Friday, August 14, 2009

Why does Scoreland make models look older?

In other words: Why do the stylists hired by Score often apply makeups and hairdos that make the models 5 -8 years older? Quite unlikely this doesn't just happen because it's the stylists' personal decision, because they think the model simply looks better or hotter that way. Throughout the years, photo sets and videos published by the Score Group always had quite consistent esthetics. And when they changed a bit, that change happened across the board, on all their sites like Scoreland, XLGirls or the sites dedicated to particular models. It's safe to assume that such fundamental decisions are made in the upper management. Are the stylists working without general instructions? I doubt that.

I'm not saying that this 'more mature look' is applied all the time. I've started to notice it occasionally - often enough to see it as a recurring pattern. But what's the reasoning behind that? Does it look more 'porn'? Do they want to cater the older subscribers? Or is it something like: A model either has to look really young or more mature? I have no idea. I wished somebody, probably working for Score, could clue me in.

But it's not only the direct effect of the stylist's work. The models also seem to make rather 'hard', not to say 'frozen' expressions. What makes them look older as well.

Rather randomly i collected a few examples and show them back to back to photos these models did for other sites. In other words i did not try HARD to find the best examples to support that 'pattern'. They still should be revealing enough.

My first example shows April Mckenzie.

She was 23 at the time of both shots. On the Score example i would estimate her over 30. Of course these are very different pictures, in various aspects. Like the shot from her personal site is more 'amateur'. What matters is that she looks so much older (then she is in reality) on the Score shot . Why in the world?

Second example is Sienna Hills.

FeedHerFuckHer sample versus PlumperPass sample. Again there seem to be ages between these shots. Certainly her more lively expression on the shot for PlumperPass makes her look younger as well.

Jade Parker aka Jade38H is the most striking example. Thus i had to make two comps.

Actually i had to look twice to recognize her, even after being a many times recurring member of her personal site. Can this be true? At the time of both shots Jade was 26, what she looks like on the sets from her own site. On the basis of the XLGirls shots i would guess she's much older, probably in her mid or late 30s.

I have to mention however that Jade currently is listed as the most popular XLGirls model!!! But does that suffice to say that they must have done something right? As somebody who rather would consider a glass half full than half empty, i'm tempted to say: She is that popular not because but despite setting her in scene that oddly.


NewExposures said...

to be honest I think the problem is that they seem to have no clue how to bring out a models individuality and try to squeeze them in to the same over made up "Score" mode

Human_Torch said...

I personally think Sienna looks better in the FeedMeFuckMe set. However, I do see and agree with what you are saying.

I always thought the makeup job they did for Luna Mystiques Xtra Large Girls set was a bit... odd :/

panhype said...

NewExposures, now, after seeing your comment, i remember that i got into April Mckenzie actually after discovering samples of the work she did for I'm not saying this just to be friendly to you. Where i have to mention as well that in general, or statistically more likely, my interest is sparked by different types of models.

So April's premier asset of course is her boobies. They surely are nice, not to say overwhelming. But as well she has in her expressions a strong, sexy and quite unique AMBIGUITY (she might not be aware of that herself), what i find totally fascinating. And you guys captured that perfectly!

Maybe Score's focus mainly is to bring a model's boobs n curves across, plus the naughty part, at a shiny looking location? Like: she got the boobs, what else do you want?!! Okay, i said "mainly" - of course Score is doing SWEET stuff as well.

panhype said...

Human_Torch I would agree that IN THE END Sienna looks hotter in the FeedHerFuckHer set. We both see clearly the various aspects of these sets!

*Goes and checks the Luna Mystique samples*... The pictorial indeed doesn't look that flattering. Too much and too 'hard' light, particularly on her face. That's something they did almost constantly till probably 3 years ago. My applause that now they often are working with a much more natural lighting. Luna's video however brings the best of her out.

Pornster said...

Jade certainly looks milfy in the Score pics. Which is not a bad thing. :)

Anonymous said...

Make-up is really a personal preference. Everyone has their likes and dislikes. Some like a lot, some like a little. The people who really should be criticized are the sites that sexually degrade and abuse girls on video. A lot of this stuff is really sickening. But I rarely read any criticism of those sites...for whatever reason.

Anonymous said...

Older is wiser and people want their moneys worth. When the models look younger or "fresh" such as the ddfbusty website then people assume that these women are trashy and the make-up is making them look young.