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Interview with BigCutieJacki aka JiggliJacki [Upd. 2011-03-15]

Here's the first of a string of planned interviews. Today i had the pleasure to talk to Jacki who, in case you don't know, has a much acclaimed YahooGroup running since 2005 and also started her own site on the BigCuties network a couple of months ago. Jacki's big round sexy belly for sure is a belly lovers dream. But also her very distinctive and unique modeling style is a prime example of a new wave of models making inroads in the scene - not cheesy or ever horny, she rather stages herself in a very proud, confident and sexy way. Whether she strikes classical poses or just shows off her curviness, Jacki comes across as instant, upfront, intimate in a classy way and iconographic. She definitely stands out in the scene.

Her BigCuties site holds 15 sets so far and i'm, beyond her qualities mentioned above, quite amazed by the variety of themes and (particularly) locations. The biggest surprise however are her (so far) 17 videos (running something like 1:20 - 2 mins, 10 - 20 MB, wmv format, quite good quality usually). Jacki rules her videos !!! Camera shyness must be a word in a foreign language for her, she seems totally to enjoy setting up her scenes and presenting her charms to us. What a pleasure to watch !

Ok, here's the interview.

Q1: So how is it to be a famous girl, at least to a certain extent?

A1: It is really nice. I had always dreamed something like this would come true, and I made it happen.

Q2: How did your appearance at the Dr. Keith Ablow show become reality? I mean how did they find you?
A2: They found me on MySpace. After chatting with the producers, they loved my personality and liked my story. Yes, Kristin is my real name, I did use it on the show. As for why I don't use it on the web......well, there aren't any good descriptive fat words that begin with K, and I always liked the name, Jacki. So Jigglijacki was born and Big Cutie Jacki.

Q3: Was it an easy decision for you to accept the invitation to the show? Like within 5 mins you decided to go there ?
A3: Yes, I talked it over with my boyfriend at the time, and we decided , why not, plus it would be a great exposure for things to come in the future.

Q4: Did you have stage-fright?
A4: No

Q5: You are the koolest ! So how was it to meet these other BBW models like Hot Chocolate (from Bigger Bottoms Entertainment), Gaining Goddess, BBWDreamLover (also on iFriends), Bodacious Nicole (also editor of BodaciousMagazine), Destiny and Desire there?
A5: It was so cool, since I was a secret FA myself, it was a pleasure. They were all wonderful women and I enjoyed myself, thoroughly.

Q6: You didn't have a paysite back then. Meeting these models, did that inspire or encourage you to start your own site?
A6: Back then i didn't have a site up, but one in the works. It was in the works before I went on the show, it's just slow going, because my friend is doing it free of charge, and I'm last on his to do list. It should be up by Christmas now. This site is a work-in-progress. When i was asked by Heather in December 2006 to join BigCuties, regardless, to what i was doing then. Only a few people know what i am doing, besides it won't be a paysite, so-to-speak, i will have streaming vids available , and DVDs for sale. But lots of free pics. I want to do something not like everyone else, which keeps me special. And i've had the idea for a webpage for 3 years. So yeah, when it's ready, i'll be on two sites ==> See update for that aspect at the bottom of the interview!!

Q7: What is your most lasting impression from that tv show? Was it interesting to look behind the screen?
A7: I don't own a TV, therefore, i didnt care, what goes on behind the scenes. I couldn't care less. All i did/do care about is for other BBWs out there to have better self images of their bodies and not get caught up in what TV and media have to say about how they live their lives. Obviously I don't give a crap what TV has to say, so it was ironic for me to be on a talk show, however, so many girls, and guys have told me that i'm an inspiration to them because of that show and my postive attitude to be myself and not something controlled by TV and media.

Q8: Ok, you mentioned that before. You posted photos of you in YahooGroups. When did you start with that?
A8: I started in Nov. 2005, in BBWsEatingAndGettingStuffed. The moderator helped me out very much, since I did not have my own computer. I was 187 lbs, then.

Q9: What was your motivation behind posting your pics? Was it like 'Hey, i'm sexy and i wonna see how many fans i will get' ?
A9: I started posting for myself, to show me, that I could do it, and receive positive feedback. Plus I couldn't hide my artistic expressions/belly anymore.

Q10: After a while you started your own group JackisJellyBelly. So the response wasn't bad, was it?
A10: It was great! I began in June, 2006 and there are over 2500 members so far. I meet all kinds of people that appreciate my body like I do.

Q11: Having a successful yahoo group, it looks like the natural next step to go for a paysite, provided you don't have pressure (family, job) preventing such a move. You did take your time. Why took it so long till you became a BigCutie?
A11: The webmistress proposed the idea to me in Dec. 2006, after a few months to mull it over, I decided to go for it.

Q12: Your site is open for about 3 months now. How are things going?
A12: Fabulously! A few hundred members so far, quite some rebills. I'm enjoying the outcome.

Q13: Being on a paysite changes things quite a bit as i would imagine. Customers are expecting constant updates, there might be more pressure to fulfill expectations, in terms of the kind of pics you are delivering etc etc. What was the biggest change for you?
A13: Coming up with creative photo sets and themes, not just single pictures. Also, before an update gets posted, I think of the advertising poem, on a whim. I thought that would be a super creative way to promote myself, with a catchy poem.

Q14: Do you shoot yourself? Or do you have a photographer?
A14: Sometimes me, sometimes a friend who is an artist.

Q15: You seem to have a very particular style, with your photos and your modeling. I mean you don't just show your belly, plus your sweetest smile and your newest bra, or panties etc. Your images look very composed but still close to real life. They're not artificially overdone. What kind of influences go into your pics? Or your modeling?
A15. My first modeling experiences came from formal art classes where i sat for drawing classes and for photography classes. That taught me how to pose and all the technicalities, like keeping still, and lighting and mood and the arrangement of the picture.
This then led me into thinking i could alter the subject when i transformed in a fatgirl and could use all those things i learned. And it works to my advantage.

Q16: Are there other models who are inspiring you?
A16: ChickletsBBW, Kelligrl and Tiffany Cushinberry

Q17: How much do you eat?
A17: I eat 2-3 regular meals a day. I overindulge in desserts and hi-calorie snacks.

Q18: Are you into gaining?
A18: I am. I did gain 76 lbs. in a year. Although, it is hard to maintain it, due to my 2 jobs, one of them working with autistic children, they keep me active. Yet, if i'm in a great relationship with someone I trust, I end up gaining during the relationship. I am single at the moment.

Q19: You're not posting eating sets all the time. Nor do you tell each time how much got stuffed again. OTOH you seem to love growing your belly. How is your relation to the feeder scene?
A19: Let's just say I like to be on the sidelines watching....with an occasional jump-in. As I said above, If the relationship is loving and caring and right-for-me, then I do eat and gain. I like to be fed in bed by my lover.

Q20: Is it always easy to interact with your fans, subscribers etc?
A20: Not always, sometimes they do not understand my East Coast sarcasm, nor understand I am a REAL girl, who HAS to WORK and support myself.

Q21: What are the reactions of your fans to your pictures and videos usually?
A21: They bust a nut. Also I've gotten a few marriage proposals and lots of fans wanting to be my lover.

Q22: LOL ... Is it correct to say that you are quite a character of your own - although easy going usually, people better don't mess with you or overstep their ways?
A22: I am mellow, but sometimes still offend those who just want the freebies, pics & cam shows. I am not a web slut! I just want respect, and my fans need to have patience! If they do not have this very important attribute, then they lose my respect for them. If you badger me for pics n cam, you WILL NOT receive anything!

Q23: Do you have principles?
A23: I do! I do not have beaver shots or anything pornographic in my pics. Nor will I let people under the age of 18 join my group. It is illegal in this country and because i work with kids i cant do it, it's against my morals and the law. Some might lie to get in, but if they do and I find out, they are banned forever. So people applying for my yahoo group must have their age verified within their profile, not just written in the comment section!!!!!! I know it sounds anal, but i have to do it, cause i dont want the law to come down on me in the end.

Q24: If you could change something in your life, what would be the first thing?
A24: No credit card debt.

Q25: Where do you want to be in two years from now?
A25: Hopefully the best job in the world..... a mom with a husband/lover/best friend!

Q26: Are there any people who you do admire? Or artists, writers, showbiz people etc who are your heroes?
A26: I admire Picasso, Dali, Keith Haring, Degall, Renior, Warhol and Ansel Adams. And children who aren't afraid to draw.

Q27: Do you have a special message for the people reading this?
A27: Please READ & RETAIN! I get annoyed when people ask me the same questions over and over again. I have my blog entries at MySpace, they give the reader a glimpse of my life and are very entertaining.

I am very educated and words turn me on!

Thank you very much for this interview, Jacki !

[Update 2011-03-15]
Jacki and i just happened to talk a bit. So, among other things,  we spoke about that part in the interview where she mentioned that she has a second site in the works. Unfortunately that project never finalized. However, for more personal info, interaction and a bunch of exclusive shots, it's well worth to check her active Yahoo Group.



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