Monday, August 08, 2005

Ms. Scarlett on Southern Charms - blazing hot !

[originally posted 2005, july 27]

Don't let yourself fool you by her cutie-next-door looks. Ms. Scarlett is one of the hottest girls around. And don't let yourself fool you by the quite unspectacular previews on her Southern Charms site. This is her trick ! Once you became a member you'll fall off your chair !!!

Her preview pics indeed leave you somehow in the dark abour what to expect inside. Let's say she doesn't show off exactly the most fancy clothes, so you will see her starting off in some lingerie, dress or skirt with shirt, all not very revealing, tight or color-rich. And indeed she seems to prefer the lighter, not ultimately attention seeking colors.

It was actually an outdoor set (set #10) where she was dressed in tight jeans that gave an effective view of her breathtaking curves. After that one i couldn't resist to join.

And once you're inside... Oh boy ! She shows everything. As if she were aware that she doesn't get our full attention by the style of her clothes she gets them off instantly. I hardly have seen a site that has so many absolutely fantastic full nudity shots. You can't appreciate that enough, after so many sites show a galore of stripping shots, but to end up with only 2 or 3 nude pics. Frustrating sometimes. Side comment: I'm not saying that Scarlett's policy is THE way to go for every site. But in her case it turned out into a monster. Scarlett's site is killer !!

Err... what about the girl ?... i hear you ask. Simple answer: She's blazing delicious, no matter from which angle or side you look at her. Her boobies are large.. wonderfully shaped torpedos actually. Her booty drives you mad til your doctor comes. She has thighs for days and an an very impressive sweet belly. Yes, she shows it off, constantly. As she, like i said nefore, shows off everything, and constantly.

I also love the quality of the shots.. fantastic ! Picture-contentwise, as you get tons of full body shots. And the image quality itself. You usually get 768x1024 pixels in 150 - 200 KB files, great quality! The angles are faultless too and there is a great variety of them. One might say that Scarlett is an easy to be photographed girl because she looks hot from every angle lol

One peculiar asset is her expression. She doesn't show that much variety, but that's fine after her relaxed 'understanding' smile combined with various degrees of mild or not so mild naughtyness is way kool. Yep, she looks like a very kool girl to me.

Scarlett so far just posted solo sets, teasing/posing and/or m-bating. She has also a few outdoor sets which are highlights, of course. I'd suggest her to throw in a few everyday life sets for good measure. Each set contains around 50 pics (a few are bigger), at least that was her policy up to set #26 when my membership expired. In between she's posted 41 sets.

No videos so far. Hopefully Ms Scarlett will find a way to come up with some in the future.

So all thumbs up for Ms. Scarlett, this site is blazing hot !

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