Although they're often overrated. More important, most girls are paying a price for that. It's no coincidence that softcore usually do stay much longer in business. As a sader truth, many hardcore models just look 'done' after a relatively short time - in terms of losing their radiancy and liveliness. And showing an unattractive hard and frozen look instead. That's what i meant (if you've read it) in my entry about Liana, including an expectation on Shione Cooper. I've concealed that a bit in my article...

For that reason i'm not too unhappy about Kristina Milan's decision to quit hardcore porn.

If you keep talking to Kristina, you could point her to my blog :) It would be very interesting to get a statement from her. I know... i could try that myself... But i'm a bit short with time - i'd don't expect her to talk to me the moment i show up on LiveJasmin :D

Anonymous said...

Maybe I should have given more detail, the conversation we had was actually pretty long and I asked if she was cool with softcore or lesbian or even just nude photo shoots. She said outside of webcams she wants nothing to do with any of it. If she ever runs too low on cash again I wouldn't be surprised if she showed up again.

And I will mention your blog but she doesn't really speak any english.

panhype said...

That's a pity. I wished you had better news. Kristina is such a gorgeous model. What - overall - probably convinced me most are these "Behind The Scenes" shots that Scoreland did with her. Such a nice girl! So we have to respect her decision.

I was afraid that she isn't that fluent in English.

In case you keep talking to her: Would you be interested in doing a kind of an interview thing with her? As a guest author, fully credited? My interest there would be to have the "real" Kristina talking, about her thoughts and feelings about her adult career. Or whatever she would feel comfortable to talk about (no need for washing dirty laundry etc). I could assist you with a few questions of course. You find my email on my profile page.

Anonymous said...

She doesn't want to talk about her career, I already tried. She just says it is too personal of a subject. Only thing she would say is that she probably isn't coming back (although if, probably more like when, webcams stop paying enough I would not be surprised if she tried to come back).

I don't think I could get any more questions about her career and I don't want to upset her. The only relevant information I could get about her her career before she said she doesn't want to talk about it is that it is more her fault that her website did not last then most people think. I don't really want to list all the reasons why but lets just say she is far from an ideal employee. Most people just blame incrediblepass.

Which I can also add to your last comment is that in real life she is far from being a sweet girl lol.She is fine with me but she just seems to be too blunt, even a bit mean.

I do not have any personal problems with her even though this post sounds a bit like it but lets just say the more I get to know her the more the fantasy wears off and I realize she is even a bit of a mean girl that does not have a clue what she is doing with her career. Her life though, she can do whatever she wants haha.

We still talk a bit but usually nothing relevent to porn. If I ever get any more information though I will post it here.

Andy said...

I know her and those other girls personally, T2K comments to blog came from me mostly earlier.

They dont want talk openly on this sex business issues. Or if they do, i can see it sometimes not real accurate since they dont care what they say. These are real girl with lifes happening outside camera, so i cant say much about them.

panhype said...

@Anonymous: It's a good sign though that she blames herself more than IncrediblePass for her site coming to an end. So she's definitely not a diva just being full of herself.

For me you don't sound like 'having problems' with Kristina. I think it's just normal, like with any other kind of relationship, that with the time one learns to know more facets of the other person, including the not so glamorous ones. We're all humans. So for me it's not a thing like 'the fantasy wearing off'. It's rather the image getting more dimensions. To various extents i have regular contact to a few well known models. So i know more about them now, like how they react in different (chat) situations, about their ups and down and sometimes even about real life stuff. I can clearly say that none of them has become less attractive after that.

I would even say that ALOT of guys (at least those who 'follow' particular models regularly) are fully aware that shooting porn (or modeling in general) is just a biz. That a girl gets into it only for the money! This 'realism' doesn't kill any fantasy either, as people still are excited to see how a shoot goes. And that excitement only takes off when a girl brings more to the scene than generic routine. After that, different folks have different focuses (preferences, fetishes), but the perceived personality of the model (which not necessarily must match her real life personality) often plays an important role here as well - not only for guys who perceive a model as their imaginary girlfriend. And here's one of my main interests.

For me it's kool to hear that Kristina is not just a sweet girl. How boring would that be LOL To hear that she can be blunt or mean - that makes a real personality. It sounds interesting actually. Sure, if i talked to her i probably would find some of her comments unbalanced, unfair or cruel - i'm kool with that.

Long rant short meaning: if she ever would feel comfortable to tell more, in public, my interest would not be to hear dirty laundry or other business-related revelations. I'd just be curious to see a few more dimensions or facets expanding her 'image', as a model - like how she sees herself, her work, her appeal, her image etc.

panhype said...

@Andy: Thanks for your comment, Andy. Most of what i could reply to you i have already said in my previous reply to Anonymous. So just this: My interest is not 'sensationalism', like revealing dirty details of her work etc. My interest rather (with any model i'm talking to) is to get a bit more 'personal exposure' or 'personality' into the public image of a model. Of course only to the extent that a model feels comfortable with. And when i feel that a model is going too far in terms of what she is telling, i give her time and advice to revise such crucial stuff.

Anonymous said...

It's the same anon again, the only things I really have to say left is to andy, she asked me herself for my hotmail email and we talked about this topic more then once, so I don't really think I am getting random answers from her that she just makes up on the spot for no reason. And I know she has a real life as well. But if she is going to just make up stuff why would she want to talk to me so personally on a place where I can see her profile which inclues her real name, her real friends, and sometimes her personal pictures?

And although I don't really want to talk badly about her she didn't say she blames herself more then the company for the lack of success. It is just obvious from the answers she gave me that she "screwed up" , like was a bad employee. Haha, it is kind of funny that you said it makes her look like less of a diva when what I was trying to say was that the other models were sort of "let go" from the company while Kristina was more like actually fired. And from what she said it was probably for being something of a diva, being full of herself.

Anonymous said...

Same anon again, I accidently left something out. To make my previous comments make a little more sense I though I should add something just in case my previous posts sound confusing. I was origanlly just going to talk to her logged in to my profile at livejasmin but then she asked me for my email so we could talk there.

panhype said...

Yeah, my "not a diva" comment came from your "she said (...) that it is more her fault that her website did not last then most people think" info. Sure, you mentioned the "not ideal employee" part as well.

I don't want to turn this into an IncrediblePass bash fest. It can be said though that the network ONLY lived from the great models they've found or booked. The content they produced usually is piss poor - visually (in terms of hardly any good camera angles), poor guidance of the models (they look hilariously 'fake' or clueless) and poor planning of the scenes (most of the content looks shot in a rush or 'improvised'). Kristina's only halfway decently produced scene is the one with the midget. But seriously, who wants to see that? Combine that with the extremely cynic/arrogant attitude of the company (noticeable by their public statements) - and i'm sure that working with them was not a pleasure. Thus i support the not ideal employee :D ... With such little info of course it's not possible to make an educated judgement: Whether she had understandable reasons to act up, or if she just pulled some 'shit'. Sure, generally speaking now, some models can be a real pain in the ass. I heard some stories happening at shoots (models acting like divas, starting random drama etc) - let's just say production teams got to have a lot of patience. But i also heard that Score f. ex. allows models to make suggestions for changes, at least occasionally.

Kristina apparently has the desire to communicate (some of) her thoughts. Quite likely she is insecure (yet) about possible negative consequences (hence the email request), or about what it's good for anyway. Maybe she has a lot of other stuff going on in her life and just needs time to get her thoughts sorted.

Anonymous said...

Same anon again. Because of the things she told me that I am not sure if I should mention here I think it is far more likely she was more of just a pain in the ass then a girl with justified reasons for being upset.

Well, thats all the info I have for now. We still talk and I have been bringing up porn just for a few seconds in our conversations with some sucess, if I get any more info of substence I'll let you know.

panhype said...

I'm REALLY getting curious...

I'm just wondering what would make me upset if i worked with her... In general, let's say, i'm NOT somebody who is looking for who is to blame for a problem (the model), but rather: what can be done to resolve the problem. So if she would constantly not turn up to scheduled shoots (without valid reasons), that would be quite bad. Then i would talk to her, to find out about her priorities, trying to help her to get her focus straightened out. If she would constantly 'sabotage' the shoots, like putting on 4 different outfits and then saying she can't wear any of those, then i would just try to brighten up her attitude... okay, i just imagined two possible major annoyances. Anyway, she is young, she came to the biz with zero experience and background knowledge. If she admits her shortcomings, none of her fans would condemn her.

Just a reminder - of course you know that, but saying nonetheless: the whole world (theoretically) is reading this. So when you think things are getting too personal, just email me.

Andy said...

I dont think thats what she has said at all. Website was totally out of her hands and she had nothing to do with it, except only model for them. She did not get paid each month, only after material shooting.

She got tired too (with Vanessa) hearing Incredible pass abusing things all around them. Maybe she didnt have best contract yes, but she definately didnt get fired. Vanessa had better contract than her, maybe that is only thing that upset her alittle, but they both didnt wanna work for them anymore.

About her beeing a troublemaker, i just cant believe that. She is quite normal girl, although little bit silent-type. And she still is open for modelling, nothing of that is past. And what ive seen, she doesnt like to talk much about her career (even when she does) so thats why i havent pumped information out of her. Until i read above statements which were not true.

Anonymous said...

Well andy what I said was true, maybe I will just give out her hotmail email so he can try to talk her.

And I didn't say she was completly fired I said she made it seem like she was fired, like the other models just didn't get calls back where as they were hesitant to work with her again.

And how can you prove what I said was not true? I guess right now your word is as good as mine, but maybe I should just start recording our IM conversations at hotmail. I have software that can record my computer screen.

Well I guess it is my word against his now? Right now I don't really have much else to say. I can't really prove what she said because I wasn't recording our conversations before although I probably will now, just when she says something relavent to this though. And I could have interpreted what she said wrong but I doubt if I did that I did it that severely.

Anonymous said...

I wish you could edit your old comments so you don't have to add a comment for your comment. Actually I guess I did write that old comment out like I was completely sure she was fired. I didn't mean to do that sorry. I meant to make it sound like the other girls just did not hear back from them when the should have before they left, but on top of that Kristina was previously told they were hesitant to work with her much more. Hopefully that makes more sense. My english isn't the best.

Andy said...

What i said also was true, i know her quite well and met her several occasions. That is also true what you said, that they were earlier asking for more work but things didnt work out for them quite well. That along with things they heard about company they worked for, was why they stopped.

I know that she has searched right now other work too, company other than score she worked for. There is lot of interest for them (her and Vanessa) around, but what ive see that there are also lot of false claims from people contacting them saying they represent companies.

Anonymous said...

Same anon. Andy, I am not with any company. I am just a fan who likes talking with her. And I think she likes talking to be too lol (well at lease hopefull otherwise why is she bothering) Like I said earlier, she really did tell me these things, but at the end of the day she could change her mind at the drop of a hat about everything. To be honest I hope she does.

The only thing I have to say right now is, she recently told me it is just a "friend" who helped her get work in porn, why doesn't she just get an agent? I don't think it is coincidence that the only girls that worked with incredible pass and actually became successful are the ones that I know have agents because they stated it before. When I asked her why didn't she just get an agent I just got like a weird "maybe" answer.

Andy said...

Me again. About that agent thing i agree would be good thing.

But, they are not willing to be just pornstars daily basis, they been doing it when they really need the money and not as a "daily" job. That means mostly videos with sex. Nowadays some sites are not even interested in them (i asked) because they did sexvideos before. Some sites that have been interested arent gonna pay that much. Piracy and economy crisis has hit multiple websites and amongst them biggest are still able to pay model fees that was usual few years ago.

And they cannot travel easily without visa, which is really hard to get, so any shooting has to happen on their country. I also believe recent US law permits any model without citizenship model for adult material on US soil. So shooting has to be on their country, which means travel expenses for companie and also possible apartment or site rental fees. It doesnt come cheap for smallar ones.

Anonymous said...

Same anon again.

I don't mean to be rude but porn being her "daily job" might be her only choice. So she might have to do some serious thinking about just what she wants to do, or even being in this business any more.

She told me before she only does it when she is really in need for money but I honestly think there are not many more companies interested in doing a "one time thing" or just infrequent updates with her in doing so again.

And considering Vanessa's breast are much bigger than Kristina's the main thing that got her more attention was her lactating breasts. I think if now a company had to choose only one between the two, which I think is likey, Vanessa would be chosen every time now.

Now that the milk is gone I think she is at a big disadvantage. I asked her if she was interested in inducing lactation again and she said no. So she will probably be treated like she is less of a rare find then she was before. I was actually a little surprised to see she got a notable amount of criticism from some for having such little lactating content.

Apparently I wasn't the only one that felt that way about that subject or the strongest.

Some feel, including me, she should have done much more content then she did. That really isn't her fault but , I think it should have been something she should have been aware of at least somewhat and tried to promote a little more.

Anyway, I am going off topic I think a full time contract, if that makes sense to call it and VERY infrequent work is really what her options are if she still wants to do this. And by very infrequent I mean like if she needs the money that bad she may need to get a loan and then do some "work" to pay it off because work won't come soon enough.

Just my two cents but hey, considering I think I know a fair amount about this, I actually know several girls, at least somewhat personally to very personally, who work or worked in this line of business I think my opinion is valid.

One more thing, I noticed you said,... "I also believe recent US law permits any model without citizenship model for adult material on US soil."

Permits, doesn't that mean she is allowed to do it? Or did you mean prohibits?

English is not my strong point so I tried really hard to make this comment read more smoothly. I hope the extra time made a difference.

panhype said...

I just want to add a few (general) thoughts - to consider for Kristina

- Adult companies who mainly shoot hardcore don't care about a model's career or future. They want to shoot PARTICULAR content (straight sex, 3-somes, anal, double penetrations, gangbangs etc) when they think the particular model will help sales. They don't care about what happens to this model after the shoot. They will always find new models.

- Companies/webmasters who create solo girl sites do care about building a model's career and about her longevity in the business. That's why such sites usually are active for many years. While most porn industry models usually are burned in a much shorter time.

- Sites like the one Kristina had with IncrediblePass, or those which Score are doing, are no real solo girl sites. The companies only shoot a limited amount of content. And set these sites to "archive status" after a while, with still accepting members but no more updates.

- It is true that solo/softcore websites usually refuse to book girls who have done hardcore. They think those models are 'ruined' for their target audience. But there are exceptions - some models 'get away with that'. Kristina definitely falls into that category. I just spoke to a well known Europe based webmaster who only does softcore. He told me he would shoot Kristina - only the travel expenses hold him back. That tells alot about Kristina's appeal, in the best way.

- A popular model needs, besides an amazing body (and Kristina is much more than amazing in that respect), a touch of personality, and a radiance, that makes her shine out from the spot she gets shot in - something that will instantly 'talk' to the people and captivate them. It's not all about boobs and certain action. Most hardcore models inevitably loose that radiance after a while, and look 'done', boring, dull, like wearing a mask or even worn out.

- Kristina is still extremely popular. Despite the lack of content. Maybe it even helped her (indirectly) that she always looked awkward in her hardcore performances (although many criticized that - people still wanted to see her) - in the way that it built up an aura of her own: Kristina comes across foremost as Kristina, irrespective of the setting she gets put into.

- My advice for her would be to work on getting a better idea of her visuals, and on visuals in general. So that she is able to instruct people how she wants to look and how she wants to get captured. And to start her own thing.

- I don't mean to encourage her to stop hardcore completely. I just dislike the part of the porn industry where they don't give a shit about the models careers. They use them for replaceable content, and get rid of them.

Anonymous said...

Same anon. Although I don't really have all my thoughts together and I don't really want to write out a long post yet ,although I probably will later, I think, if it turns out she actually does still want to do hardcore, I think that she actually do it over something like softcore glamour.

To be frank, I don't think most softcore or hardcore companies really care about there models much more.

To give an example I think people who on those sorts of sites like Milena Velba's (who I think is one of the "top" girls in this business's) employer, I am probably going to butcher it but I think his name is something like Daktari) are the exception and not the rule.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, that post came out typed way too sloppily. I am just going to get what I am trying to say over with now haha.

What I was trying to say is I think it would be even harder for her to get into a career doing modeling in a way like Milena Velba with much success. I'm not sure if you know who that is but I think you do.

Although she does have a large fan base I think a lot of it sort of "demands" hardcore, or at least more hardcore then anything you would find at Milena Velba's website, content from her, if that makes sense. To be blunt, everyone liked to watch Kristina's candid-like softcore videos once but really in the end everyone only cared about the videos in where she got fucked. I think in reality the bulk of people don't really look at these girl like you and me do, they just want to see girls with "unusually" large breasts get screwed. I think it is a way of being looked at she is forced into now, whether she likes it or not.

I guess what I am also trying to say is something like Milena Velba's site is "too" softcore, if that's what you mean. And I don't think sites like those last that much longer, on average, to be honest. People like that Daktari's guys' (the guy who Milena works for) model's are what I think are the exception and not the rule.

(sorry if that isn't his name spelled properly I think that is close though.)

Bottom line, although she told me before she wasn't really interested in getting back in porn if Andy is right and she is, I think she should just attempt (with an agent)to get with a hardcore company that can promise her ,if not her own website, frequent work/pay and a reasonable salary for her job, then a softcore solo job like something Daktari's (I am so sorry if I am butchering his name haha) models would do. I just don't see her succeeding in something like that.

I have seen several women do something like that, (go from hardcore to solo softcore, maybe it is called "glamour modeling?") I even know a few somewhat personally, although none very personally like before about another subject, and it seems it is very rare that it works out.

It would probably also help her a lot also, if she went a little more hardcore and became willing to do something like anal.

Although I think the absolute smartest thing she could do would be to reinduce lacatation. She most likely wouldn't, even for money, but I can only see a lot of good come out of that if she did.

As I said before, just my opinion but for several reasons I think it is valid.

panhype said...

With my thoughts i had mainly the real person behind Kristina in mind. Imagine she is a mom, probably in a relationship and with a real social life. Imagine also that hardcore porn working conditions are tough. The model very often doesn't get a script of her scene in advance (cause there is none), she doesn't know who the male talent will be - if he will be rough so that she will be in pain for days then. SD tests are a must - not older than one month i believe - so there's always a little concern. Then some companies are trying to make last minute changes - "you have to do anal as well, you'll get $100 more". And there are more concerns ... from a strict consumer point of view i wouldn't care about those aspects: i'd watch her both in softcore and hardcore (as long isn't too trashy or badly shot). And with softcore i mean better stuff than the random point & shoot or just videotape away joke that IncrediblePass produced with her.

There is no porn company who would promise her frequent work & good salary. Trust me, there is none. The big companies usually do 2 video shoots plus corresponding photo sets. And release those over a couple of months. There are smaller companies who do offer sorta exclusive contracts - girl is only allowed to shoot with/promote for this company, usually 6 - 8 scenes, and usually low budget trashy and/or fetish content. I've spoken to models who have been in such contracts - not good!

Popularity/loyalty to a model: It depends to which group of guys you're talking. Hardcore guys will tell you Daktari's content is lame and/or crap. But Daktari paid $5000 to Miosotis, per month. So you can't say there is no business for his content. When you check popularity polls, it's mostly the softcore models dominating: Nadine, Milena (both Daktari models), Chloe Vevrier, Kerry Marie, Eden Mor (before she slimmed down), Karina Hart, Ashley Sage Ellison etc. Score had a Model Of The Decade poll recently - 9 of the models in the Top 10 were softcore models. Okay, Christy Marks, the only remaining hardcore model, won. But i've seen dozens of polls with softcore models ruling. It's also apparent that softcore fans show a stronger loyality to a model, over many years. While guys focused on particular action easier move on to the next model, or just have a bunch of sorta favorites they "tend to watch" without really paying to see their content.

Kristina really should think twice before accepting hardcore offers "next": the more trashy or badly done content is out with her, the more her door for doing solo shots (of any kind, not just 'glamorous' style) is closed. Hell, she could even start a Southern Charms site. She only needed to come up with regular updates (2 per week would be ideal) in a decent style (not meaning professional photography). With only 200 members (a low expectation for Kristina) she would make $1400 each month, after the 50/50 split. And from there she could consider her next moves....

Anonymous said...

same anon. Well I think we are looking at it a little differently. I personally think porn is still a better choice in the end. She never said she would even go back herself you so I won't list all the reasons why because I still see it as she is not coming back anyway. But I am just saying I still think porn would be the better option.

Too bad she doesn't live in the U.S., because when you said no company would be willing to promise her frequent work and pay I assume you mean that because she is expensive because she is far away. I know girls personally, not just email like Kristina, I actually know them, here and they are amateur and most if not all make more then 5k a month. I have never seen there pay checks, but trust me they all make more than that.

Andy said...

I think Panhype said exactly what i was gonna say.

You have to see that there is real girl behind these photos, not just someone people jerkoff to. Money is sometimes real hard to get to and when these girls are offered money for shoots that will support them for maybe next months they might be willing to do them.

Work on webcam right now is main income for Kristina and Vanessa, in side they could do some modelling. With that they get maybe 1-3 thousand each month, depends on how many hours they actually work.

You also like Panhype said have to think about other things. She has 1y old baby still and trying to support her, so her last videos was made for just this in mind. She needed little extra things and couldnt pass this opportunity. But when it comes to relationships, would you want your girl to have sex with someone in front of cam? Think no.

Also some models that people craved to see have sex, have produced so much recently that on my opinion they have become "overexposed" or in other words boring. She and Vanessa has lots of things to offer still and that is on softcore department. But money usually counts more so HC is still an option.

Miosotis didnt like working on cam not much, so she pretty much dropped it after one month. Talked with her since almost weekly basis and can say that she is/was looking for modelwork during this time, but couldnt find any. Mostly with lack of contacts and bad or fake offers from people on internet. New things are coming on her part quite soon, but cant reveal nothing about that just yet.

Anonymous said...

Same anon.

Like I said before, It's not that I don't see all the reasons why she would choose softcore over hardcore, it is just that I really don't see her succeeding in it. I think she has a much greater chance in porn though.

I think it is more likely she will succeed if she does porn than fail, but I feel she is actually more likely to fail then succeed if she does something like softcore solo.

And to be honest in the relation department she really is going to have a hard time no matter what I think. I don't mean to be prude but I don't think that is something most men will forgive, ever. I think maybe even something like 80% of men that really like her a lot will stop the relationship as soon as they find out her past. no matter how long ago it wass

Anonymous said...

sorry, typing error. I meant to put 50% for that last post.

panhype said...


I can talk only from what i heard personally from models. And i'm talking about big boob models who are NOT in the "slim and stacked" category (no skinny models). The salaries been paid may differ - a feature release takes longer to shoot and pays better than a straight scene, some companies pay more - but in average you can calculate $1000+ for a straight hardcore scene, plus travel & accommodation. So a girl has to do 4 -5 hardcore scenes per month, to get the $5000.

When a girl is fresh to the scene, all companies are eager to shoot her. So in the first months of her career she can make more, easily. But after the first is rush over, offers will get slow. Trust me, i follow the releases from the various popular sites very closely: i see very few models from the category we're speaking about doing more than 4 shots/month. Unless they except all the extreme stuff too - what makes them loose their regular fans usually. Something that i see happening to Shione Cooper f. ex. who recently started doing Bukkake scenes (10 masked guys around her), tranny sex and gay sex (2 guys fucking each other and her, at the same time).

However, if you can show me models who have more releases per month (not necessarily models you're talking too :D ), i'm eager to learn. Seriously.

I meant 'not willing to promise frequent work' irrespective of the girl's location. Like i said, i only know very few models who are getting booked on a steady high rate.

It's true that for a certain category of men a relationship with a (former) pornstar is off-limits. For Kristina it depends on which type of man she is into. If she rather looks for an 'open' and understanding kind of guy (i know plenty of those :D ), and if she is open about herself, she absolutely will find the right guy.

Finally i don't see why solo-girl content is supposed to be a failure... maybe i'm too picky with the word 'failure' - but there is always demand for that. Just check the models who are doing that. The looks are more important cause the guys focus 100% on the girl. But that's something Kristina doesn't have to worry about for one sec. Her looks are OVERWHELMING!

panhype said...


I can see your points.

As to the relationship part: Can only speak about myself, and to some extent about what friends are telling me. If my girl went on just one porn shoot, i probably had a slightly unsettling feeling. But i would be okay if it just were straight boy/girl. And if i had a good feeling with the company (Score is better than most Porn Valley companies). If the scene included anal or even DP, i would be more worried. If she constantly went to porn shoots, our relationship needed to have a very very stable basis.

"Overexposure" for the most part is a result of non-dedicated producers/camermen/photographers who shoot away in a generic way without directing the model and/or trying to get the best out of her. Models, in particular those with limited experience, have very little influence on that. I would rate Kristina as not very experienced too, simply because the IncrediblePass photographers obviously gave her very little support/guidance in terms of learning. But i could imagine 100s of sets with Kristina, without her looking repetitive. However, many companies define "overexposure" in a different way: they think that 4-6 sets per year with one model as the maximum will saturate the market. I disagree. But who asks me?

Anonymous said...

Same anon, all the models I know are black bbw (some ssbbw) who are still very amateur. The thing about living in america that I was trying to say is that they are not "tied down" to any one company. They can work for whoever they want, whenever they want. I don't think Kristina has that option unfortunatly though. I guess the point I was trying to make irregaurdless is that if she gets into a situation where she can only work for one single company which I think is likely. I think she would make more money doing hardcore then softcore. not just per shoot, but she would be making more money in total in lets say one years time.(sorry I am sure
I am getting my grammer wrong here but bear with me)

And I am not sure if I can completely explain to others what I mean by her failing. Sorry I will try to make this make sense but my english isn't the best. But I have one easy example. On pretty much every "hardcore" discussion board I have ever seen Kristina on she gets pretty postive cristicism. However it seems that the few times I have seen her on "softcore glamour like" ones, like the ones Rachel Aldana and Milena Velba would be topics discussed about, Kristina sadly gets mostly negative comments.

I am sorry I can not find any specific examples right now, but I remember one of the softcore discussion boards very well that was particulary negative, calling her a good example of a "butterface", a common saying where I live which means which means she has a nice body but is not a very good looking lady.

Although that one was particularly mean and I guess you can say was unfair, a few other said similar things just not as bad.Again I am sorry I can not find these but I hope you believe what I am saying. I hate when I have points I can not back up.

So I think it is safe to say she has a bigger fan base in a category that has more money floating around in it.

If you still can not understand what I am trying to say I can try again if you let me know what you want to know more about.

Maybe I should try writing more simply. I am trying to write as well as you two are doing because I think it will help get my points across understood better but it is a little difficult.

panhype said...

@ Anon

I don't live in the US and i have very little knowledge about the visa situation. But i've seen European models going to the US for a couple of weeks and shoot for various companies...

I'd agree with you to the point that in the 1st year Kristina would make more money with hardcore - provided she went to the US for a few months (several times) & didn't have the obligations with her baby & her other concerns. But after that year offers would decline, and the door to do solo work be closed for her.

Board discussions: Most people write their comments on the basis of "as it is". They see a model in a particular photo set or video and judge her on the basis of that. They don't look further, with respect to what this model might be capable to do. F. ex. i've seen April Mckenzie a few times called a butterface, usually together with her work for BigNaturals (RealityKings) - let's just say they had treated her with a horrible makeup in both scenes. After other shots people praised April's beauty. I personally look rather with the eyes of a photographer (although i'm not), seeing a model's potential and quickly ignoring her bad shots.

Most of the models the photographer i talked to works with are softcore models, 90% roughly. He has however a few porngirls as regulars (well known models) - girls who can 'hold a little story' with their expressions. He counted Kristina into that group. And after seeing that trailer that Score did with Kristina, casual stuff, walking around etc, i'm totally convinced. Well, i was so before.

I've seen plenty of discussions (with 100s of statements) about Kristina's hardcore scenes. More than a few said things like: Best girl ever, but also worst performance ever! Well, i suppose they got off nonetheless LOL And people love to use drastic words on such boards LOL I don't think she was THAT bad. But what people often mentioned was her constant 'absent' or 'expressionsless' look (into the camera), combined with hilarious faked expressions. Obviously she wasn't comfortable with the situation. And probably Kristina in general is a person who takes her time to become friends with a situation or with people. What is absolutely fine - it's her personality after all. A sensitive camera man can help her a bit with that (and the Score scene looked better in that respect). But she will never loose that completely i believe. That observation finally convinced me that she is actually a softcore model.

Anonymous said...

Well I guess it is ok if we disagree on a subject lol, but I also have to say, go do a show with her at livejasmin. It is not just incrediblepass's that give her akward camera guidance. she is sort of naturally bad at it. I think it is something she is never really going to "shake off" completely.

And one thing I think I should point out, it seems we are both kind of putting her in sort of ideal scenarios. Like if the guy you personally hires her or a porn company gives her a spectacular contract. I was just saying "average" porn company vs "average" softcore modeling site I think the porn site would be the better choice.

But also like the point I was saying, I belive Andy but she hasn't said anything about looking for work in porn (probably because it usually doesn't have place in our conversations and out of the blue it is really none of my business) so I am still looking at it as she is gone from hardcore for good. But I think any webcam girl if given a good enough offer would be willing to do something like milena velba.

Heck, it is probably something she wouldn't even feel the need to hide ever. She could just say she is a glamour model lol. nothing more glamourous then that haha.

Anonymous said...

And another thing, those forums had lots of good photos of her. Seems they just werent fans.

panhype said...

The 50th comment! Kristina should be proud of us!

Well, maybe i should really pay her a visit. Is her English good enough to hold a simple convo? And there is free text chat? (I'm always hesitating with talking to camgirls cause you can spend an awful lot of time there - girl disappears to 1-on-1 for unknown time etc). What's the current link? ?

Of course i see what you mean with her look. I've checked 2 or 3 recent camshow clips people have spread. She looks often as if something completely different is going through her head - not ideal, and she should work a bit on that. But trust me, i like that a 1000 times more than a girl who constantly shows her "push-button" smile lol This adds a little mystery to Kristina. But yeah, i'm certainly an unshakable optimist. Like: Send me the girl, and i'll get killer shots out of her :D

Anonymous said...

Same anon.

Yea that is the right profile.In my honest opion to answer you question no, the less words per sentence the better. If you actually want to get a conversation going, like ask her some questions about things we are discussing here you probably won't have much luck. But if you actually want a show she will understand things like. tits, lick nipples,show ass, anal,... stuff like that.

You can see her non nude and chat with her in free mode but she probably won't say much, especially if you are speaking english to her.

I tried once as a guest because I was curios and I didn't want her to know it was me and asked her in english, "do you plan on doing anal in your videos in the future?". And her answer was just, "anal in pvt. They shorten some words, "pvt" means private, that was probably obvious but I though I would just let you know lol. But that just goes to show you how little english she knows.

And a couple things of random info I learned today lol, some of her bras seem to be breaking down, and she refuses to dance. No matter how much I begged. LOL.

And she no longer do a thing called tips 4 tits, which is when you tip her first and then she flashes you. In my honest opinion, that was a very dumb financial move on her part. I can see why she would make sure they pay her before she flashes them, but to simply not do that anymore is a little dumb. I can only see it as a bad thing as far as making money goes.

Andy said...

Comments to to above.

Tips for tits as people refer, model gets paid for 1 dollar and then she flashes some tits for example. Company takes away 65% of that and that leaves her 35 cents. Not that good. Maybe people can tip for nice service or who have become friendly with her, but i think whole tipping is stupid thing to do. And Livejasmin is horrible place because of all guests who just write shit on freechat. Imlive is better and always will be.

Webcamwork today is very viable option to many many models. They get somewhat steady income, depends on just how many hours in every 2 weeks they work. Some get few hundred and some get maybe few thousand. Its not realiable income because some days can be quite slow in traffic but atleast its some. Model fees have also gone down on many sites, some sites who could pay 1000 dollar a day, can now afford barely 500-700 to pay for models. Piracy takes a huge dent on this model industry.

English has been really problematic for her too. Atleast there is good translation programs on internet which she has put to quite good use and she has learned little english through that. I sometimes write to her in english and returns me with english/spanish as good as she can.

Dancing part i can imagine, she cant get bras easily from her country and they gonna be expensive so breaking them will make things difficult for her. I asked her about bras awhile ago, and maybe i will contact person in my country to custom made few for her. Just have to go and measure her up..

Anonymous said...

the thing about tips 4 tits, and I asked one of my webcam model friend for this is that it takes literally 20 seconds of your time to do it.

Something is better then nothing always, I think spending a total of only 30 seconds for everything makes it worth it. And when she does get asked, she is rarely only asked only 1 time by one person. so.... yea I think it is still smarter if she does it, I've seen her spend so much time talking to guests about nothing I think doing tips 4 tits is less of a waste of time then that at least.I guess what I am trying to say is something is better then nothing especially something so quick and easy to perform. Her choice though.

Weird thing is, I asked her before which website she likes modeling at the best so I can go to the one she likes and she said livejasmin... maybe she said that because I was already there?

If I can bring up an old topic. I also think she sort of said it to "please me" but I also found out she says she is bisexual today. If she really is she will probably have an easier time in the relationship department then I previously thought.Women in my opinion seem to be easier to "forgive" this sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

same guy as always again, just wondering, if it is for the same pay, why not just dance? Is it too tiring?

panhype said...


Thanks for the info. So i will probably not go to LiveJasmin. Free chat in general is not even a good place for small talk. Too many other peeps there etc etc It was good a few times to show up for 5 mins, and remind the girl that i'm still alive LOL Watching webcam streams isn't my cup of tea anyway. The visual quality is much too low for my tastes. So i rather spend my money on paysites.

panhype said...


You seem to be a really nice guy. I hope Kristina is aware about what a great friend she has with you.

Anonymous said...

Same anon. You're wecome. Although I am a little confused, did you actually go there? when you said..."It was good a few times to show up for 5 mins, and remind the girl that i'm still alive." Does that mean you went there and said hello?

And I don't really like webcams that much anymore either. But you see the most amazing bodies there sometimes, I have seen women there with breasts bigger then miosotis and girls with bottoms literally more then twice the size of their waist. And they have big waists on top of that lol.

And I agree I think Andy is a great friend to Kristina.

panhype said...


No, i didn't go to Kristina's webcam slot. I referred to other models i hadn't spoken to for a while. So i just stopped by and said something to make them smile :)

Kristina certainly has never heard of my existence (except maybe that you guys have mentioned to her that i have done this blog entry) - and i don't want to confuse her.

I'm certainly somebody who wants radiant views of a girl's curves ("non-flat" viewing angles), something that webcam usually doesn't deliver. Direct views on swinging boobies or a girl's pussy doesn't do it for me. The only camgirl who ever excited me is Amanda Majestic (my newest update is about her). She is a quite big girl however (not too big for me - just mentioning that aspect). And she hasn't a regular schedule - people have to email her apparently.

BTW, i would love to write a blog update about Kristina. But i could only cover her Score appearance, something the whole world knows by now anyway. Beyond that i don't have any real ideas so far. But i'd be up for suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Same anon.

Yea, webcams don't do the girls justice, but most of the girls I'm talking about sadly are not willing to do anything but webcams, not matter what is offered. I have only seen one of the girls I became a big fan of go on to work for a website.

I can't really think of any suggestions strictly about Kristina that you have't mentioned before, only side topics that apply to her like why companies bother making a fake bio/measurements and lactating bbw's and stuff like that.

I was completely weirded out when I found out they lied about her bra size (I think she might have it wrong to be honest though).

Since this comment isn't really about Kristina sorry if it is unwelcomed. I hope it isn't looked at as a comment made just to comment. I have nothing else to do right now though. LOL

panhype said...

I'm planning a minor blog update on Kristina: kinda summary of our discussions here plus a few things i've found. It will be something like "Que sera, Kristina?"

Before i'll publish it (might take a bit cause i'm working on other things right now) i would like to email you my rough version - for eventual corrections, additions (if you want) or even a brief statement by Kristina (if she feels like). I needed your email for that - you can find mine on my profile. You don't have to worry, you won't hear from me apart from that.

Also, more importantly (for Kristina): I happened to talk today with somebody who is behind of one of the big softcore sites (i know him for years). I can't tell the name of the site here. It's one of the best known sites, you definitely have heard of them. Anyway, they sound very interested to fly Kristina to the US and shoot her. They asked me for contact details what i couldn't provide. Maybe they took the hassle & checked her at her webcam slot - not sure, they are busy guys. Anyway, would be kool if you emailed me.

No worries, man. That was absolutely okay.

Anonymous said...

HI Panhype first time to post here..I used to comment at toes to tits blog or whatever his name is. I meant probably Tits to toes on Mio. But I am personally in contact with Mio now..Yeh her myspace was a fake all those myspace accounts were fakes with any girl from Big Tits curvy asses. That Glenn fuck promised me a fan fuck with Kristina and Vanessa then declined it then offered me with Chole Vervier. I was three times in Medellin too but that Bastard Glenn went underground two years ago. I had some super busty Dominican girls hokked up for him. What a Shame this scsmmer is. Anyways I once got also ver4y harrasiing e mails at my myspace account that Kristina has a bf and so does Vanessa and This guy was some young guy from The Uk pissed at me as I too used to post comments on that fake Kristina myspace..He told me too Fan fucks that was a big lie. Just like Mio would do webcam shows. Something Mio is too lazy for. OK Sucks Glenn is like a Hitler he manipulated and ripped off these girls big time..Mio still wanting some money for shoots. Yeh Man a fact Panpype. Glenn ruined them...