Monday, August 08, 2005

Y in the world did she choose the name June Kelly?

Ran into this big titted plumper model through Dolly Morgan, also a plumper with huge boobage - who likes to shake her curves in such an incomparable way. Now Dolly gives her members access to loads of extra content through the afiliated site that also has many videos featuring other plump big bra models.

Now one of these models is June Kelly. Whopping 57 flicks (each one between 3 - 15 MB) can be downloaded from Massive Melons. June certainly is a beautiful girl, your blonde cutie from the neighborhood who can look very differently depending on her hairstyle. Her naughty secretary impersonation looks very convincing. As mentioned before she has impressive boobs.. and a sweet jiggly belly that she doesn't feature that much unfortunately. A rare exception is here rope jumping clip.. pure pleasure. Man, i love rope jumping vids !!!

In her performance sometimes she looks a bit fidgety though. Only a minor disturbancy, she should work on that however.

June has her own site that, seems very closely afiliated with Dolly Morgan's site. Maybe it's even run by the same webmaster (?). At least the writing style looks very similar.

As the intro we get a litlle story by the webmaster who claims to have been the neighbor of June. And taking every occasion to look over the fence and admire her boobies. Finally he found a way to sneak into her house.. by offering to do some garden work for her... or repair jobs. And in the end he became her webmaster.... Ok ok.. we've been there and done it LOL Apparently these site owners are thinking that we WANT TO BUY these everyday myths. I could well miss such unconvincing stuff.

And it gets even funnier. On most of these videos (from Massive Melons) the original sound recording is replaced by these inevitable music loops. But not on all of them. And on those you can hear her communicating with the man behind the camera. And they talk in Polish (or another Slavonic language; but let's settle with Polish). Now what is this? Did she move to the US and work there with a camera man from Poland ? Or is she all the way from Poland and the content was just sold to a webmaster in the US? Not really important questions - but then she has chosen this so all American sounding name June Kelly... oh boys, gimme a break ! lol I mean going by Polish sounding name like Tatjana Slavkobrokawa might not be the best selling argument. But June Kelly? Why didn't she go by a kool fantasy name? It wouldn't sound that wrong...

Ohkay.. after all we do care more about her physical presence IN FRONT of the camera. And that looks very hot and juicy. So I'm considering about joining her site quite soon.

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