Saturday, January 21, 2006

[Random Observations] Bring your own sheets !

Hotel Photo Shooting

Since Girl/Girl photo sets apparently are quite in demand i've seen alot of pics recently shot in hotel rooms. Quite a logical idea, of course... especially when the models live in different areas and just meet up at the hotel for shooting. Which also provides a different location. Nothing wrong with that.

Of course nobody would spend his budget to rent a room in the Ritz (or whatever the most advanced hotel might be). So everybody is going with more budget-friendly places and their peculiar charms. Like those wooden bedside tables with the telefone ontop. Or the lowest denominator art at the walls. Again nothing wrong with that.

But those bedcovers !!! It seems unavoidable that most budget-friendly hotel rooms come up with those thingies like beige base color plus brown and/or green patterns (floral patterns?). Oh no !!!!

A big turnoff that usually ruins otherwise great images, at least for me.

So you're using considerable attention on your wardrobe, makeup, hairdo etc. But why not upgrading such an exposed detail, particularily after it can be done with such minmal effort?

So bring your own sheets. Folded up they take very little space in your backpack etc. And if you can't find your fav color in your mall it's super-easy to buy white sheets and color them in your washing mashine, to an appealing dark blue, red or whatever you prefer.

There are many ways to hide this beige debacle.


Angel said...

Never really thought about that but you are so right. I will certainly make sure I pack some the next time I have a hotel encounter on film.

Angel xxx

Anonymous said...

I always think the same thing when I am supposed to shoot in a standard hotel room. I've taken to looking for unique bed & breakfasts-they offer a MUCH better stage for a scene. :)