Saturday, January 01, 2011

Taylor Steele - Big On Youtube

Allright yo. Taylor Steele got 70 videos on YouTube. But before you take 1 or 2 days off from work in order to check them all nonstop, consider this: It's YouTube. You won't see nudity. You won't see much cleavage either, just a few glimpses every now and then.

The main thing is Taylor's friendly, unfiltered and at times hilarious sense of humor. She's far from too shy to turn on the camera in a spontaneous move, to do something instant. What gets its charm from her naivety in just exploring things - she has the confidence to do that! - side by side with preconceived hilarious stuff. And sometimes she's cute and funny. A nice balance. On her profile she calls her style magic, says she's a born entertainer and tells that she loves flipping around bits and pieces in her video editor. Obviously! 

Some people criticized Taylor's YouTube channel. Not sure for which reasons though. Do they think this is too much? Sure, Taylor breaks away there from the common role-model of just being sexy and cute. While she shows elements of dorkiness, tongue-in-cheek or self-mockery. I say Go Taylor! She just happens to have this loose and bubbly personality. So she's not only one of most gorgeous models to appear on the scene in the last 2 years. Her Youtube-vaganza puts her into another dimension, at least doubling the fun i had associated with her after seeing her regular sexy content. 

Have to say though that i skip most of her (Mariah Carey etc) Karaoke versions. Taylor CAN sing, but i'm not such a fan of her uber-mannered style - probably done intentionally, but i think a 'kooler' style would suit her better. Her rapping is nice though. A few of my favorites (with screenshots occasionally):  

"People Are Stoopid"

"Taylor Steele Curls Her Hair With A Straightener"

"Lili Freak"

"Sherrie Lea Interview" (kool and hilarious)

"Taylor Steele Phones Phil McCracken" (sweet)

"I Want To Know What Love Is"

"Dolly Parton"

"Happy Canada Day"

"Prank Calls" (the record store calls are hilarious)

"Santa Sucks - Here's Why" (right on, girl)

"Turning Me On"


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