Monday, August 08, 2005

Hurtful Shortage of Previews - Jade, i've found yours...

[originally posted 2005, may 01]

I've always been thinking that most webmodels are under-exposing themselves in terms of previews. opinion is they'd better off with providing more previews and more diversity in them.

I know what the girls been thinking. Why would guys sign up when they get tons of pics for free anyway? Or: When the guys can freeeload my good stuff they have less reason to pay for a membership. My reply is: Show at least some of the good stuff so that i get an idea about how good it is !

As if i needed a proof, here's what happened today. Did a little Southern Charms surfing - hell yes, SCs is great cause it got tons of previews ... but sure.. they've earned a lot of my money too - and what did i discover? Jade has a site there too: ButtGirl As of today there are 14 sets totalling in 206 preview pics.

Jade's Wetspot has been high on my list of 'to do' sites for quite a while now. The monthy fee is $19.95 and includes access to the other sites as well which looks fairly attractive. At least two other girls, Surreal and TexasHotRod, i would rate as hotties, and 3rd one,Tawny, at least as interesting.

Jade provides a preview pic of each of her sets, that makes about 180 pics... For sure not bad, but that didn't convince me entirely. I simply couldn't figure out how good her pics in the end really are. And there always came other sites across which tempted me more.

Now after having discovered her Southern Charms site i can't say nothing less than i'm blown way! Each set there is previewed with 10-15 pics usually - that gives you an idea! And now things are obvious: I can't wait to finish this entry and then join her site.

Consequently: Stunning previews is king!

Ok, i'm joining sites quite deliberately i.e. only after i have a reasonably good idea of what to expect. I don't know how represantive that behaviour is. Now when you guys are telling me that 95% of all signups are impulse buys... then i will cover my face and stand in the corner LOL

A few remarks regarding Jade... YES... it's somehow a thrill making comments actually BEFORE joining her site.

She definitely has gained weight over the last year (or longer). I'm not saying that bigger is always better... But she has added extra breathtaking curvynesss. Her booty always had momentum in the industry.. and its silhouette is even more remarkable now..... And she gained a serious bulging belly... unavoidingly attacking my sanity when she's wearing jeans what she's doing quite often. Well done, Jade!

But what would such a preview be without some criticism? Yep... i hear you LOL ........ So Jade got very beautiful eyes. But we don't see them too often. Quite often she either has her eyes closed (that looks like an impulse when being photographed). Or the pics are too bright so that you can't really see these eyes. But there are shots with her eyes being in full effect.

Pics being too bright/lacking contrast apparently is a tendency with her sets but not with all of them! As well a number of shots has been taken from too far away. Both aspects have been an issue for me before and it would help her signups if she'd improved on that.... but after discovering how hot she really is i don't care that much anymore.

And off i am... to see more Jade !

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