Thursday, February 03, 2011

Bettie Pumpkin Is In A Music Video!!

I could have guessed that from her look on her images. Only seemingly shy, she shows a lot of positively twisted energy. Also a lot of confidence for and fun with trying out THE interesting things. Her comments on web boards etc emphasize that impression: she isn't big mouthed, but usually tells the cutest and wittiest things, however spiked with serious quirks and funny turns. Bettie Pumpkin is somebody who ENJOYS going for her stuff! So it's not really a surprise, although a very pleasant one, seeing her appear at another artistic front.

In her unmistakable way she only sent a Tweet. With no further info, containing however a concealed hint about "a big arse bouncing =P". I missed the hint and expected just a song/video she likes. So all of a sudden i noticed Bettie Pumpkin in there. And my eyes got glued to the screen…

The music's a Dutch HipHop tune, and mighty n dirty (you will like it even if you usually stay away from HipHop, at least its generic mainstream form). There isn't much of Bettie in the clip, but sure enough to not miss it.


Bettie Pumpkin as you might know her


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