Monday, December 05, 2005

An Update on Daphne

Daphne Stone has updated her personal site with another video and posted 4 short sample clips as preview. Just scroll down and see the glamour-licious herself in her bikini glory.
bottle clip1
bottle clip2
bottle clip3
bottle clip4
(these won't last very long, just til her next video update i suppose)

Sensational Daphne ! Her curves are ultimate Plethora, in its sexiest incarnation..(i seem to like this plethora word recently)... Combined with her surprisingly kool and serious look (when she's not teasing and playing) but then instantly turning into the adorable-funny-silly and uber-sexy Daphne Playgirl makes the ultimate package.

No, accidently running into her would not make me jump into the pool first to kool down a litlle bit.. Such a joyful uber-presence would even me let forget my occasional shyness and smile with her around the block... umm, i didn't mean to get personal here lol

I'd only wish she did less hardcore on her site - just concluding from the previews, haven't been a member yet. So that we could see more of her stellar stunningness. No, i don't mind hardcore. I just mind the guys in the scenery blocking the view onto Daphne. Just that.

Speaking of hardcore: Daphne emailed me a list of DVD and sites she's on:
hot sexy plumpers #4, #5 and All Amateur Video #13

daphne amateur flic personally made (solo plus g/guy)

Sites (w/ extensive video content):
hot sexy mommas (daphne and hippy)
Daphne solo

Daphne w/ 2 guys

hsp #4 #5 (Daphne w/ 2 guys. Daphne w/ BBWHippyChick)

And of course her personal site:
Daphne Stone
(weekly updates)

Daphne is also camming on iFriends using the name 1BigNaturals

I should add that these comments are partly hers and partly mine. I couldn't verify that "HotSexyPlumpers #5" DVD but i'd guess it was shot a while ago and is due for release soon.

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