Monday, December 26, 2005

The Distinction.

Most FUNDAMENTAL... and the porn industry should take it into consideration

Instead of an introduction: When you are a model, a pornstar or a person creating adult content and you are predominantly just doing the stuff you like most anyway - with only marginal second thoughts about your potential markets and audiences - then my lil article might not talk to you. Also when you feel entirely happy about your success in the industry you might not want to waste your time on my ramblings. All power to you !

So what's my deal here?.. Simple as that: I want to spend $$$ on BBW DVDs or videos but there's hardly any content available that is hot enough for me to watch it more than once. Yep, i'm very unhappy regarding the situation of BBW porn (videos)- both mainstream and amateur porn.

My perspective may appear kinda peculiar... but actually is so only in a quantitative aspect - as i might have spent more time on looking for BBW content than most other people. Not that i would be proud of that or something along those lines. But i'd guess i had a look on nearly every bigger gal that ever appeared on the scene, be it just through samples or more thoroughly. And so i can say in all honesty: hardly any of the released content gets me started.

To make that clear: That's NOT because of the domination of hardcore content in the videos. I've seen harddcore scenes that were presented in a way so that i went Wow ! Blazing hot !!

So: My dissatisfaction is all about the presentation... or better the perspective these videos are shot from.

Hardcore flicks follow extremely rigidly one standard pattern: Apart from a little playing with the girl's boobies at the beginning the entire footage usually is cock-oriented. We see blowjobs, anal, missionary etc etc and in the end the money shot plus its effect, the girl's messy face. And the camera predominantly would follow these actions of the cock, often in exhaustive detail by providing tons of closeups. Some movies must have way over 50% of closeups featuring a male's cock as the main actor.

I might say i could care less. First i'm not gay. And secondly girls i have sex with usually seem to be pleased with what i got to offer... But the deal also is: No content for me to buy on the market...

But why are nearly all flicks following this rigid, cock-centric and closeup-happy perspective? Hard to tell... Without a doubt there's a huge group of guys out there who want to see exactly this kind of cock-centric staging. Eventually this group 1) is most vocal. Also 2) most congruent in its preferences. And finally 3) Hardcore movies were always shot that way... nuff said.

Aha, i hear you say, what's your preference now? Very simple answer: I wonna see the sexy BBW in her curvy glory. I want to see her move, jiggle, change postitions and stage a galore of views and angles of her hotness. I don't mind whether that would be hardcore, softcore, BDSM, lez, solo or you know what. As long as she shows off the sexy herself, with her boobies, her belly, her booty, her thighs, her face.... or whichever focus she feels would render her most erotic and mindblowing. And as long as NOT any random guys and, their random bodies and cocks would block the view on that girl... and that way effectively render her as random too - as just as an opportunity fot the cock to unfold HIS ways.

So, finally, here's the fundamental distinction, the one that really matters. And that separates the porn audience in two very different groups:

Group A) absolutely wants to see THE ACTION. Like HOW dick is sucked, HOW anal is done etc etc. And HOW the result of the action, the cumshot, is accomplished
. DPs and gangbangs may count as EXPANSIONS of the more everyday-like 2-some intercourse and work as additional kick within the fantasies about the action.

Group B) gets its kicks by watching a curvy girl in motion. By getting as many and as great as possible views of her best assets and her different ways of staging them. They want maximum exposure of the girl. And the kind of action coming with this exposure (hardcore, showering, stripping/teasing, eating etc etc) is only of secondary interest.

I'm pretty sure that Group B) will be catered better.... sooner or later. I've seen tons of discussions recently and so this became clear: Group B) is way bigger than the porn industry would make us believe.


Chase said...

Nice to see you back in action. :)

panhype said...

Muaaaah... thanks, chase-a-tivity ! Still looking for a better routine... in order to get a higher frequence into my updates. I only can get better !

Nop said...

Nice to see that some one is able to voice their opinions about BBW porn. I'd like to see less degrading stuff dealing with BBWs to come out, instead of seeing movies like "Nasty Fat Fuckers" or what ever.

Anonymous said...

HARK! The Prophet speaks! The only thing I would/could add to your excellently written suggestions is that of the material that DOES currently cater to the interests of your "Group B", much of it treats the woman as a collection of body parts rather than an entire beautiful, sexy PERSON

panhype said...

Right on, nop ! Let's hope that more people will get that idea. And also that some players in the industry will try to cater such a market.

panhype said...

Thanks for the kind words, anonymous. I see your point regarding the interest in body parts or the collection of it. You're right, i could have been clearer there. Let's just say in my perspective the personality of a girl adds CONSIDERABLY to her sexiness. And here's one of the reasons why i have so little pleasure with close-ups