Friday, July 25, 2008

News 2008-07-24: Pretty Girl Lusi videos (Southern Charms)

Almost never i seem to get around with writing full reviews or features (although my head is full of 'em). It just takes serious TIME to do full researches. So instead of that i'll try to post roughly written overviews. Occasionally.

Surfing Southern Charms i ran into Pretty Girl Lusi. Lusi is a very big-chested MILF and BBW from Russia who gives even on her previews a good idea of her very curvy and sexy body. Unlike so many other models who prefer to hide their treasures on their previews. With posting not very revealing preview pix. Seriously now! Getting a good idea in advance helps so much with joining a site.

As much as i love the concept of Southern Charms sites for its simplicity/fantastic usability and the galore of updates many models are providing, videos are the weakest part of it. Models have either no videos at all or something i'd call SAMPLE clips. That's due to SC's limitation of 3 MB maximum and .wmv format only.

So i went to Lusi's video page. Note: you have to buy those vids separately, they are not included in your membership! But they are of a decent length (5 - 9 mins in Lusi's case) and of quite good quality often (still .wmv, all of them). So i bought the first one... checked it... lord have mercy! ... bought the second one ... till i had bought all of them ("Orgazm" was the last one at that day). Ok, i spent 30 bucks altogether, not too bad.

Lusi is a totally natural show-off! She doesn't do much, she just moves around, showing her goodies, like she was born to do that. And the camera follows her smoothly, just like the human eye would do that. Really well done!! Word to other camera men: constant zooming and moving the camera sucks! But in this case, being able to follow how Lusi gradually presents the various sexy views of her is a serious turn-on.

The video quality itself is a bit average (wmv9 at around 750 kbs). If she'd up the bitrate to something like 1200 kbps her vids would look much better. But the quality is still enjoyable. Very good value for my money here after all! Here's two screen caps i've taken.


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