Monday, August 08, 2005

Paysites and Bonus Content - And Doubtfull it stood !

[originally posted 2005, may 01]

Many may have seen that. Paysites are adding extra rsp. bonus content the customer didn't ask for. Which may sound good in principle would turn out as plein ignorable stuff in reality. So me says...

But is it just me? Let's have a closer look...  Three different kinds of bonus content can be differentiated:

A) (Sample) galleries of "webfriends"... OK, wouldn't argue about that - it's up to the surfing experience of each customer whether he has seen these small galleries elsewhere or not. But at least this content is on topic.

B) Streaming videos. Some sites offer additionally tons of video channels, stuff like "Fucking Eurobabes", "Amsterdam Whores", "Horny Teens" etc etc. WTF? These are clearly anorexic chicks - why in the world would i want to see that?  Once, i admit my occasional stupidity, i spent hours to check most of them...Nada!!!  There are btw just 3 regularily updating streaming providers in business who carry BBW content: Just Speciality, Holio and AEBN. But why do sites offer this kind of off topic crap? .. I have problems to find an explanation...... Maybe to make the very few guys happy who like any kind of naked girl? hmm... Not very likely.. Or are they thinking along the lines More content (whatever it is) looks better than less content? ... Maybe....  Looks for me like an insult to everybody with at least a lil bit of intelligence.

C) Free bonus galleries and/or vids. I've seen a few sites doing that recently, like "hundreds of Bonus Vid Clips added". Of course these are preview/sample clips, in LoRes, running 10 - 15 secs. These samples usually can be watched for free on these literally 1000s of TGP sites.... and some guys even have the energy to compile link collections which contain thousands of these clips - and i'm talking here strictly plumper and BBW content - and release them for free. But would this extra content make customers more happy? I doubt that. Even more likely i would expect that they will feel tricked.. after discovering that these clips are available for free elsewhere... The same counts for linked free galleries.... And extra case might be licensed i.e. bought extra content, but here it depends all on the knowledge of the webmaster i.e. that he buys only that content that hasn't been used 100 times before.

Quite likely webmasters are running affiliate programs with this linked content. So they are thinking in terms of making extra money beyond their signup fees. I would add: Their signups and rebills will decline for sure.. and so will their extra revenue.

Reminds me of my once favorite BBW site - which featured the great Darla and the irresistible Marie. At the final months this site had more pages of linked bonus galleries than original content.  Was very sad to see that site decline and leave business.

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