Saturday, February 26, 2011

3 Big Questions!!! (#2) - Emilia Boshe

So i was speaking again with Emilia Boshe. What a nice girl! Asked her if she would be up for a 3 Big Questions interview. And she said: Sure… Why not NOW?? Okay, so i thought up these questions quickly. Which she replied within the blink of an eye ;) Long live spontaneity! 

Q: Emilia, i would guess that you're mainly active with your webcam currently. Is that correct? So please tell us a bit what people can expect from you. What happens in your cam shows?

A: Yes, correct. In front of the cam i love to make men crazy ;) I'm doing boobs massages, tits shaking, oil my tits or my whole body and play with my dildos (titty and pussy fuck). But i like as well watching my customers how they please themselves and release their load.
I'm open for almost anything ;) Sure, there are a few limits. I don't do bondage, anal or BDSM. I have to feel convenient in what i'm doing. But in general i'm up for anything that's fun and like to try new things.

Q: Serious question. Is being on cam demanding? Is there a lot of trouble with (rude) customers? Is it hard to get down after camming? Does it effect your personal sex life?

A: Hmm, yes, indeed it can be demanding. Sometimes i feel like after an intensive sports program. For example when customers want me to jump around and get my boobs bounce heavily. I mean they have a lot of weight and afterwards i can be in pain a bit. But apart from that i don't find it straining. At least i haven't made any negative experiences so far and i hope things will stay that way. The guys are all very nice, no rudeness.  

Q: Would you give us a few details regarding your past and future? Your Southern Charms site unfortunately has been closed. What happened? How was your encounter with [EDITED] ? Or, if we go back even further, how went your work with Daktari Lorenz? Finally, do you have plans for the future?

A: For private reasons which i do not really want to discuss here, i wasn't able for a long time to shoot updates for Southern Charms. That's why they took me off and now i am banned for one year. But i'm considering to have a personal site again. Or to restart on MyDirtyHobby. But i haven't made a decision yet.
Shooting with [EDITED] was truly nice and we had a lot of fun together. There might be even a follow-up soon.  
Working at Daktari's was a great experience. He definitely takes outstanding photos, has always great ideas and i liked my shoot with those ripped working clothes.
Quite soon i will be appearing again on a couple of busty sites, f. ex. DivineBreasts. You will definitely see new things with me again.
Thanks for being such a sweetie, Emilia!

Is there something about Emilia that you're missing? It might have been addressed in my previous posts. But you can just ask. Quite likely i will talk to Emilia again… This quick info though (just in case): For a long time now Emilia has no longer any relations with the site With our little talk as well the release of so far unseen images coincided. Emilia told that these have been shot almost 3 years ago. I have to add however that they surely look scrumptious.



Soft Curves said...

Really great interview :) Say Hello to her from me. She knows me. I done pictures to her in Italy in 2008

panhype said...

Forwarded! :)

big boob lover said...

Awesome, I feel blessed to live in these times where technology can bring the worlds most beautiful women to me. And women like Emilia Boshe to share herself for us.Awesome gorgeous woman. Wanna see more.