Friday, March 25, 2011

Kiki Kakuchi: Balloon Fun - Have You Ever Seen Her More Adorable?

Really a lot has been said about Kiki Kakuchi. And it will continue. Because of, as i would think, a simple field of reasons: 
Kiki is an extremely sexy girl.
Kiki touches people with her genuine, cute as the girl next door, real, sensitive and straight-forward side.
Kiki LOVES to play - she has an extremely vivid energy for exploring things beyond common sense paths. That's a natural way for her, so she is not pushing things, but she is not afraid of getting misunderstood that's why.   

The latter aspect challenged a few people. They came up with wild assumptions and chased her with travesties. Kiki who, as i said before, is a rather sensitive girl actually, got quite frustrated in the end. I would think for that reason, and probably because of a change in her lifestyle as well (although i don't have reliable info regarding that part), pulled back from the public places. And only kept selling self-produced content to interested webmeisters. That should explain some of the mystery surrounding her.

Here's some of her lesser known work for a site called SexxyBalloonBabe. It was shot in 2008 or earlier and she is called Lori here, a name Kiki has used on other occasions too. They have 2 clips as tasters. A 7:36 sequence, in standard WMV quality, and a very short low quality sample clip. Only the sample clip shows her topless. But both are well worth watching, as you've never seen Kiki so cheerful, cute and naturally sexy.

Screen cap posted by SexyBalloonBabe:



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