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News 2008-07-25: April McKenzie (AprilJuggs)

April McKenzie is a big boob model and porn star who became quickly very popular recently. I know, that will surprise a few to see me mentioning her. Well, i personally do not restrict myself in any way, particularly not to something like a maximum size or something. And April certainly is a curvy girl.

She made her debut in mainstream porn in early 2007. And has shot something like 20 scenes so far for companies like Scoreland (that overdolled preview there looks horrible IMHO), Vivid or RealityKings (1st scene - 2nd scene) and others. Noteworthy also is her work with Juggmaster and Mandy Blake). Dunno what attracted my attention initially. But her presence in "Top Heavy Tarts 6" was the keeper. I'm not sure if she looks even more dropdead sexy there compared to her other mainstream productions. Maybe she does! But it's her subtle sense of humor and playfulness that got me so enthusiastic. Quite rarely to be seen. But what a turn-on!!!!

April has her personal site as well. With a slightly different focus: less hardcore (there are a few scenes though) and more personal - you could say more 'amateur', but that term might be misleading here. I'd say her presentation is more 'instant'.

So people tell that April McKenzie has 'Girl-Next-Door' or 'Girlfriend' quality. Again i'm not sure if that hits the nail. She definitely is a model with a constant change of expressions and looks. She can be the naughty freak, the serious girl, the sweetheart etc etc. And her 'funny' looks! All that with quick and subtle transitions. I hardly can remember such a multi-faceted girl. At the same time she always looks like April. Totally fascinating and alluring.

I have seen most of her mainstream scenes. But what i'm always coming back to are the pictures and videos from her personal site. Because that's the stuff that keeps its charm and its freshness. Needless to say that it has way more and better views of her boobs and her stellar body as well.... You say hardcore is the ONLY thing that keeps you going? In that case you might be better off with her mainstream content.

I personally would even prefer if she did less masturbation/dildo playing (a lot of the photo sets and most of the solo videos are that way). And would focus more on enticing celebrations of her iceberg melting sexiness. Okay, maybe she thinks that she is predominantly seen as a naughty girl and that people expect her to show that.

The last time i checked her site had over 2 dozen full image sets. Good quality usually, with pro lighting. Minor complaints for being a tad too boob-centric (i prefer the whole package) and a tendency to shoot from a too high position. And there are over a dozen of videos, usually 10 -15 mins long (way kool !!!!). Minor complaints here for the lack of contrast in many (can be adjusted in your player to a certain extent), an occasionally shaky and "rough" handling of the camera (too much moving) and the very random editing sometimes (in one scene you can watch her saying "Hello, i'm April McKenzie". And 15 secs later that comes again). But those are minor issues not really affecting the enjoyment. The overall content is top notch!!!.... Thanks to her webmaster, Boobman Jim, for letting me have a look!

*Edit/july31st, 2008: All of April's videos are downloadable. Also her photosets, actually as a one-click zip file link for greater convenience*

Right now the navigation through her tour looks messed up. Page 2 is there.

Joing her site also gives access to a couple of more solo sites, f. ex. those of Daphne Stone (whom i've dedicated a few entries before, particularly here), Simone Fox and the archived site of Naughty Gia Johnson.

Here's a compilation i made for her (after asking for permission)

A few previews of
Playing drums
More Milky
Boob Playing In Bed (video)
Playing (video)
Outdoors In PinkTop
Basket Ball
Waking Up wonderful idea!!!

Lana's Big Boobs has tons more links to preview galleries with April.

Through her MySpace site (i won't post the link here but very easy to find) she announced she would do personal videos of 30 mins length. People who are interested should email her. Usually i'm not but in her case i was. Particularly because the price was right, $30 plus handling. Okay, i ended up with $50, but that's still fine for a direct copy of the DV tape (instead of highly compressed .wmv etc) and shipping overseas. Also, after she got the idea that i am real she was REALLY nice and communicative! Okay, i'll tell my impressions when i have the disc.

*update Sept. 24th, 2008:
I urgently have to warn now everybody to not start ANY business relations with April Mckenzie (April Juggs) !!!
After over 2 months i still haven't got the video i paid for. And since mid August she is not responding to any emails anymore, despite being around daily, and updating. There is another 'victim' i'm in contact with.

I'm still in the process of trying to get through to her by other people of the industry, with very little hope though for more positive news. I'll post details of the story plus other quite inconvenient details about April Mckenzie soon!

Another Update (Nov 22, 2008):
April McKenzie for sure is one of the persons who make it really hard to get an idea what they are all about. I'm saying that as somebody who usually has quite a talent to get the right idea about a particular person. So after exercising some pressure - but i can't really say if it was as the result of THAT - she got back to me. Twice actually. And, in a nice way, told me some personal as well as modeling related news (just saying that Scoreland has shot some very EXCLUSIVE content with her), in other words details that would make some breaking news. But i'm not playing the cheap games and respect her request for non-disclosure. And, more importantly, give her real props for getting back to me in such a non-generic way. Didn't expect that. She also offered me a refund, or to wait longer for her video. I opted for the video, but for more than 4 weeks she is totally silent again. Arrrgggh! Drives me nuts when i don't know what to think about a particular person!

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