Friday, August 27, 2010

Emilia Boshe: "One Thing Is Missing In My life story" (Bits And Pieces From Our Talks)

After my last entry i could talk a bit with Emilia Boshe. The first thing she said: It's really sweet that you've written such a detailed report about my life so far. However, one thing is missing in my life story. You forgot to mention that i'm doing webcam shows as well. Emilia told that with a ;) (= winking). It didn't take long to learn that Emilia loves the *winking* emoticon. Actually she hardly uses any other smileys, making me think for a second that this is the only one that she knows ;) What tells a lot about her twisted/sweet personality.

But to fix my "forgetfulness": Emilia Boshe is a regular webcam host on IMLive for years now (i think). If webcam is your thing, you should check her. Here's a current (Aug. 27th, 2010) screenshot of her page.

Talking with Emilia is great. She enjoys a good laugh, is spontaneous, 'warm' in her responses and asks back, if she isn't sure about what you said. Very positive girl. She was curious about the 'distanced look' in her modeling (what i mentioned in my previous entry). So i gave her more ideas, and she was kool with that.

The website indeed is history. As assumed, Emilia was only in control of shooting her pics/videos, while a webmaster in Florida ran the site - the same guy who did the (dead as well) site for April Mckenzie/April Juggs, and Emilia said she doesn't tend to regret things, but this site was such a bad experience she definitely doesn't want to repeat.

Of course i wanted to know more about her experience working with Daktari Lorenz. She said that she enjoyed working with him. And that Daktari is a truly nice guy. I asked if it was "difficult" to work with him. No, Emilia replied, Daktari certainly is a perfectionist. But he makes sense, so it wasn't difficult at all. And he's nice guy, she added.

In the meantime real life was acting up for her, not in a small way. Emilia had to move, among other things, and couldn't spend much time online.  She sent me these unedited images, so that we won't forget her. Not sure if they are exclusives. I added her copyright info and retouched them a bit, making them at least to be semi-exclusives ;)

[Update 10-12-04]
See my news update on Emilia Boshe at the bottom of this blog entry 

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