Monday, August 08, 2005

Big Girls shaking their Curves (Clips)

[originally posted 2005, may 24]

I'm not telling a secret when saying that seeing big gurls swinging and shaking their intergalactic curves is one of the sweetest turn-ons i can think of, right?

To my pleasure more and more girls are doing exactly that recently. Just wonna point out 3 examples today... looks like i have to re-calibrate my database to become more spot-on on this subject.

GainingGoddess: She certainly is a queen of that genre. Being a very talented dancer anyway, she absolutely knows how to shake, wiggle and show off her ccurves to the beat. And she knows the right tunez to choose. Most unbelievable is her performance in a kinda super-tight and sparse leopard catsuit.. plays a tune from her computer and starts grooving and shaking.. while.. that's the brilliant part of it.. remaining sitting on her stool. GG seems to have the rhythm in her blood, to such a great effect she accentuates every angle of her gorgeous body. On her site btw is quite a sweet variety if dancing clips.. very nice.

Naughty Dia: Quite naturally her site has a different focus - but there is more variety than you would expect/a wealth of content anyway. Now Dia has trained a little classical belly dancing a while ago... so there is.. yes ... a belly dancing clip. Now Dia is a serious girl - you can expect her to do the things she's doing right.. and so you get a REAL belly dance experience. BTW not implying here that the other models don't do their stuff right, but Dia is even more serious. You have to see this swinging.. and then these space-conquering upwards and sidewards movements of her anyway impressive belly. A pity that this clip stops after 2:28, mayby there are chances for a version #2 ? And maybe with a more rhythm-oriented tune ...which is not meant as a criticism on a her choice of this slow goth metal track here.. but as just to get a different mood.

Beck: She surprised me today (and inspired me writing this) with a 20 sec .wmv on her most recent (free) preview update (#193). Beck is looking hot, she's dressed up most sexy and she picked a kool dance track. And she performs like there's no tomorrow, without a doubt enjoying every milisecond of it. What a turn on.. so well done, Beck !!!

The cap above i've created from Beck's clip who was so kind to allow me to include it here. Y! downsized this pic btw - which was only 34 KB anyway. There's nothing i can do about that.

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