Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Liana Smiss - Recycled Reappearances

In 2008 new releases with exceptionally beautiful Liana Smiss started to dry out. On her last shot, before she apparently retired, she showed a new tattoo, and a not very flattering look. I've written an entry on that. Liana did mainly hardcore work, of the really rougher kind - a few hundred scenes in my estimation. Now companies are starting to (re-)release her solo work under different names, making people think she is a new model… oh well. I mean… okay, i'd loved to see her doing more good looking solo sets. But after a model is done such releases rather look like a so-so affair.

TopHeavyAmateurs are featuring her as "Sugar - age: 19, location: Chek Republik"  lol Like in this December release.

YoungFatties introduced her as well naming her Jessica. Thanks to PuffyChicks for his blog entry where i'm borrowing these samples from.

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