Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Tanya Tung. Tanya Tung. From Zero to Booom.

Repeat... Repeat that: Tanya Tung...... Ok, now her name is burnt into our memory..

If not her iconic face did the job already. Or her other juicy assets that are reported by Tanya as "44DD-39-46 (BIG HUGE TITS); I stand 5'2 and weigh 180 pounds." These numbers sketch wondefully shaped bouncy boobies, a sweet jiggly belly, legs as strong and elegant as the Eiffel Tower and a very spankable booty. Everything looks sooo damn fine and sexy with this girl. And these long black hair !! Give me a group photo with 1000 girls and i detect her instantly amongst them. Finally her voice.. unexceptionally low ... and refreshingly cultivated - wicked sexy !

Tanya started to conquer the scene in 2004. At least a dozen photo layouts were shot and sold to content vendors... to appear at sites like or And she gave a stunning performance in "Chunky Girls Club #1". Edition #2 followed this year. Her website lists also appearances in "Hairy Honies #20" (yes, she is very hairy) and "Natural Bigums".

Her (so far) free site is meant as her portfolio - with showing something like 30 pics. she apparantly wants to keep the interest high and get more content sold to the corporations. She also gives us the hint "Pay site cum'n soon".

This could become an instant success. I would be a tad worried however that the flood of material already circulating might cannibalize her own endeavour. She will face the pressure of having to come up with constant and quality updates. Otherwise signups will remain low. And money instantly earned on selling layouts will be lost in the long run because of sluggish memberships. But her unexceptional beauty and potential might see her doing both successfully.

Finally i see Tanya strongly emphasizing her preference for doing hardcore. "I'm a P*H*A*T Fat Babe $ interested in doing hard-core porn or xxx modeling ( nothing soft );....." Nothing wrong with it. And i understand that she wants to do what she thinks she's best in. And in what she looks most real. Again a minor consideration regarding her upcoming paysite: Seeing most of the time closeups of her sucking.. or a bunch of guys over her and hiding her - and just giving us an occasional glimpse of one of her boobs - would be a waste considering the glorious assets she has to offer. So a good balance would be king !

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