Monday, August 08, 2005

Overkill with Updates ?

[originally posted 2005, april 07]

Browsing through BBW and Plumper sites makes it apparent that some sites are posting updates at a breathtaking frequency. Or add an amazing load of content. You see such an update policy quite often in between on Southern Charms hosted amateur sites, some models there update 3 times a week rsp. every second day.

Of course one might question if such a rush (and pressure) will affect the quality of the uploaded content. It surely does. Or at least more redundancy will be rinsed out. But that's not the decisive point.

Such an increase of updates, if that tendency is continuing, will put competitive pressure onto all those models who do not want or are not able to catch up. Quite likely these update-intensive sites will do better in terms of rebills because the average customer might think f. ex. ok set #53 and set #54 only had 1 or 2 hot images but #55 was quite good. So chances are good that he will stay. Additionally a site that adds something like 12,000 pics per year keeps us guys quite busy, eventually not leaving much time to be dedicated to other sites.

It's hard to tell how much such a blazing update policy will affect 'slower' sites in the end. I would guess that a site with unique features, quality or assets should do better.

BTW Even apart from their mass of content these sites i'm talking about are quite attractive IMHO. More soon...

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