Sunday, July 05, 2009

Bing(e) is not a search engine. At best, it makes a playlist.

After beating its main shortfall with adult content and using it a bit, Microsoft's redesigned search engine shows two particularities.

Do a search f. ex. for *videos* with Gianna Michaels. Give it a short loading time...

Then you can roll your mouse pointer over any preview thumb, and the frigging video will instantly start to play! That looks like a killer feature. And surely is the main reason why Microsoft's new product is getting some attention. That means though that they are hosting smaller versions (even of 43 minutes videos) on their own servers. I'm sure this will end in legal trouble.

Let's check the *images* search. "Gianna Michaels" right now digs up 529,000 results.

Not bad. Now let's try "April Mckenzie".

33 results, but only one actually showing her.

In comparison, Google gives us 16,800 results with April. A number that i'd have expected because there are tons of galleries out with her.

Such inconsistent search results are not acceptable. Thus my advice: Use Google when you want to perform a real search. Go to Microsoft (or PornTube etc etc), when you want to play a few clips.

And a warning: According to this report, Microsoft is back at their dirty tricks. Without asking, the default Search can get changed from Google to Binge. If it's true (i haven't researched any further), that would be darned cheek per se. But not just that - calculating that they wouldn't notice it (Google & Binge do look so similar... Harr! Harr!) this makes an insult to the user's intelligence and will come across as a major annoyance. Plus the waste of time for changing back to the previous settings.

Finally, the Binge part lol Microsoft shot a video clip (although pulled now) basically telling that users who are surfing the net with other browsers than IE might end up puking... Big fail of an idea! Actually, puke in an IE ad, people might take that the other way around: Binge search & Puke browser - the glorious bundle. D'oh!

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Pornster said...

One of the biggest reasons why bing gets attention is that Microsoft switched the standard search engine in Internet Explorer to :-)