Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Your videos could be so much more enjoyable !

Technical complaints

Announcement. Looks like i got more time (and priority) now for this baby here. Also quite a few interesting ideas plans ! But for now i'm making a return with some minor technical details. Stay tuned !!

I'm aware that hardly anybody of you has a university degree in video shooting. Or other professional training. Nobody is demanding that. With todays technology however you can get affordable tools to please us customers easily. In case you don't make the worst mistakes. Let me mention a few today.

What's up with this random moving and zooming of your camera all the time?!! I'm seeing this all too often: There's no or very little action going on, but the camera is staggering around plus zooming upclose and off, as if it's operator had 40 cups of strong coffee before. Ruins totally the viewer experience.

See it this way: A professional camera man of course does move his camera. Maybe that was your (whole) idea. But he does it for a reason: He either simulates the natural movements of the human eye (that never will focus randomly). Or he kinda supports the story that the plot is telling - in that case he will expose a particular detail. So when a model f. ex. is unbuttoning her shirt, no extreme zooming is wanted. Getting slightly closer would be natural (for the human eye). Now if - in a criminal story - something special with that button is about to happen, then a closeup would make sense: Got me?

The trouble will increase when somebody is using a digicam. Those don't have image stabilization. So each time when you move the cam the auto-focus will try to correct ... and you'll get these annoying effects of a blurry/flickering image. It's too bad.

So better leave the camera as it is most of the time. And move it just a lil bit occasionally. Less is more, as usual. Yes, it's true, that's why i often prefer a girl shooting herself, where nobody would touch that stupid camera.

Secondly: Get a decent webcam ! It's unbelievable. I've seen quite a few girls using el cheapo webcams. The framerate of those must be something like 2 fps (looks more like slideshow), every movement comes across totally blurred (y'know: boobie shaking, and all you see is a field of blurriness), and the colors look drastically surreal (to say the least). Maybe acid takers do love that. But this ain't nice. Ok, i'm not talking girls who just entered the biz the other day, are on a tight budget and have to find yet if they're making money off it. I'm talking about girls who are in the scene for years, who are making good money (yes, webcam biz can be quite lucrative) but they don't invest the $120 or so for a halfway decent Logitech webcam (f. ex.). Escapes me, considering that she can earn that amount in 1 - 2 sessions. And nobody can tell me that cam show customers wouldn't care about image quality. People are strange.


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