Monday, August 08, 2005

Delta Dawn - A Rising Southern Charm

[originally posted 2005, june 27]

Must admit that i'm not very innovative in terms of hairstyles.. i mean hairstyles i like with girls: Straight long(er) hair all the way! Now when there comes a girl with a hairdo looking like arranged by stormy sea winds and when she also has all the way the look of a good mannered cutie from the neighborhood, then it usually takes me at least 2 looks to think SUPER HOTTIE ! Now with Delta Dawn it took me 1.5 looks at most.

I only can say WOW ! Boobies for days and an overall juicy and impressive roundness make her most adorable. And she has a very natural and confident way of posing. Another big big plus is quality pf the pictures. Faultless quality throughout, with great lighting and posted in a pleasant size (1024x768). The angles are well chosen (lots of full body shots) and the variety also is great - many outdoor shots and (let's say so) everyday life situations.

My enthusiastic impression is only based on the previews she's posted so far - 239 pics since May 2005 = 18 sets - now she's very high on my list of sites to be joined next.

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panhype said...

Hmm.. Delta Dawn's site on SCs doesn't exist anymore. Because there were not enough guys who couldn't resist to join her site? Who can tell...