Monday, April 18, 2011

Dors Feline's Announcement To Retire - A Sour Taste

Dors Feline announced and explained her retirement from modeling. Shocking news certainly for many of her very loyal and die-hard fans. Also for me - i'll be not just missing her physical assets, but also the facet-rich 'symphony', the fragrance and sometimes the fragility of the personality Dors Feline shining through the model Dors Feline. But i'm also shocked about how she words her announcement. Critical thoughts are coming up.

I'm fully aware that i can be completely misunderstood here, so i'm trying to choose my words as carefully as possible. People will still make wrong judgements, that's out of my control - but before you do so, please consider: I'm speaking here less as a person making assumptions but rather as a medium, who just sees loose ends being out there anyway that could be easily connected, leading to a sour taste. What is already happening…

In my view a model can retire without "owning" an explanation. I also think that people who lump the model and the person Dors Feline into one, with thinking they "own" her, can be just ignored. However, there's a serious number of people who have been following the model Dors as a whole package with respect and positive attention: because Dors didn't stage herself as an artificial creation but rather acted with a very real appeal. Those attentive, loyal fans obviously feel let down because of Dors' very irritating communication.

Let me explain. In her blog entry Dors points out her exhaustion from leading two lives in one body: as a real girl and a model. However, the "jet setting" part of her modeling (work for Score etc) was one that she chose, and one she easily could abandon, with still continuing her personal (amateur) modeling. Not a strong reason. All those rude or or "disgusting" emails, comments etc she's been getting - well, it's the first time i see a model claiming those for leaving the business. That sort of emails or messages indeed are inappropriate and ugly, but are they so major to stop a blooming softcore modeling career? Again a confusing argument.

Dors Feline not long ago had a big story with images (as "Dors") in the UK weekly that's life!. Where she told that she "hates" her 34L boobs and is saving up to "chop them off". On Feb 13th she confirmed the validity of that story and her planned breast reduction on Twitter after people asked, and added later "My backs still painful, might be time to get these bad boys taken off!
Another important distinction here: It would be very selfish to deny a model the right to do with her body whatever she wants to. That includes breast reduction or weight loss surgery. Also, that might surprise a few: I'm not saying that a model has to tell us the 'truth'. So i'm not even speculating how exactly Dors' extremely long stay in hospital contributed to her retirement. I just read her info (through Twitter) speaking of a severe pneumonia (of course a major bad experience) and an "operation" (later). While the breast reduction aspect has been mentioned in a different context. I assume NOTHING! But i see these aspects out there in the open, as being easily connectable, for everybody thinking about Dors. And, after the reasons that she claimed for her retirement, people getting a sour taste. Breast reduction or not.

In a nutshell, Dors Feline has been selling a product, of course loaded with fantasy and mystification. But she also wanted respect, what many loyal fans were ready to give her. Now she says that this fantasy is over, yet wants again respect for her decision. But creates at the same time another mystification, by ignoring and glossing over the irritation she created before. Now one thing's for sure: A breast reduction would make the most serious of all reasons to see the model Dors Feline being history. Dors however just let's people hang people in a mess that she has created. That has a lot of Goodbye. I don't give a fuck anyway.

Her personal site so far to a large part filled with content shot a long time or a while ago, is announced to be continued as usual! While Dors announced her Twitter account to be sold for the highest bet, starting at $1000. Being a fan of a model can be quite disturbing.


Anonymous said...

I can see why you would want to leave the model biz for the rude comments. Out of curiosity, I recently checked out the website of a webmaster who had posted on an adult message board. His site claimed to be a glamour style of site with young models.
He has a message board on the site. One guy congratulated him on the board and asked what the girls would do... "DP, anal, etc."
Yeah, right. You dimwit! It's a glamour site!

Dors is seeling her twitter account? How strange.

Anonymous said...

wow she's a legend..i can see why she left in the first place. i would leave too if i constantly got rude and disgusting messages from old guys and horny pre-teens...R.I.P Dors's career and welcome a new life for her in reality.

Anonymous said...

Sad you posted such a blog about Dors retirement.

Do you know her? Do you know anything but what you see online?

My guess is you don't ...

All I see are just lots of snide comments. Sad as you seem to be a fan.

Let the gal do what SHE wants with HER life. She doesn't have to explain her choice to you or anyone else! You blog post seems angry that you didnt get a personal explanation.

Good luck to Dors as she moves in a different direction.

There is always her beautiful site with so many stunning photos of her to continue to enjoy her.

panhype said...

@Anynymous (the last one)

Dors didn't own 'us' an explanation. But she DID explain. I repeated only what she said. And mentioned the impression that these very different reasons that she told at very different places - "fans" and industry people not treating her well VS breast reduction - don't sit well side by side.

Anonymous said...

She has low self-esteem. She has a striking characteristic that draws a lot of attention and she dwells on it. Some men make rude comments to her and instead of recognizing them for the dogs they are, she assumes that all men will always treat her like that as long as she has large breasts.

The fantasy of her breasts contributing to her asthma problems is complete bullshit. Asthma has nothing to do with tit size or weight. Also, everyone gets made fun of in school a little bit, and everyone is insecure. It's part of life and you learn to deal with it. And back problems are the same tired excuse that many women who are out of shape use to get their breasts chopped off. I like thick women, but it was clear to me that Dors was letting herself go a little bit which strangely contributed to her breast size continually increasing. Finally, she purposefully spent time in an industry of sexuality, also contributing to her self-esteem issues due to the countless letters from men telling her how beautiful she is, how nice her breasts are and so on and so on. Of course, she doesn't talk about any of that, she just goes on about the inappropriate comments made to her. We all have inappropriate comments made to us because there are assholes all over the world. It happens, but with all of her excuses added together, it looks like she wanted someone else to blame for her problems. rather than trying to get better mentally. She's crazy, and she retreats internally and it sounded like her mom never tried to get her any help emotionally for any of her issues. She talks a lot about doctors office and hispotal visits, but what about the psychological trauma that is clearly going on? Not. Addressed. At. All.

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Anonymous said...

Selling your Twitter account is in direct violation of Twitter Terms of Service. Stupid cunt Dors she is.

Anonymous said...

I'm usually a staunch defender of women and a quasi-feminist hetero male who actively tries to stamp out sexism, so it is with that background in mind that I nevertheless say my opinion in this specific case:

It is Dors Feline, not any genuine fan, who is the selfish one here. I'd even say frighteningly so.

She absolutely should have, and could have, worked on and self-matured her psychological outlook by getting help; instead, she reduced her boobs (I am VERY glad I've never seen any of those pictures, if there are any; the only Dors I'll ever either acknowledge or orgasm to is the one with those incredible double-Ks!!), basically told her fans that she doesn't care about them, abruptly abandoned erotica, and is now (predictably) either in complete obscurity or completely gone. The Dors her fans love no longer exists. At least Ashley Sage Ellison shamelessly changed her body shape to large (and had an explosive boob increase as a result), and obviously revels in both the change and her similarly-explosive indie modelling career. Dors, by contrast, couldn't handle the heat-- although I doubt it was really THAT much heat-- and scampered out of the kitchen.

In getting out of the biz the way she did, I agree with both panhype and one of the previous commenters: It has an air of don't-give-a-fuck sprayed all over it. It shows a blatant disrespect to the people who simultaneously orgasmed to her and deeply respected her. I would suspect that if her fans weren't so busy continuing to masturbate to her existing pictures and videos, they'd probably use the spare time to feel almost personally insulted and actively resentful. It's not just unfair that she's done what she's done. It's also a sign of deep immaturity I definitely wouldn't have expected from her. You should have grown up (of mind), Dors, but you didn't. Now it's too late and you're gone. But with the thoughts and opinions you hold now, it's definitely for the better, since it's highly likely that the "new" you will actually be far less successful in life (with that kind of dismissive attitude you now have) rather than more.